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  1. glaswerks

    Black Hardware, Your Thoughts?

    Great Guitar!!!! I love this axe!!! Thanks, Glen
  2. glaswerks

    Rare late 60's Fender option I have never seen.

    I remember every country picker in Bakersfield having their name on their stick back in the 60's. Mosrite also did it as an option at the time. I always thought it was some local luthier that was making a few extra bucks (no pun intended) customizing guitars.
  3. glaswerks

    Ode to the '52 AVRI Telecaster

    I have an RI that I bought in 89 and it is not going anywhere. I changed the wiring to the "modern" style when I first bought the guitar. These days I am thinking about changing it to the vintage style to have another crayola in the box. Gary
  4. glaswerks

    Does Fender still make the Custom Shop Esprit/Ultra?

    Take a close look at it, for the price it should have been gone weeks ago. I think it has something to do with the bridge and tailpiece that doesn't look quite right. May have the Kahler installed, I can't tell. Here is one I picked off of Ebay about a month ago. Paid quite a bit more...
  5. glaswerks

    Dead strings out of the pack??

    Well I bought 10 sets of D'Addarios yesterday, let see how they do :).
  6. glaswerks

    Dead strings out of the pack??

    I guess I will pick up D'Addarios today and give them a shot. Bummer, I always found the GHS lasted longer than the D'Addarios I use to use. EB's sound great but don't last... Oh well....
  7. glaswerks

    Dead strings out of the pack??

    The particular set I was talking of were a sealed pack (new style packaging) of GHS boomers. I usually buy 10 sets at a time and these has been sitting here about 4 weeks. Maybe there is a common denominator here....
  8. glaswerks

    Dead strings out of the pack??

    Have any of you ever run into the situation where you put on a new set of strings and they deader than a donut from the get-go? I have this happen every once in a while and it JUST DRIVE ME NUTZ.... :).
  9. glaswerks

    Kidney Bean Grover fetish??? Les Paul Historic question...

    My R7 has Klusons and I like them (look and feel). My 83 335 was stock with Grovers, so they will stay.... I like keeping my expensive/vintage stuff as original as possible. Now all bets are off on my cheapie Korean made sticks....
  10. glaswerks

    The PRS Custom 24

    I have owned a CU24 since '96. Was a nice guitar, but never warmed to the switch or pickups. Since dumping the rotary switch for a toggle and dumping the Vintage Bass and HFS for Gibson 57's it is a great guitar. I have a set of 5708's coming in to try so maybe it will be back to PRS...
  11. glaswerks

    Heritage Opinions Wanted...

    Well my kids 335 sounds dynamite if that is any indication :). Of course he won't let me get close to it .... Gary
  12. glaswerks

    Heritage Opinions Wanted...

    I have been wanting to get a decent 175 or 335 style guitar (leaning toward the 335 style) A pro player friend suggested looking at the Heritage H-535 or H-575. He thought they were "a Gibson done right". I wanted to get a few opinions on the Heritage guitars and see how they stack up...
  13. glaswerks

    What kind of gear did you have when you were 23?

    23 huh, that was a long time ago (31 years), but easy to remember. A 1973 Fender Telecaster Deluxe (Brown with HBers) A 1964 (maybe 65) BF Fender Vibroverb with JBL 15". Thats it.
  14. glaswerks

    How do you polish your frets?

    0000 steel wool and lemon oil for my rosewood boards.
  15. glaswerks

    Show your Tele's ~ its a love thread ~

    That tele has some serious "souuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul" :AOK
  16. glaswerks

    Show your Tele's ~ its a love thread ~

    I own 4, but these two are my favorites. 86 Rosewood 89 '52 Reissue
  17. glaswerks

    Incredible top on this guitar ...

    Harry that is gorgeous!!!
  18. glaswerks

    Incredible top on this guitar ...

    Dan Lakin definately knows how to pick wood. My 5 string Lakland has a fantastic top. From what I have been told, they are finished by someone in California. Edit...
  19. glaswerks

    what guitar have you had the longest or will never sell?

    This one I bought in 1986. I was wandering through Milanos in Mesa and spotted it. First time I had ever seen a rosewood Tele. They had got it that day and I bought it on the spot. It was my number one gigging guitar in my C&W years. I will die with it in my hands! Still has original pickups...
  20. glaswerks

    Let's see some nice Archtop Guitars !

    My poor mans L-5..
  21. glaswerks

    PRS Pickup Recommendation Needed

    Thanks to everyone who responded. I will review the comments and see if I can find a set from the comments that will fit what I want to hear. Otherwise out the door she goes..... Gary
  22. glaswerks

    PRS Pickup Recommendation Needed

    I have a 96' PRS CU 24 since it was new. It is a great playing guitar but I have never been knocked out with the tone. It has the Vintage Bass and HFS bridge pickup installed. It has a very middy, honky tone. What I want are pickups with good output and a wide tonal spectrum. A couple of year...
  23. glaswerks

    Post your first guitar!

    Unfortunately no pictures. But it was a 4 pickup Audition that my parents bought for me around 1965. Also got a wiz band CROWN guitar amp. Yeah baby, it just doesn't get any better. Second guitar was an Airline (Harmony) 335 look-a-like with bolt on neck. Gary
  24. glaswerks

    Fender Telecaster Deluxe

    I had an original '73 Tele Deluxe (bought it new in 73) and at that time, they were available only in Black, Walnut brown (no grain) and Sunburst. I hated that guitar. I thought those pickups (staggered pole humbuckers) largely sucketh. Of course wouldn't you know, if I sell an item, it is...
  25. glaswerks

    So what's CIJ?

    Not sure the reason, but my 98' 60's Strat is labled Crafted in Japan. Of course, I also have an 85' Reissue rosewood telecaster that I thought for years was made in the US as there is no MIJ or CIJ anywhere on the guitar. The only giveaway was the A at the beginning of the serial...