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  1. TyMarsh

    WTB Behringer XR16/XR18

    Looking for one in very good condition! Pm with price and photos!
  2. TyMarsh

    Sold Fender Gen4 Noisless Tele Pickups

    More parts drawer cleaning! I purchased these for a tele project that never materialized. Neck reads: 10.6 Bridge reads: 10.9 There's one small rub mark on the neck pickup (bottom left). I tried to capture it in the pictures below! $75 shipped/PP All sales final!
  3. TyMarsh

    Sold GFS Earl Slick "Old School" set!

    Clearing out the parts drawer! These things sound awesome and are 4 conductor to allow for coil tapping opportunities. These lived in my Les Paul for about 8 months and really performed well. Professionally installed and removed! Just tested them with my meter and they are registering...
  4. TyMarsh

    Sold Gretsch Bigsby

    This came off of my Gretsch Brian Setzer and was removed by Ken Nash The Guitar Mechanic in New London, CT when I upgraded bridges. Comes with all of the original parts to install (screws, spring, spring retainer) $115 shipped/paypal
  5. TyMarsh

    Sold Kingsley Page

    Hate to do this. This pedal is in very good shape and comes with a power supply. Velcro is on the bottom since it was mounted to my pedal train board. $375 shipped/pp NO TRADES!
  6. TyMarsh

    Sold Fender Bassman 1x12 combo cab

    The purge continues! I bought this for my 68' Bassman but I no longer need it. I can't remember who built it, sorry! This combo cab is in very nice shape with a few small scratches on the sides. It will make a nice light 1x12 combo with plenty of volume! Dimensions: 21-3/4" Width 9-3/4" Depth...
  7. TyMarsh

    Sold Genx Benz G-Flex 2x12

    The purge continues! This is the biggest sounding 2x12 cab I have owned so far. It's in nice shape for it's age! Loaded with Eminence Tonkerlite speakers. 250 watt handling cab! Super portable 2x12 cab with all the thump you would want. Local sale only.. CT/RI/MA $305
  8. TyMarsh

    Sold Van Weelden Royal Overdrive

    I don't want to sell this pedal but I lost my job and need to ditch some of the fun toys. This pedal sounds as great as everyone says. The pedal works and functions perfectly (built like a tank). The enclosure has some small scratches on the bottom. I can send any interested parties very in...
  9. TyMarsh

    Ty Marshall & The Helpless

    Hey TGP family! You will normally see my posting gear for sale in the emporium, but I just wanted to take a second to share something that I'm very excited about. I just put out my first 5 song EP under the band name Ty Marshall & The Helpless. If you're into hard hitting/guitar heavy rock with...
  10. TyMarsh

    Sold Kingsley Harlot

    kingsley Harlot in excellent condition! Most current model. Nice shape and comes with power supply. $450 shipped/pp
  11. TyMarsh

    Sold Dumkudo! Price Drop!

    It absolutely kills me to put this fantastic pedal up for sale. Some unexpected bills came in so this one has to find a new home... The Dumkudo was just received in a multi pedal trade from a collector and has the original plastic box, carry bag, and business card. This sounds WAYYYY better than...
  12. TyMarsh

    Sold Strymon Flint

    Anyone looking at this knows how good these things are! This pedal was only used on one recording session in my studio. It comes with the original box, manual, and power supply that was never opened. $265 shipped!
  13. TyMarsh

    Sold Gibson Historic Burstbucker set- $$ drop!

    These Burstbuckers came out of my CR7. The aged covers look killer and these pickups sound fantastic... plenty of lead length to fit a Les Paul! Looking for $185 shipped. Resistance readings are in the photos below!
  14. TyMarsh

    Sold Unpowered Kemper rack with controller

    I'll be perfectly honest! This thing lives up to the hype and more.. but it needs to go to someone who will use more than the two patches on it that I do! This unit is 3-4 years old and has some of the Michael Britt profiles as well as the stock profiles. The Michael Britt profiles were...
  15. TyMarsh

    Sold Rockett .45 for Vox Flavored Overdrive

    I just got this pedal on here to experiment with and it sounds fantastic! I have too many Marshall style drives and I would like to trade this for a Vox style pedal. PM me with what you have.
  16. TyMarsh

    Recommend a portable Marshall style head????

    I was searching the forum looking for information on portable marshall style heads. I have a 73 superlead that doesn't get the use it should on gigs due to its size and weight. Can some of you guys recommend a small headbox 100 watt (or close to it) English style superbass/superlead amp that...
  17. TyMarsh

    Sold Throbak PG-102/SLE101 set- SOLD-Payment Pending

    Selling this set that came out of a Historic R0 not long ago. They are in excellent shape, sound awesome, and have no issues. Price: $400 plus shipping!
  18. TyMarsh

    Sold Pure 64 cab clone!

    l got this in a trade a while ago but l have two Bludotone 1x12 cabs that cover that! This is loaded with an 8ohm Eminence Commonwealth rated at 225 watts. This has a covering of western tolex with a red grille. The cab sounds excellent and is nice and compact. Would trade towards a 2x12 cab...
  19. TyMarsh

    Sold Warmoth SRV birds eye Strat neck!

    l have been bitten by the baseball bat neck bug... l am letting go of this one against my better judgement.. SRV profile with staggered tuners so no need for a string tree. 25.5' scale 1-11/16 width. Nice light satin finish for super smooth playing. Theres a really nice pattern of birds eye that...
  20. TyMarsh

    Sold Naylor SD60 for Superbass!!

    Trades> 100watt superbass amps! Can do a bundle deal for the right trade! Don't really want to ship and would prefer local sales on these. Can travel a bit for the right situation. CT,MA,Rl,NY,NJ TX made Naylor Superdrive 60! Amp is excellent! $1900 (TRADED) Bad Cat Panther Reverb- This...
  21. TyMarsh

    Sold TRADED-Rockett Allan Holdsworth OD

    Would love to trade my Allan Holdsworth OD for another drive pedal or wah. This pedal is in good shape with just a few small dings here and there. Trades: Archer, Tim Pierce, Tim or Timmy! l can add cash as needed!!
  22. TyMarsh

    2x10 Super Reverb Speaker ideas! Any ideas appreciated!

    Hey fellow tone hounds! l have a 65 BFSR that l had completely refurbished a few years ago that needs some new speakers. l have JD Newell build me a 2x10 box for it since l purchased the amp as a head that was chopped from the original 4x10 cab. The amp also has a multitap transformer now which...
  23. TyMarsh

    NAD: Naylor SD 60.. Need tube advice!

    Sooooooo... After a two year long search... I made the jump a few weeks ago and purchased a Naylor Superdrive 60 head made in TX. It is mint and has el34 tubes in it. I would like to re-tube it with 5881's or something in the 6l6 family. The el34's seem extremely harsh to my ears especially when...
  24. TyMarsh

    Naylor vs Aiken??

    Hey guys! I am going to be buying a new amp very soon and I was wondering if any of you fellow gear heads can chime in on this. I have seen Aiken Sabres that are for sale in the buy and sell area for around $2500. I have also been talking to David King at Naylor about a Superdrive 60 possible...
  25. TyMarsh

    Greetings from CT!

    Hey guys, I have been a long time browser on this forum and I just upgraded to the yearly membership. I am excited to use the buy and sell section of the forum. Hope to get to know a lot of you guys and gals on here! :BluesBros