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    First Listen: The New Fargen Micro Plex Amp

    sounds great to me! I love my Bastage! Eric
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    AxeFX II Edge style "Badness"

    sounds great to me! Eric
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    Sock Monkey blasted by a Treble Boost.

    great demo of the Sock Monkey! so inspiring as I just got a blue Sock Monkey on Thursday and today is my first chance to really play it...great range of dynamics...parts reminded me of that amazing Andy Timmons cover of She's Leaving Home...I hope you do more demos for the Sock Monkey. yours is...
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    Video Demo of RedPlate AstroDustDuo

    wow! that is a great performance (both you and the amp!!!). I love the range of styles you brought to it...the blackface setting sounds amazing for those great jazz progressions you were doing. I have a Blues Machine and I love the second blackface setting on this tweed preamp. I am getting...
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    Sommatone 35 Overdrive...HOLY CR*P..Killer amp

    My OD35 had a bit of rattle when I first got it and I changed the Ruby 6L6's to Tung Sol 6L6's and have had no problems ever since. I suspect it is just the Ruby tubes. It is an incredible amp for sure! definitely one of my all-time favorites!!! deceptively simple set up but lots of...
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    Z Wreck HD Vid - Greg V is Back!

    wow, another great Greg V performance! he sounds great and does a great job of showing what the amp can do. so glad to see/hear him doing another excellent extended video demo! I hope he does another one soon! It would be really cool to hear him do a demo of the PWE or the 3rd Power amps...
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    A vs B now A vs B vs C, a high end jazz box vs a semi-hollow Gosling vs a Single 15"

    As a Single 15" owner, I am thrilled to be able to say that I like the Single 15 clip best...it combines the clarity of the 2nd clip with the woodiness and old school charm of the first one. I love the playing as well...cool progressions and the running bass line is definitely a way to...
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    A vs B now A vs B vs C, a high end jazz box vs a semi-hollow Gosling vs a Single 15"

    I much prefer the Soloway guitar and I am glad to say that since I have a Single 15" Soloway guitar and it would be unsettling to think I liked the Heritage better (and so perhaps that colors my impressions). I think this is in a way all about what expectations you have for the sound of jazz...
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    Reinhardt Mini-Me - quick and dirty

    cool clip! The Mini-Me is my favorite low watter ever! has more headroom than you would expect and really nice balanced cleans and the overdrive is incredible...so glad you did this clip as it shows how huge the amp can sound at low volumes...the pull-boost gets you plenty of gain for most...
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    AxeFX: My Deluxe Reverb Patch

    great melodic playing and I think the tones are killer! I want to hear more!
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    The Swart Atom - the 5 watt mouse that roared!

    great playing and tones as always!!! very impressive how full and balanced a tone you can get out of that little 8" speaker! the huggybear slide is really catchy!
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    Hands other than mine (tubeinmyhead) playing a Single 15" through a Port City Twelve

    that sounds great! very cool tone and a stunning guitar to look at. thanks for posting this...really like it!
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    Sommatone 35 Overdrive...HOLY CR*P..Killer amp

    Songman, I tried the Sommatone at absolutely whisper volume and I think it is even better than the X10 at great low volume tone, and I think the X10 is great at that. As for the Swart comparison, I think I will leave that to others. I do have and love the Swart AST but didn't get a chance to...
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    Sommatone 35 Overdrive...HOLY CR*P..Killer amp

    +1 on calling Stu. He has logged in a good number of hours on the OD35 at this point and he will be able to answer your questions without a problem. Stu can always be counted on for an honest and seasoned assessment of any amp.
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    Sommatone 35 Overdrive...HOLY CR*P..Killer amp

    The OD35 is one of the best amps I have ever played, hands down. I put 2 amps up for sale immediately after I heard this amp and it will definitely be my next amp. The master volume is without a doubt the best I have ever used and the amp has glorious tone and quite an impressive range as...
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    New Sommatone Overdrive 35 Sound Clips!

    here is the other clip I recorded that day of Stu playing the OD35. It is on youtube (my "channel" is titled "paradachsproductions). Again, note how low the master was...the clip does distort in the last few seconds as Stu turns up the volume to a still very moderate volume but it overloads...
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    New Sommatone Overdrive 35 Sound Clips!

    I took that video with my iphone and that is my (Tone Nation) guitar Stu is playing in the video. I wish I had held the iphone close to the control panel for the whole video as that is where you can really hear the tone best. I was afraid it would overload the tiny iphone mic if I stood right...
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    Red Plate (RedPlate) Amps Magic Dust Duo Clips Consolidated

    great job on the post-bop cleans clip! sounds like a great amp and you are clearly an excellent player!
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    AxeFX: Shiva Clean and Shiva Crunchy

    both clips sound great, Greg!! wow, I definitely need to check out one of these AxeFX units at some point...
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    Germino Club 40 2x12 video with Audley Freed

    wow! great great demo!!! killer playing and nicely done demo with a great range of tones demonstrated! Eric
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    New Greg V. Clip (TopHat "Super Fat" Club Deluxe)

    another great amp demo video!!! You have really raised the bar considerably for amp demo videos...it is hard to go from one of your demos to a more typical camera-phone-mic-driven clip where everything is already distorting in the clean clips. I think it would be great to hear a Top Hat...
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    AxeFX: DirtyAC30

    sounds great!! nice job! that is a very cool clip on all fronts! very tasteful and melodically interesting playing and the AxeFX sounds wonderful.
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    2 watt Wreck w/'64 Duo-Sonic

    very cool tones!!! it sounds huge and hard to believe it is only 2 watts! Sounds like that is a really cool amp that offers quite a bit for a very reasonable price
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    Vox Night Train demo

    awesome covert demo, Stu! I can't wait to come pick up mine! Eric
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    Headstrong Lil' King vs Swart Space Tone Reverb

    Ruger, they are certainly pretty close, but it is a little hard to be sure since I can't play nearly as well as Jim Soloway and there is the difference between hearing an amp and hearing a clip through my computer. I think there is a bit more bass on the 12" speaker in the tweed STR and I...