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    Which amp would you get? Dr. Z 30 watt wreck combo or the Friedman runt 50 combo ?

    I play rock, blues jazz fusion

    rocketride asteroid chorus

    do these exist anymore? i know the purple chorus is coming out soon.

    How a guitar is stored on a daily basis

    I’ve been standing my guitars upright in their cases when not in use for several years now. And they play great. I recently acquired a strat that fretted out at numberous spots. I adjusted relief, string tension and saddle heights. Things improved somewhat, but not significantly. I’d still like...

    Any love for the elements?

    The elements is a great pedal. I love that you can blend your clean signal and your over driven signal.

    Luthier north jersey

    hi guys! I’m asking for suggestions for a great luthier in the northern Nj area. In particular, fret work, leveling, crown work etc. for a strat of mine. Thanks

    shimmer reverb advice

    i need advice about reverb pedals with shimmer. i will be using it in a worship setting. i really like the strymon alot, but too expensive. the hof2 sounds good, are the other better choices in that price range? i will use ambient reverb as well. thanks!

    best 40-50 combo for bar gigs

    looking for advice, and i realize this is not the first time this question has been asked. im turning to the experienced folks. im looking for a solid, reliable and light combo amp that sounds great, holds up to handling, won't break my back, reasonably priced new which i can just walk in and...

    any ideas how to sell high priced guitars safely?

    I havent sold a guitar in years. Its an expensive one. I dont want to just walk into a guitar center and get raped, or post it online. any other ideas?

    pedal order question from guitar to amp

    I know, been asked alot. i have the following pedals to place on my worship board. what is the best order from guitar to amp for these?: boiling point/elements/kot dd3 dimension c playing a tele and boogie mk3 combo
  10. MRCHILL4

    best simple delay for dotted 8th's?

    i take it that it will be digital? i dont want to spend too much at all
  11. MRCHILL4

    amp suggestions ?

    I am looking for a good light weight combo amp that takes pedals well, and will project well while remaining clean, in a medium to large church setting. all while not killing my wallet, what would you recommend ?
  12. MRCHILL4

    pedals that ended your search?

    dirt>boiling point chorus> combo answer>am bichorus and iron ethers polytope phaser> enterprise echo>el cap
  13. MRCHILL4

    Drive pedals

    I have: Brownie Boiling point OCD Skreddy screwdriver The elements Alpha dog Distortion 3 Golden cello Mighty red KOT Slo If I had to just pick one it would have to be the boiling point. The KOT would be a close second. The elements is a cool luxury to have fir the mix knob...
  14. MRCHILL4


    I've been using three drive pedals and find that they are the best for me: 1- KOT 2- boiling point 3- the elements these cover any drive sound i could possibly need. the elements even cover the more heavier sounds, which i don't need ( but nice to have ). i went through tons. anybody...
  15. MRCHILL4

    Drive pedals

    What I have found so far : The elements = awesome pedal, versatile Mighty red = crank it and go, nice Vfe alpha dog = versatile, but not nearly as much as the elements Vfe dist3= one trick pony, nice though Kot = refined pleasure Boiling point = THE ONE for me above ALL. Kanji =...
  16. MRCHILL4

    $100 in gc gift cards and $100 cash, what would you get ?

    what would you get with that budget ? sweet honey od red witch deluxe moon phase (used) wampler sovereign
  17. MRCHILL4

    Dr.scientist the elements appreciation

    I got mine for my birthday yesterday. I spent a nice amount of time with it then. Today i had an informal short shootout with the following pedals: 1-low/mid gain ocd v4 kanji screwdriver kot 2- high gain boiling point ( also considered it's low/mid sounds ) slostortion brownie...
  18. MRCHILL4

    Ordered some tele stuff

    So I ordered some pearl knobs and a stainless pickup selector knob for my tele from guitar parts resources. The pickup selector switch look great with the original knobs. The pearl knobs did not fit. It's to much of a hassle to send back they were like $4 each. What should I do with them ? They...
  19. MRCHILL4

    Wampler sovereign, should I ?

    Okay this will be my 3rd wampler purchase. I dearly regret selling my superplextortion, then I got the slostortion and was let down in a way. I now am very attracted to the sovereign. Should I be excited about this pedal ? I love the following pedals: Boiling point (x's 2) Kot Vfe alpha dog...
  20. MRCHILL4

    Dressing up my tele

    So I have an awesome tele. She is pretty and a smooth playing instrument. I have replaced the tuners, pick guard and bridge. Now I would love to replace the knobs, switch plate etc.. Where should I look for a wide collection of custom parts?
  21. MRCHILL4

    Gibson reissue vos 1960 historic les Paul "GO" blah, blah......

    What a guitar! I have mainly been playing my tele special. Awesome guitar in its own right, but this les Paul is a dream. The only things I have changed on it was to go to speed knobs, I'm used to them. Everything else is perfect. I have the dark burst , it is getting deeper if that's possible...
  22. MRCHILL4

    Dr.scientist the elements

    Anyone have one that can give advice? I have the following drives. Where would it fit? Or am I covering it already? Boiling point Kot Screwdriver Brownie OCD Slostortion Golden cello Alpha dog
  23. MRCHILL4

    VFE DISTORTION 3 owner tell me about it

    How are you liking, using it ? Strengths ?
  24. MRCHILL4

    drive junkies

    okay so i am a drive junkie. i love to have every possible drive sound available to me. i love to swap out pedals when i want. this is what i have, what do i need: boiling point kot kanji alpha dog screwdriver slostortion pigmine beano golden cello i was thinking of replacing the...