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  1. Budman2k

    What a long, strange (expensive) trip it's been

    Filled in with a friends band last night and used my trusty Budda SD30 combo I bought 10 years ago used. It sounded great! Driving home I got to thinking about how many amps I've bought and sold since buying the Budda. I've puchased amps that cost 5x what the Budda cost me and I always seem to...
  2. Budman2k

    Fuchs Full House 50

    I've had the Full House head for a few years now. Versatile describes it well. The clean channel is really good and if you play somewhere you open it up....WOW. The drive channel offers a ton of options with the tone control from D type tones to Marshall. It's one of those amps that the more you...
  3. Budman2k

    Reverb is ending reverb bucks

    I'm going to miss this function and I'll probably wind up buying less gear from them. It was nice having a little "stash" separate from the bank account to buy and sell with. I'm going to try to set up a deposit to my Paypal account through the debit card. I really don't want the money going...
  4. Budman2k

    Whose music career will end because of coronavirus?

    Exactly. I think this will be the bigger problem for gigging musicians.
  5. Budman2k

    Matching cab came in for the Dr.Z Jetta - amazing!

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Stone in Love
  6. Budman2k

    Dr. Z CAZ-45 thread

    Sound great so far. If you need some additional testers I'm in the Cleveland area :D:D
  7. Budman2k

    Another Guitar inspired watch

    thanks for posting that. I'd never seen that one.
  8. Budman2k

    String gauges 9 - 42 & 10 - 46

    I prefer 9's these days. Just easier for me to bend. I do use 10's on the guitars I play slide on. I don't have the lightest touch so I find 10's easier for slide.
  9. Budman2k

    Dr. Z CAZ-45 thread

    sounds very interesting. The Doc is on a roll lately with new offerings!
  10. Budman2k

    All this talk about strings... WHAT ABOUT 9.5s DUDE

    I've used 9.5's on my PRS for a couple years. Going back to 9's. Just not my cup of tea.
  11. Budman2k

    Another Guitar inspired watch

    This time from the Grammy's. I'll pass...
  12. Budman2k

    Seiko 5 Sports celebrates a legendary guitar, Brian May’s ‘‘Red Specia

    Not bad looking at all. A little pricey but I'm sure there will be some deals after the initial release. https://www.seikowatches.com/us-en/news/20200123-64494105459
  13. Budman2k

    Zinky Velvet Head/Cab or Combo?

    I've got a Zinky 1x12 combo that I've used for years. Never played the head so I can't comment on that. This amp will keep up with ANY drummer I've played with.....and I know a few who like to hit 'em pretty hard. I've plugged a bunch of guitars in and they all sound good.
  14. Budman2k

    Changing Strings While Performing

    I once saw Carl Weathersby change a string mid-song. Kept right on playing as he re-strung it. Truly amazing. It was a trio so he didn't have anyone else to fill in the space. Sustained a few notes, sang some and never missed a beat!
  15. Budman2k

    Hello from Ohio

    Welcome! Hinckley OH here. Just played Canton last month. Passion Blues
  16. Budman2k

    Attn: Older Players. Which 5 Guitarists Do You Hope Our Youth Will Remember?

    Duane Allman David Gilmour Jimmy Page Along with some of the others already mentioned
  17. Budman2k

    Jackson Atlantic 3.0 2x12 cab Series or parallel?

    Maybe try posting in the Jackson Amps thread
  18. Budman2k

    Broke my new guitar at a gig yesterday

    That's a shame...I feel for you. Hope it works out with the coverage
  19. Budman2k

    Brian Johnson's A Life on the Road: Mark Knopfler episode

    I've been watching it and really enjoy it. I had to put closed captioning on for the Daltrey episode ..LOL. Other than that I've thoroughly enjoyed every episode. Got Knopfler on the DVR.
  20. Budman2k

    Parma, OH - Blue Matter at Zig's Pub & Grill Saturday November 16th

    Blue Matter returns to Zig's for another night of blues-rock with a side of soul and rock & roll! Blue Matter at Zig's Pub & Grill 1854 Snow Rd. Parma, OH 44134 8pm til' midnight
  21. Budman2k

    New Dr Z - the Jetta (?)

    I picked one up from CME a couple weeks ago. Used it a jam night and then took it to a gig the following week. Great sounding amp, not too heavy, plenty of power. I found myself cranking the volume up almost all the way and adjusting the master as needed for the room. I tend to like a little...
  22. Budman2k

    Jackson Atlantic 4.0

    IMO the best sounding amp Jackson built. Maybe it was the "Trainwreck" references in the marketing that made some people stay away. A real shame because it does os much more!
  23. Budman2k

    Parma, OH - Blue Matter at Tommy C's Friday November 1st

    Blue Matter returns to Tommy C's! Blues rockin' beer drinkin' and general mayhem! Tommy C's 4809 W. Pleasant Valley Rd. Parma, OH 44129 8pm to midnight
  24. Budman2k

    B.A.D. SLO, B.A.D!

    Can't wait to get my hands on the SLO 30