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  1. zion

    The Steel Woods

    Use of baritone guitar and use of tremolo by this band are very cool.
  2. zion

    I’m supposed to meet Kiss tomorrow, do you have any questions you’d like me to ask them?

    Question for Paul: Any stories about his relationship with Samantha Fox? How long were they a thing, why did they part, etc...
  3. zion

    Triple Threat Guitar Players

    Todd Park Mohr Jason Isbell Patterson Hood Marty Stuart Willie Nelson Charlie Starr
  4. zion

    St. Paul & the Broken Bones

    Have been able to catch them live several times. Outstanding! Seeing them win over a crowd in the first 2 minutes is pretty neat.
  5. zion

    Rehearsal space near Murphy, North Carolina?

    2 Sources for local Murphy intel: Alpha Music Store - 828-835-3302 John C. Campbell Folk School - 1.800.FOLK.SCH (365.5724)
  6. zion

    Jason Isbell

    My wife surprised me for my 40th with an Isbell weekend in the ATL. back in December. He played Knoxville a couple of weeks ago. And caught him in Maryville back in the summer. All outstanding. As good as it gets for me.
  7. zion

    Jason Isbell

    He's having a big influence on me right now. The new album is outstanding. Great live show as well.
  8. zion

    Offered a position in a touring band...

    Hard to be the man of the house if you ain't there.
  9. zion

    Prince smashes 61 Epi Crestwood on national tv. The problem is... it wasn't his.

    Its only Rock -N- Roll and I like it. Great performance!
  10. zion

    Live at Daryl's house

    Crazy.. Got Cee Lo & Daryl pumping through the house...Like this show.
  11. zion

    Big Head Todd

    Saw them (again) last week in Asheville. They're still bringing it. "Red House" with Ronnie Baker Brooks sitting in won't leave my brain for quite some time. Amazing.
  12. zion

    What's your day job?

    Wildland Fire Specialist
  13. zion

    Jason Isbell anyone?

    After spinning the latest album, I no longer miss Isbell in DBT. He's doing his own thing and doing it well. So much talent in the 400 Unit.
  14. zion

    Drive-by Truckers- The Big To-do.

    Big Truckers fan here. The new album? It's taking longer to grow on me than any others. But "Birthday Boy" pops into my head daily. Cooley has to be the best stage performer out there. Truly a rock star. Isbell's stuff with the 400 unit took a little while to grow on me. Now its...
  15. zion

    Your top 5 Rock Drummers

    Brian Nevin Tommy Aldridge John Densmore Carter Beauford John Bonham
  16. zion

    Taylor Swift...huh?

    I just watched/listened to her and Blind Cheetah...I mean Def Leppard on Crossroads. No talent at all in that Taylor Swift that I could see/hear. It's appropriate that she "sings" kid songs being a kid herself. Hopefully she'll continue to take full advantage of the limelight before it turns...
  17. zion

    Poll Closed: Who Are Your Top Four Guitar Influences? See end of thread for Tally

    Todd Park Mohr Jason Isbell Randy Rhoads Mike Cooley
  18. zion

    Tonequest Report

    Anyone who has the guts to go to an Allman Bros. show and write how bad the guitar tones were has my subscription... Hard to buy honesty these days. The gear reviews are typically a couple of years behind TGP but it is fun to read. I've gotten quite a few good tips from TQ such as mixing...
  19. zion

    RIP Billy Powell

    Drive-By Truckers said a few nice words about Powell last night in Knoxville and dedicated a song to him. Very nice.
  20. zion

    Warren Haynes XMas Jam!

    Last night's/this mornings setlist: XMAS JAM BAND (Audley Freed, Jen Gunderman, Buddy Cage, Kevn Kinney, Fiddle Dave, Robert Kearns, Edwin McCain, Mickey Raphael) Blues on Top of Blues Straight To Hell Free Fallin w/ Patterson Hood Dreams To Remember w/ Joan Osborne & Horns* TCB w/...
  21. zion

    Warren Haynes XMas Jam!

    That's what I'm talkin' about! Full report tomorrow (if I make it back)!
  22. zion

    Warren Haynes XMas Jam!

    Anyone else going to the Warren Haynes Christmas Jam tonight in Asheville? Saturday December 13th Ben Harper and Relentless7, Coheed & Cambria, Steve Earle, Michael Franti with Jay Bowman Acoustic, Gov't Mule, Joan Osborne, Johnny Winter Also Appearing John Paul Jones & Travis Tritt...
  23. zion


    I still remember the Hendrix cover in Wichita in '93 or '94. Good stuff!