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    Roadworn Strat Owners - did you keep the pickups or upgrade them?

    I put a 60’s RW together last year. I swapped out the Tex Amex for PV 59’s. Love them and have no plans to ever change them.

    Will there be a guitar shortage?

    No shortage. The market is already flooded with new and used. I hope the price on some of the older classics start to come down as the boomers start dumping them...

    Are younger players turning away from the Les Paul?

    I did not read all 36 pages here but I think they are just too expensive for younger folks. Quality of import models is way up compared to just a few years ago and they are way cheaper.

    Are the best strats the more expensive ones???

    No. They are all subjective to each individual. I wouldn’t trade my parts caster for a high dollar custom shop. Cost me under $1k with a professional set up.

    Custom USA built electric guitars around $2K ... is there a market ?

    Maybe so. That why I have a couple parts casters. I pick the color, neck, pickups, etc.... I can do that for under a grand myself. I don’t know if a new builder could get that off the ground or not. I personally wouldn’t buy one.

    Custom USA built electric guitars around $2K ... is there a market ?

    I think the market is already saturated. With the quality of some of the imports going up and the used market flooded with guitars I don’t see how anyone could make a living at it. Now if it is just a hobby for a builder and you want to break even then I say go for it.

    Are current Mexican Fenders as good as US Fenders from 5 years go?

    I put a MIM 60s road worn together recently. Used a MIM Robert Cray neck. Dropped in a set of pure vintage 59s and I am in love with it. I had a professional dress and set up done. I have probably played over 100 different Strats off the racks over the years, even custom shops. I wouldn’t...

    Same guitar for jazz and rockabilly? (Neck hum, bridge filtertron?)

    Reverend makes some combos like that

    Thoughts on financing guitars?

    It’s a personal decision but I would never finance a guitar. The only thing I will finance is a house (mine will be paid off in a couple years) or a portion of a car. The car gets paid off as quickly as possible.
  10. LJOHNS

    Robben Ford’s new PRS McCarty * Vintage Cherry*

    Love the McCarty!
  11. LJOHNS

    Klein Epic '59 vs Fender Pure Vintage '59 Strat pickups

    I put a set of pure vintage 59s in my latest Strat build. I used a 60s road worn body and a Robert Cray neck. I sounds like a perfect vintage Strat to me. I highly recommend the Fender pickups.
  12. LJOHNS

    Excellent Made In Korea guitars

    I have a MIK Gretsch. Not a flaw with it anywhere. I have also owned a Reverend and plan to own more. They are fantastic.
  13. LJOHNS

    Older McCarties

    I have a 2009 Smokeburst. Nitro with 57/08 pickups. It’s a fantastic guitar. It serves my humbucker needs well. Light weight and resonant. No need for a Les Paul for me.
  14. LJOHNS

    Partscaster build questions from a Gibson guy

    MIM road worn bodies are Nitro. I built one recently and used a Robert Cray neck. Dropped in a set of 59 pure vintage pickups. My perfect vintage Strat!
  15. LJOHNS

    People who insist on their Strat being SSS, what do you use the bridge pickup for?

    I use my bridge pick up for rock and roll! Just roll the tone pot back about half and let er rip!
  16. LJOHNS

    Gibson Forcing Workers To Work During Co-Vid19

    I agree. If more people were prepared and had emergency supplies on hand we would not have had the circus we have seen in the past couple weeks at the stores. I figure half of this county is full of idiots with low education and no common sense. Add this to my previous statements that people...
  17. LJOHNS

    Gibson Forcing Workers To Work During Co-Vid19

    Sure, plenty of anecdotal statements - like every one else on here. I get out plenty. I am also an engineer. It is a fact that way too many people are in debt up to eyeballs and have little to no savings.
  18. LJOHNS

    Gibson Forcing Workers To Work During Co-Vid19

    This thread is going a lot of different directions. We could debate the health and economics of all this to no end. I will say that most American’s spend more than they have. They buy new cars every few years have all the latest greatest toys etc... and live beyond their means. It really...
  19. LJOHNS

    Gibson Forcing Workers To Work During Co-Vid19

    I just cleaned out the garage and am sorting out my fly fishing gear for a trip next weekend. No better self isolation than a trout stream in the beautiful mountains of WV!
  20. LJOHNS

    Lookin' for my first "good" Strat: which one?

    I went through this process late last year. I bought a 60’s RW body (light weight) and a Robert Cray neck for the 9.5 rad. Swapped the pickups our for a set of pure vintage 59’s and took her in for a full dress and set up. It’s a perfect vintage Strat for me. I couldn’t be happier! Under...
  21. LJOHNS

    Do you guys like pink guitars?

  22. LJOHNS

    PRS owners - did you KEEP or CHANGE your PRS Pups?

    Keep. 57/08’s in my McCarty sound fantastic.
  23. LJOHNS

    Musikraft's 60's Strat Profiles

    I recent put a Strat together. I used a MIM Robert Cray neck. It measures .83 at the first and .96 at the 12th. I notice the tapper but find it nearly perfect for me. It is so posed to be an early 60’s profile.
  24. LJOHNS

    Acoustasonic Strats

    I have zero interest in these. I see how it could be good for live performances in certain settings though.