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  1. zion

    Vendor DCW Pedals - TGP Thanksgiving Pedal Giveaway 2020! WINNER ANNOUNCED!

    Exoplex Vintage Preamp Thankful for my wife.
  2. zion

    ZenDrive or Eternity options?

  3. zion

    Mark Knopfler "Sultans of Swing" Compressor

    Orange Squeezer into a Brownface, fingers instead of pick.
  4. zion

    Revival drive best live options?

  5. zion

    P&W Players: what’s your delay/Reverb of choice?

    EHX DMM. Reverb varies by which room I’m playing in.
  6. zion

    Last three pedals in your chain?

    Last 3 are the first 3...Vibe-bro, Koko, Volante.
  7. zion

    Strymon Volante!

    This thing is more intuitive than I imagined it would be. My board consists of a tuner, a vibe, a boost, and now this thing (fairly simple setup). I’m running it through the amp’s loop using the instructed line level switch. Loads of fun trying the seemingly endless options. Built a simple...
  8. zion

    New Vibe: Tinsley Audio Sir Henry Vibe

    Appreciate the intel.
  9. zion

    New Vibe: Tinsley Audio Sir Henry Vibe

    What’s the price?
  10. zion

    You get ONE pedal...

  11. zion

    BMF Tourbox: Choose your own adventure!

    BMF Tourbox en-route to billyg121.
  12. zion

    BMF Tourbox: Choose your own adventure!

    Box of BMF has just touched down in East Tennessee. More to come... Pedals were evaluated through the following: Guitar - Collings 290 w/Thorn P90’s Amp - Quilter (THE pedal platform & the effects side of my primary rig). Cab - 2x12 w/WGS ET65’s BMF GE SPOT - This pedal garnered the least of...
  13. zion

    Cable Advice (Another Lava ELC Bites The Dust)

    http://www.deathvalleycablecompany.com/ No experience with service after the sale due to no failure.
  14. zion

    Klon/Timmy with Secret Preamp

    Timmy shines with the Maz. I've tried Klons and other drives and Timmy was a standout with my Maz rig and my ears. Secret Pre sounds good but I grew tired of it quickly. It seemed to shift freqs as opposed to adding or subtracting freqs. A nice change but then so was turning it off after...
  15. zion

    How many Drive pedals do you use?

    0 drive pedals. I play a tube amp.
  16. zion

    Calling all Fuchs Plush Reply Tube Delay owners

    I ended up with an REP 3. As Mr. Bertha stated, no volume drop. This pedal instantly melted into my rig.
  17. zion

    Calling all Fuchs Plush Reply Tube Delay owners

    Volume drop is normal behavior? Glad you put this out there as I'm canceling my order. I wonder if the same is true for the solid state REP 3? Good luck with a viable solution!
  18. zion

    Calling all Fuchs Plush Reply Tube Delay owners

    What does Fuchs say? I'm interested as I have one coming in this week. Also, there is a trimmer on the bottom to adjust input level.
  19. zion

    Envelope Filter to Minimize Attack (Mayer Content)

    There are used ones in the Emporium ($135).
  20. zion

    Superdelay users, does your pedal introduce noise?

    I've only run a Superdelay through a c-lator with an Overtone and it sounded great. No noise issues. But I never tried it on the front end of the amp.