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    do any of you guitar players that gig pretty regular use a solid state amp?

    Saw BB King and he played through a Gibson Lab Series L5 with Peavey Black Widow speakers. Sounded just fine. Cheers, -- Don
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    Fender 30 Amp

    I paid $500 for mine last year, but I have more into it once I did all the work. Since there aren't many around and for sale at any given time, it's not easy to pin down a set price. I saw one on ebay last year that a dealer was trying to sell for $800 but it didn't sell at that price point...
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    Fender 30 Amp

    Prices will vary according to location, but I would say without the NOS tubes it could be between $200 - $300 (most likely leaning towards the lower end). The Sprague Atoms have gone way up in price from when I started doing this back in the 90s, but the other caps and parts don't really amount...
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    Talk about your lunchbox amp!

    A story behind this. Quite a few years ago, I got a call from "Randall Smith." He had a piano that needed tuning and I do that on the side. I go over to his house and we start talking. I told him, "It's funny, but I tune pianos but can't play a lick on one. I'm a guitar player." He...
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    Harry Kolbe Modified Fender Vibrolux (gut shot pics)

    Click on the picture and then the magnifying glass up on the "header" menu. It makes it a bit bigger. Cheers, -- Don
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    Fender 30 Amp

    Just thought I'd chime in on this thread. After looking around for a long time, I finally found a 2x10 version and bought it. It was in pretty good shape when it arrived, but since I'm a tech I decided to do a complete service and checkup. I replaced all the electrolytic caps with Sprague...
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    Leslie 18 question

    If you look at the schematic I linked to a few posts up, you can see it's 2mfd/200VDC. It's a non-polarized cap. Cheers, -- Don
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    Leslie 18 question

    The motor runs constantly, either slow or fast. The doppler effect is more pronounced in the midrange, which is why the crossover sends the mids to the Leslie while keeping the lows/highs coming out of the amp's speaker. Cheers, -- Don
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    Show us your amp(s)!

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    Was there any amp that you played that you HAD to buy on the spot?

    Yes, a '65 Twin Reverb loaded with Altec 417C speakers. It was one of Jackson Browne and David Lindley's road amps and it's beat to death, but it's the best-sounding BF Fender amp I've ever heard and I've been playing since 1963. I paid $800 for it. Cheers, -- Don
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    Ry Cooder and The Craziest Amp Rig Ever

    Absolutely agreed. Cheers, -- Don
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    Help identifying Altec speaker

    So good info here: http://www.lansingheritage.org/images/altec/specs/components/mi-drivers/page1.jpg http://www.lansingheritage.org/images/altec/specs/components/mi-drivers/page2.jpg http://www.lansingheritage.org/images/altec/catalogs/1972-mi/page04.jpg...
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    How many amps do you own?

    Here's my current inventory: Vintage amps I've sold recently: '64 Deluxe Reverb '65 Deluxe Reverb '66 Pro Reverb That low-power Tweed Twin clone in the picture Cheers, -- Don
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    Fender Twin Rever Speaker Suggestions:

    Altec 417 8H. Beautiful, well-rounded speakers that fit a TR perfectly. I have a pair in my '65 and they ain't ever coming out. Beware, though, they're going to make a heavy amp even heavier. Cheers, -- Don
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    I LOVE old tube PA amps!

    Well, I don't know how far Tracy is from Idyllwild, but you're welcome to stop by anytime you're in the area. There are a LOT more toys in that room to play with as well. Cheers, -- Don
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    I LOVE old tube PA amps!

    That is a Trainwreck "Dirty Little Monster" that I built using a schematic that was supplied by Ken himself. No, I haven't had a Bogen. Early on, I became partial to Webster Electric PA heads and they have been my basic building platform ever since. I do have one Newcomb, though, which is...
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    I LOVE old tube PA amps!

    Here are my old PA heads that I've redone into guitar amps: Cheers, -- Don
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    If you had to sell all your amps and cabs except one set, what would you keep?

    This. I wouldn't keep any amps and cabs; I'd keep my '65 Twin Reverb. I have yet to find any amp, including the dozens of vintage Fenders I've owned, that can beat this amp. Cheers, -- Don
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    Speaker change for 1960 brown Fender Super Amp ?

    I removed the original Oxfords (I've never heard an Oxford speaker that was worth a damn) in my '62 and put in a pair of Celestion Golds. My speaker hunt is over for this amp. Cheers, -- Don
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    I guess it's time for an attenuator and sound proofing...

    My wife and I went through the same thing a few years ago so we decided to get our hearing checked. Well, after the test, which showed our hearing was fine, we determined that the root cause was due to the curious thing about couples over a period of time; that is, we we're kind of tuning each...
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    Vibrato effect on the old Fender amps

    Robert Ward, one of the masters of the Magnatone: lmwuP5iAThU Cheers, -- Don
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    Brownface 'Super' 6G4

    Tommy was an AMAZING player and I thoroughly enjoyed his Guitar Player columns on his studio work. After many years of searching for a Brown Super that I could pick up locally, I finally found one a couple of years ago. It's become my #1 amp because it's versatile, has two very useable...
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    On average, how long do amp techs take for a repair job?

    I repair my own amps so I'm usually on the ball. Have you called him for a status report? Did you remind him of his original time-frame commitment? Cheers, -- Don
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    Bar hacks using dual amp rigs?

    I gig with a '62 Super sitting on top of a Leslie 16 and use a Tweed Deluxe head, which sits on top of the Super, for OD tones. I made the head and an Aiken head splitter so I just use a foot switch to toggle between the two amps while using the speakers in the Super's cabinet. Works great and...
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    Fender 75 blues amp issues

    If you like the 75, why not just get it fixed? A good tech can probably sort it out for WELL under what it would cost you to replace it. Cheers, -- Don