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  1. -analog-

    Jaguar pickups

    What's the current jaguar pickup craze? :)
  2. -analog-

    2 words about Jeff Beck

    Forever Evolving
  3. -analog-

    Gibson 25/50 Anniversary Les Paul

    If they're super low and wide, get it refretted... I've played plenty of gibsons that had potential but that would only be potential with a refret, that low/wide thing is difficult on the hands (at lelast for me.)
  4. -analog-

    Gibson 25/50 Anniversary Les Paul

    Those are really great feeling lesters, I've played quite a few of them, great neck shape, little heavy but thats normal for that era of led-sleds.. Only thing that peev'd me ever about them was that bridge, I'd drop a nice standard stop bar on it and done. Did it come with a chainsaw case?
  5. -analog-

    You won the lottery...5 guitars...

    1. 1960 ES335 - Bigsby, tobacco burst 2. 1959 Les Paul Custom 3 pickup 3. 1958 Strat 4. 1962-64 Strat - rose wood 5. languedoc..g2
  6. -analog-

    Gibson 335 Question

    So even the 50's and early 60's stuff is laminated? shocker.
  7. -analog-

    Gibson 335 Question

    So, Are the tops, sides, or backs of 335's laminated? Buddy of mine thinks such things, I was always under the impression 335's had solid wood sides,back, tops etc and maple center blocks. Figured TGP could rule a verdict on that one. a 1963-4 Block neck came into our local shop and Joe...
  8. -analog-

    Is this PRS thing getting out of hand?

    "How many great tones are there on record where the PRS was the instrument used?" I have only heard a few recordings that I know for sure that have been done with PRS Guitars. Some live Santana, Creed stuff, Dgt, Al Di Meola live stuff- Nothing that tonally rocked my world. Now the playing is...
  9. -analog-

    Hendrix Plays An SG Custom!!!

    Hendrix with a PRS, NO way in hell sir, Leave Jimi alone..
  10. -analog-

    CRAZY Gibson from the 50's...like something Les Paul would have made.

    A simple 5 way switch and a couple of push pulls would have fixed that problem :D
  11. -analog-

    Is this LP Custom a fake?

    Did anyone catch how thick the Binding was on the headstock? Its like 3/8"....
  12. -analog-

    Is this LP Custom a fake?

    Yep thats a fake. The position of the 3way switch is way off, truss rod cover is wrong (off center & the bottom screw is skewed.)overall body shape is wrong. I'm sure some other folks will chime in on other details as well.
  13. -analog-

    Gibson to make big announcement

    Is doing 3500 RPMS in his grave right now...
  14. -analog-

    Gibson to make big announcement

    Dear Gibson, It has come to the attention of the general public that a massive glue spill happend at your main factory and the fumes have made their way into the R&D Department . Please clean up the spill before any further brain cells are lost in the R&D Department. Thanks, The world...
  15. -analog-

    Fix a 5 way pickup selector switch

    No problem, theres really not too much that can go wrong with a 5 way switch... Even more so if its a traditional style switch and not a cheapo pcb style version. IF the guitar has been sitting for a long period of time, while your inside you might as well clean & lube the pots as well, spray...
  16. -analog-

    Fix a 5 way pickup selector switch

    Sounds like a bad contact, Reheat all the solder joints clean with contact cleaner, cycle the switch a dozen or so times lubricate with a good electronics non conductive lube.. Done..
  17. -analog-

    Ebay scam? Les Paul "Custom"

    Les Pauls and strats are the most copied guitars on the planet, the Offshore copies are becoming more accurate- buying high ticket lesters off ebay is a gamble anymore- ask for mucho pics, anyone who took the time to buy a real les paul, won't mind taking the time to sell it right, they'll give...
  18. -analog-

    NGD -- 2010 LP Studio!

    In reality, it could be the difference of a 15 second process and a 25 second process- for the sake of quality, I think 10 seconds isn't that bad... The tearout is from the tool moving to fast , rpms to slow or the tool itself is dull and its just ripping the material apart poorly. (I used to...
  19. -analog-

    NGD -- 2010 LP Studio!

    That tearout can be avoided by either slowing their feedrate down when milling or just keeping sharp tooling in the machines, for the price of these guitars the interior should be as clean as the exterior. The expensive of reducing IPS-Feed rate aka pushing a button or turning a knob to maintain...
  20. -analog-

    NGD -- 2010 LP Studio!

    Dear Gibson. Please slow the ips/feed rate on your CNC milling machine down and put a fresh cutting tool in... WTH?!?!?!, Time for an rs guitarworks upgrade kit... Nice axe too :) They look good in white.
  21. -analog-

    My New Jason Schroeder Custom Guitar!!!

    I'm pretty confident in saying that vinni has not put that guitar down since he picked it up from the schroeder shop..... :D
  22. -analog-

    Lava no longer deals with Vovox. So where to get custom length and right angle ends..

    Correct :) & thanks for the plug. Our new site is just about ready to go, folks will be able to order up custom lengths and select connector options etc, we've also expanded our product line. Vovox is one of my favorites :) I have some vovox listed up in the new site, if you want to do...
  23. -analog-

    is this a dumb idea? making a smashing pumpkins gish guitar

    The pickups he's talking about are Stock fenders back in 70's and very early 80's fender strat pickups had FLAT poles instead of staggered the output of these pickups ranged from hot, med-hot- I've played some Smith era strats that were very hot sounding, lots of searing strat tones which are...
  24. -analog-

    Favorite Les Paul 'Burst color?

    I've been partial to this lester & I like to think of it as a mix between tobacco and iced tea- the edges fade into a dark brown almost black. always seemed unique to me.