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  1. -analog-

    $2k for a used Grosh Retro Classic

    Guitar is on hold! I 'll have it out of Lockup shortly. ;)
  2. -analog-

    $2k for a used Grosh Retro Classic

    didn't obtain the guitar yet , but we can have a geek jam-
  3. -analog-

    $2k for a used Grosh Retro Classic

    its a 2003 grosh, just obtain that tidbit. hopefully ngd will occur soon :)
  4. -analog-

    $2k for a used Grosh Retro Classic

    I'm gonna offer them $1800-1700 for it..
  5. -analog-

    $2k for a used Grosh Retro Classic

    specs from grosh. - Alder body - 59 burst finish - nitro lacquer - maple/Brazilian rosewood neck (Brazilian fingerboard is a $400 upcharge) - large roundback neck shape with oil finish - 1 5/8" nut - 6100 jumbo frets - tortoise guard - Fralin vintage hot neck and middle, fralin steel pole 43...
  6. -analog-

    $2k for a used Grosh Retro Classic

    Rosewood/maple neck, sunburst, tort pickguard, stock, mint. $2k asking. think its too much $$$ola?
  7. -analog-

    Holy Crap! Have you guys seen what Jason Schroeder has put together recently???

    Did you use any kind of pegs in the 2 section body or is it just glued together? I was wondering about such things.
  8. -analog-

    Holy Crap! Have you guys seen what Jason Schroeder has put together recently???

    The headstock treatment on that one is &!@#$ng awesome. I really like how Jason positioned the wood grain in the inlay so its oposing in a chevron like pattern, really classy- its the subtle details that really set this one off. Cool to see the finished axe too, At namm I remember seeing the...
  9. -analog-

    Languedoc Guitars

    educated guess would have something to do with intonation :) you would not be able to obtain the same angles for the bottom 3 strings with 1 continuous piece of brass.
  10. -analog-

    Sounds like a Lester, but not from Gibson..

    Check out a Tokai 60th. Their spec page is here http://www.tokaijapan.com/tokai60th2.html After some work you get these specs. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=5773&id=100001429819256 I just overhauled a tokai 60th for my buddy Marc/member here, Marc has labeled it a "world class"...
  11. -analog-

    NGD: Jason Z. Schroeder Chopper

    Goof had it? I wonder if he remembers what kind of strings these are.. I don't want to change them and I have no idea what they are!!!! :D
  12. -analog-

    NGD: Jason Z. Schroeder Chopper

    Before the praise and guitar porn I need to thank a few folks for making this happen for me. 1. Jason & Elizabeth Schroeder- Thank you, excellent work! If you don't know what a schroeder is or what they do, I strongly urge you to click this link http://www.schroederguitars.com/ Go to the...
  13. -analog-

    How many brands of electrics have you owned?

    AH, time to blow some 18 year old dust out of my brains... Fender (17) Gibson (12) Prs(5) Suhr(1) Parker(1) Tyler(1) Epiphone(2) Ibanez(4) Teisco(1) Washburn(2) Schulte(1) Squier (JAPAN)(3) I'm probably missing a few brands, theres been too many..
  14. -analog-

    My Languedoc in action!

    I'll start looking, maybe a craigslist post titled "looking for good drummer, please no psycho gunpoint craigslist people, just drummers" :D
  15. -analog-

    My Languedoc in action!

    i'm game :) name the time/place.
  16. -analog-

    NAMM 2009 in Anaheim... who's going?

    Hall D - booth 3095 ;)
  17. -analog-

    Any experience with Lipe Guitars?

    I played them at namm, spent 30-40 minutes at his booth, mikes a standup guy & his guitars were just stunning... played well, looked great, felt great, perfect stuff.
  18. -analog-

    Alumisonic Guitars-Look Cool To Me But Maybe Not For Everyone

    I'll take the aged copper one please :) How heavy are these? they dont look like 7lb-10lb guitars.. more along the lines of a 20lb guitar like the fender aluminums?
  19. -analog-

    Show THE best looking guitar you own

    Good god thats gorgeous Hows the neck? I played an earlewood at namm & it was super thin like a fender jaguar. and my contribution to the thread. PRS Custom 24 top top hand inlaid OM truss cover, has braz pickup rings & knobs atm. SG- Burst buckers, changed pickguard, re-neck :)
  20. -analog-

    McInturff Carolina

    :drool:drool The figure in that top is devastating..
  21. -analog-

    Like metal bodied guitars?

    bringing a new meaning to "PLay till your fingers bleed"...
  22. -analog-

    RKS guitars?

    Heres my Early issue Darkstar. I like it. Cant play it standing up! it likes to slide away from me. Sounds good clean. Dirty it sounds Thin and weak.. Its a noiseless strat with less twang :)
  23. -analog-

    Pheo Guitars

    the one looks like he tried to make an ES335 body and lost control of his saw..