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  1. semi-hollowbody

    Is this possible...I blame scott groves

    I want to remove all 4 pots from one of my guitars and replace with 3 way switches a les paul style no volume control but each pickup will have 2 tone switches a treble cut-neutral-treble boost a bass cut-neutral-bass boost would/could I do this JUST with capacitors or do I need some sort of...
  2. semi-hollowbody

    can u buy les paul or sg control cavity grounding plates....

    basically a metal plate, all 4 pots mount to, shaped like the control cavity this eliminates grounding wire on pots bridge ground, switch and jack grounds all solder to this plate I see em on youtube all the time but cant seem to find a source
  3. semi-hollowbody

    flipping the neck pickup around so the pole pieces are closer to the bridge...

    is this out of phase? will this add brightness to a neck pickup?? will this signal the beginning of the apocalypse??
  4. semi-hollowbody

    weird issue with peavey classic 30

    guitar-pedalboard-classic 30 = volume goes down and up significantly guitar-classic 30 = volume stays the same...no loss guitar-pedal board-fender HRD no loss of volume guitar-fender hrdx = no loss of vome same for drri and roland blues cube...no volume loss with or without pedalboard using...
  5. semi-hollowbody

    changing my MIA fender strat from SSS to HSS...

    Prewired pickguard or source everything individually...I can turn bolts and solder...just want to go with whats cheapest I want good pickups and electronics at affordable price Ive seen pre wired from $25 to $400 lol... suggestions?? Seymour Duncan dimmarzio aaaarrggghhh
  6. semi-hollowbody

    Would this first amp build be too ambitions?

    I want to remove all the guts from my ever troublesome peavey classic 30 chassis (I have 30 watt combo) I want to put together a point to point 2 channel marshall like chassis doesn't need tremolo or even reverb...much like a peavey classic 30 but with a turret board and good quality...
  7. semi-hollowbody

    Making your own pickups...

    Is It worth it? Once you get the winder and any other necessary equipment together (what else besides a winder) all you need to buy are the bobbins, pole pieces, wire etc is it less expensive to wind your own, and is the final product worth it...rather than, say, spending $150+ on a Seymour...
  8. semi-hollowbody

    es335 copy rewire...switch is backwards

    When I click it down, neck pup when I click it up, bridge pup I would have to spin the switch 180 degrees (wrapping wires around it) to fix or...just unsolder the hots and solder them to the opposite lug (which is what I'm gonna do) I think this happened because I wired it with a les paul...
  9. semi-hollowbody

    ohm and speaker cab question

    asking for a friend he has a friedman head with adjustable ohms 4ohm 8ohm 16ohm he has 2 8-ohm speakers...wired jack to speaker to speaker to amp (in series??) what ohm should he run the amp...my guess is 4 if in parallel it would be 8ohm setting correct?
  10. semi-hollowbody

    Putting a bigsby v7 with vibramate adapter on an epiphone dot...

    I have already put a schaller roller bridge on the guitar will be adding a graphite nut will also be adding a string butler (would have anyways even with no bigsby) as I have a couple les paul type guitars with these and they improve tuning on d g strings will also add locking tuners...
  11. semi-hollowbody

    Does this first build sound feasable?

    ways off, as I want to do a couple kits first, and build up my tool collection But for my first build from scratch les paul style (24 3/4 scale) semi-hollowbody flat top no arch f hole on bass side, control cavity on the treble side...access panel on back for pots and switch... I will hollow...
  12. semi-hollowbody

    accumulating woodworking power tools

    my concern is portable over stationary particularly a portable hand planer (powered) portable belt sander (bench sanders aren't too bad price wise) Ive seen many use portable router so no too worried I will probably get a stationary band saw...as these are affordable any real downsides to the...
  13. semi-hollowbody

    Is this a bad idea for adding wax to a humbucky cover?? or...

    will it work recently added uncovered humbuckies to an epi dot want to add covers I plan on putting tape over the lugs and adding wax RIGHT before I put cover on, clamp it, and solder it my wife is burning candles all day...so there is always a big jar candle with a ton of melted wax in...
  14. semi-hollowbody

    peavey classic 30...problem diagnosed and being fixed

    I took my 8 yr old peavey crappy 30 to a licensed service center $50 deposit to look at it this thing has always eaten tubes...sometimes theyd red plate...others just die quickly then I had a "tech" look at it...for $200 he basically let it sit for a month and dusted it off...wtf he works out...
  15. semi-hollowbody

    pickup covers for my epi dot deluxe (gold plated hardware)

    Just put some SD 59's in my epiphone dot they are uncovered I don't like the look...want to add covers I don't necessarily HAVE to match the gold plated bridge and tuners...they are tarnished as heck anyways...just think chrome or nickel would look silly so any opinions on what might look...
  16. semi-hollowbody

    rewired an epiphone dot...ignored advice and did NOT tape up he f hole

    cuz I knew I could get pots in and out without scratching my beloved and guess what I scratched my beloved what paint should I use to cover up slight scratched in the f hole sides...black color
  17. semi-hollowbody

    Put in new humbucker pickups...wont sit flat

    Seymour duncans...uncovered The bridge and the neck both sit at a significant angle If I set the string height to Gibson spec at pole pieces, than when last fret it fretted the string hits the other edge of the pup how do you get these to sit flat in the pickup ring?? If I just puch on it...
  18. semi-hollowbody

    anyone use telescoping magnet gripper for wiring a semi-hollowbody

    I bought two of these for my next rewire on a semi-hollow the magnet is too big to fit through the 3/8 pot hole, but fits fine in the f hole it telescopes long enough to easily reach the jack it also flexes/bends...and has a light 3bls holding so it wont drop the heaviest of pots... so I...
  19. semi-hollowbody

    cleaning and maintaining solder iron tips

    I learn EVERYTHING the hard way current chisel tip wont take solder...have sanded it and got it to work...sanded again... ordered new ones and waiting...realized I am not tinning and keeping the tip tinned correctly... like first time wrapping it in solder then plugging in... instead of damp...
  20. semi-hollowbody

    tinned solid strand copper for bus wire in guitar...what guage?

    Want to use solid strand tinned copper...one long piece to ground 4 pots...(needs to fit in terminal lug hole as well) I want it to be sturdy, add rigidity to the pots...but still fit through the lugs so what guage....22 works for sure as the wire I usually use is .22 .20 would be sturdier, but...
  21. semi-hollowbody

    2 in one concentric pots

    basically its a small pot on top of a bigger pot you could wire one for volume other for tone pedals have these (usually a mid control and a mid contour) do these exist for guitars
  22. semi-hollowbody

    my peavey crappy 30 is finally in good tech hands

    Took it to a licensed repair shop looking to finally getting this thing fixed...been to a couple "techs" that I wouldn't refer satan too... red plating tubes sound cutting out looking at probably new filter caps and tube sockets...wont know till they get back with me once it works well I'm...
  23. semi-hollowbody

    Ever turn a relative or friend on to music that would have NEVER been on their radar?

    LOL When I was a young 20 something I went back and forth with my youngest uncle and aunt (in their late 30's) taking turns making tapes for each other... my aunt asked me to make them something they probably never heard before...this was 1994 I owned the entire studio collection of siouxsie...
  24. semi-hollowbody

    Does ANYONE buy a 20-30watt orange or marshall to play clean with dirt pedals?

    Question is in the title I'm looking at small combos...orange and/or marshall 20-40watt max want to be able to play clean with dirt pedals AND use a dirty channel on the amp so a master volume foot-switchable with effects loop option would be my idea of perfect any suggestions
  25. semi-hollowbody

    doubler pedal...or just a delay

    Is there a designated doubler pedal?? Just to make it sound like you have 2 guitars playing same thing or is there a way to set a delay to get this...maybe a slapback very very close to original signal...one repeat?? what do you do?? Ive tried this with chorus but it always sounds like chorus LOL