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Search results

  1. zion

    Collings 290 - what do you think?

    The 290 is my daily player. It's the only electric guitar I've ever owned that has remained bone stock. Highly recommended.
  2. zion

    Kirn Barnbusters, any with rosewood fingerboards?

    I used to own a Rosewood lefty Barnbuster. So at least one out there.
  3. zion

    Chris Kroenlein Love...(K-Line Guitar Content)

    Count me in on a lefty demo!
  4. zion

    NBD Snakehead.

  5. zion

    Recommend me some Humbuckers!

    Check out Faber and Callaham hardware.
  6. zion

    Recommend me some Humbuckers!

    I'm getting ready to drop a set of Arcane H's in my 535. Also check out the T tops from Zhangbucker. Since you are going all out, try Tundratone for some fresh electronics. In my opinion, Tonepros bridges isn't much of an upgrade. Robs response in my experience. There's better stuff out...
  7. zion

    Southern Ill

    How's the long-awaited guitar?
  8. zion

    Rick Kelly/Carmine Street guitars

    Quick question: How much deposit does he ask for?
  9. zion

    Corsa LP-Style Guitars

    Only does a 12 radius...crap.
  10. zion

    Corsa LP-Style Guitars

    Is neck radius an option?
  11. zion

    Corsa LP-Style Guitars

    Close to a trigger pull on a lefty. Help.
  12. zion

    I Want a Custom Tele

    Don't pay more than a couple grand for what you want...lots of super quality t's for less than that. Kirn or k line are great places to start.
  13. zion

    Top three small builder guitars you wouldq love to try

    McInturff Kauer Comins (Lefthanders of course)
  14. zion

    Tandler (Ex-Morgaine) Goldtop Beauty Single-Pickup

    My favorite part is the lack of neck binding. Rare on a guitar of this style. Love the looks of this thing.
  15. zion

    can anyone out there build me a lefty mustang bass?

  16. zion

    Custom built telecaster; What builder?

  17. zion

    Interesting video about Premier Builder's Guild

    PBG finally makes sense to me now. I wonder if any of the builders had ever given thought to doing the overseas thing? Seems like a great solution to small company luthiers problems as Schroeder stated. Glad they're keeping them here! Now, where's the lefties?
  18. zion

    Osage Orange Necks

    Thanks for the all the intel everyone. I've been reading about a Tennessee builder who only uses what he can find locally. Osage Orange, Persimmon, Sycamore, Walnut, etc... He builds acoustics that are rumored to be outstanding. When the weather clears I'm going to make a journey to see...
  19. zion

    Osage Orange Necks

    Anyone know if Osage Orange necks can be played raw or do they require a finish?
  20. zion

    Does Anyone Sell "Old Wood" Telecaster Bodies?

    I'm always looking for an old wood tele body (lefty) as well.
  21. zion

    Gadow Guitars

    Matching headstock overlay? Absolutely Pic in natural light? I'll work on it. Two things standout about this guitar: The weight or rather the lack thereof. And the very unique sound. I've got to find a scale to verify the weight. It's almost as light as my acoustic. Its a...
  22. zion

    Gadow Guitars

    A fine instrument...
  23. zion

    Gadow Nashville

    American-made no relic goodness. Nice!
  24. zion

    Studying the possibilty of starting a guitar building/guitar repair school. Comments?

    Wonderful idea! There is a local folk school here that offers 1-week classes. The classes range from beginner to intermediate to expert. Students stay at the school dorm style, eat together, and immerse themselves in their chosen craft. Its an effective model. I would suggest to offer...