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    Rory Gallagher Madrid 75

    Great clip
  2. H

    Axl Rose refuses Rock and Roll Hall of Fame honor

    I'm torn because I despise Axl almost as much as I despise the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. How the hell does Donovan get into that institution before Kiss, Rush and Iron Maiden??
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    This rips?

    Great song...great band...doesn't exactly 'rip' in the classic sense. ;)
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    Am I the only one that digs Andy Taylor's guitar work?

    Nifty little guitar solo on the long version of "Some Like It Hot"... ZOL7vuP4mYk
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    Porcupine Tree BluRay: Anesthetize

    Got and love it. Wilson's collaboration album with Mikael Akerfeldt from Opeth comes out in May (Storm Corrosion)!
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    Anyone else LOVE easy listening instrumentals?

    This is about as close as I get to 'easy listening' instrumentals: -DJvA3TOY8A
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    What's your favorite Oasis song??

    Don't Look Back In Anger
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    What Song do You Love to Hate?

    I can't argue with this one....who could?!
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    What's your favorite song the Beatles COVERED?

    Jeff Beck's version of "A Day In The Life" is killer.
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    Another Porcupine Tree Appreciation Thread

    Huge fan of Porcupine Tree myself and I can't wait for Wilson and Mikael Akerfeldt's "Storm Corrosion" collaboration coming out in a couple months. That's easily my most anticipated album release of this year.
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    Revisiting Old Van Halen that I didn't listen to in high school; next up Diver Down

    I always thought Diver Down was underrated too. Cathedral is flat out one of the most creative and brilliant solo guitar pieces ever.
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    "The Last Waltz" The Band's farewell concert movie - Watch it.

    I still watch it when it comes on but it is a bit too much of a Robbie Robertson love fest on the part of Coppola imho. When it comes to The Band I'm more of a Levon Helm/Rick Danko guy.
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    Talihina Sky- Kings of Leon documentary

    This. They've tailed off a bit their last couple of albums imho but their first three albums are great.
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    Best FIRST song on a FIRST album?

    Guns- Welcome to the Jungle Alice in Chains - We Die Young Kings of Leon - Red Morning Light Van Halen - Running with the Devil Stone Temple Pilots - Dead and Bloated Opeth - In Mist She Was Standing Yngwie - Black Star The Sundays - Skin & Bones Mogwai - Yes, I'm A Long Way From Home
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    Opeth: Pattern's In the Ivy 1 + 2 (not metal!)

    There is simply no fail in this tune(s)...not bad for a 'death metal' band. Part 1 is on Blackwater Park and Part 2 is a bonus track to the same album and his clip just combines the two. Might be an eye opener for people who hear the name Opeth and think 'screaming vocals'...... pjLCBrSH4gE
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    Don't Laugh: My Sharona.....

    You know for years the only version I've heard of this song was the radio version which hacks out most of the amazing guitar solo. I'm not sure who the guitarist was on this track but man that guy could rip. THAT is a great guitar solo...flat out. Who played the lead for the Knack back then...
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    Your clothes on stage.

    A gold G-string, Lucha Libre mask and purple tassles on my nipples always seems to get the crowd fired up.
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    Was John Lennon a "genius" musician?

    Yes and.....yes. ;)
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    Favorite Maiden Album

    For me it's Powerslave.
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    No Van Halen at the grammys.............

    They cancelled some shows that were scheduled for 2012 in Europe. Eddie will f*ck it up.....again.
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    John Petrucci KILLING it! (warning: lots of shred inside)

    He looks more and more like Glenn Danzig every year ;) Great guitar player though.
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    Can you sing?

    I wish. I have Meniere's Disease and can't hear well out of my left ear, plus I couldn't sing before I got it either ;) My father was the lead tenor at Western Michigan for four years but he didn't pass that gene onto me.
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    Your newest VH rumor thread

    There's a blurb in the latest issue of Guitarist magazine quoting Mark Tremonti saying the album is done and he heard it. He said it was incredible so we'll see.
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    Is '80s metal on the wane?

    Love it but I have to go with 'wane' given the fact that it's 2011. ;)
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    Wow....another magazine cover with EVH....Whooptee Doo

    Just got it and the cover is a great ad for Photo Shop.