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    Suhr Corso owners please chime in

    would definitely recommend buying a used Badger as they can be had for about 1100-1200 last I saw a few used. I too had a Corso for a while and I much prefer the tone of the Badger myself...I liked the Corso but I never fully bonded with it whereas the Badger has a simplicity and purity to the...
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    thanks for the really detailed review! I still have my original X10 (mine was made with a pine cab which is apparently unusual and I like it) and it doesn't seem harsh to me...very wide tonal range to me and not sounds great to me but ymmv and that sort of thing is obviously in "the ear of...
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    Burriss Royal Bluesman V1 vs V2?

    I have a royal bluesman I got used and I was told the previous owner sent it in for the update. I was curious what the differences were and I looked around. There is a brief video on youtube discussing the differences: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35aC042rwrg most immediately, the new...
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    New Bogner Atma Day !

    I am sure someone already said this but in regard to the lack of standby switch, I have read that it is advisable to have the amp in "vintage" mode when starting up as that somehow helps protect the amp in ways similar to a standby switch. I agree this is a killer amp!!! definitely one of...
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    mesa triple rectifier won't play loud, its plays very quietly is it the tubes?? Newb

    Gishlullmoon, I am not sure you have understood the importance of using a speaker cable in connecting the speaker to the amp. A speaker cable is not the same thing as an instrument/guitar cable. They are not interchangeable. Are you using a speaker cable to connect the speaker to the amp...
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    My RedPlate has changed my life!

    Crash, I completely agree with you about the larger cab Redplates at home volumes. I have a Blues Machine with 6v6s and a CD2. I really love both amps but the Blues Machine is easier to dial in and sounds incredible at almost any volume. The CD2 is a bit more finicky although with some twirling...
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    Something new from Fryette .....

    I think it is worth pointing out that Fryette added many features in specific response to backers of the GP/DI and so the final product will be considerably more functional and versatile than the product we all signed up for--and they didn't add anything to our cost as backers even though this...
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    Carr Skylark

    Groberts, that sounds really great and I really like your description of the harmonically rich and full clean sounds. Clear but not thin to my ears...I just love this amp and it is right up there with my favorites already. For Fendery tones, this and the Redplates are as good as it gets for my...
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    Carr Skylark

    I brought the Skylark over to my friend's house yesterday and he loved the clean tones. He thought it had a PR vibe...not sure exactly what descriptive adjective to use for the cleans...certainly seems to be a sweet clean especially when combined with the excellent reverb. The really wide sweep...
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    Carr Skylark

    Figaro, I like the fact that the low end is not overly intense as I sometimes find on 6v6 amps...it is not boomy and I find that it is a nicely balanced signal. I don't find the low end lacking but people do look for different amounts of low end as they do with top end and every other aspect of...
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    Carr Skylark

    I've tried a lot of low watt amps and this is definitely one of the best ever for me. I'm just a lifelong amateur playing at home myself and sometimes with friends and for American tones, this is just incredible It is dead quiet at idle and the whole thing seems built to outlast me for sure...
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    RedPlate - The Crimson Tide of Amplification

    Tdarian, have you heard/played the Savoy/Maji or have you heard anything beyond what the RP site says about it?
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    RedPlate - The Crimson Tide of Amplification

    is there any further info about the Savoy? can't find much info on it beyond the RP site...no clips on youtube...there is a TX amp show where it is seen but not heard.
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    What <5 watt amp has the best juicy, 3-dimensional clean tone?

    So many options out there... Savage Macht 6...great fendery cleans and doesn't sound small or boxy to me...the tremolo is also great (one of my fav. amp tremolos, second only to Swart AST) I love the Carr Raleigh for low volume but inexplicably nice fendery cleans...I happen to like the...
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    3rd Power - Hybrid master attenuator

    the hybridmaster Plus is all it is said to be and more...definitely the best power management solution I have heard (and I have tried many of them). To my ears, this goes a large step beyond VVR or London power scaling and really makes a tube amp suitable for almost any scenario (with the usual...
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    Third Power (3rd Power Amps thread)

    that sounds really great to me!!! I am LOVING my Dream Solo 3 combo and this one sounds like another amazing amp! I also can testify to Jamie's amazing customer service. He is really serious about being quick and responsive to any questions and he clearly stands behind his products. He is...
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    Third Power (3rd Power Amps thread)

    the venue switch can cut the volume a good amount by itself (I believe the website says 80%) and then the hybrid master dial can be used to make further more subtle gradations of volume. You don't need to use the switch...you can leave the switch in "stage" and just use the hybrid master dial...
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    Third Power (3rd Power Amps thread)

    Ancient Rocker, I recently bought a Dream Solo 3 combo from a dealer and it was not yet updated. I had the dealer send it to Jamie for the update and then he sent it to me. It was really impressively quick (especially as it was right around NAMM) and Jamie was really responsive to questions...
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    3rd Power Dream Solo 3 review - Low powered voxy goodness!

    I did the deal and the DS3 will soon be on its way back to the builder for updates...can't wait to check it out!!! Thanks so much to Third Power for offering to do the updates (and for chiming in so quickly!) Eric
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    3rd Power Dream Solo 3 review - Low powered voxy goodness!

    wow, that would be great! I think I will do that! Thanks! I am really excited about this amp! Eric
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    3rd Power Dream Solo 3 review - Low powered voxy goodness!

    Really helpful replies including from the builder himself!! I am seriously considering buying a new one with a partial trade through Tradarama and it has the hybrid master but not the new venue switch. It would be great if I could send it to the builder for the newest hybridmaster + upgrade...
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    3rd Power Dream Solo 3 review - Low powered voxy goodness!

    has anyone been able to compare this 3rd Power Dream Solo 3 to an XITS X10? just curious how similar they are since there is a basic AC15 lineage going on here in both amps but they both seem to have some tweaks in different directions... I LOVE the clips on the Dream Solo 3!!! Eric
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    3rd Power Dream Solo 3 review - Low powered voxy goodness!

    thanks for the nice review! do you know anything about the BF mod on the Dream Solo 3? one of the dealers quotes the builder as saying that this will be standard from here on out....what does it do? here is the quotation from the builder on the website of the dealer: CONCERNING THE BF...
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    Redplate owners...advise

    I agree that you should call Henry and talk options. I have a Blues Machine with 2 6v6s and it has multiple power options (half power, a low power option so that it can get as low as 6 watts) and the master on the RP is the best of anything I have tried (the Sommatone OD 35 has a similarly...
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    Swart owners: Volume Level?

    I have had the 6v6se and the STR Tweed (twice) and still have the AST. I think the cleans on the AST are significantly better than the cleans on the other two...the 6v6se and STR tweed seem designed more for overdrive and when you have the gain switch engaged on the STR tweed, it really gets...