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    Post your COVID acquisitions NGD!

    Well, it's pretty much all original and sounds pretty fantastic. It's light (6.75lbs.) and very resonant unplugged. You can feel it vibrate in your hands. All guitars do this to one extent or another but this one really does. All pickups have usable sounds and I was surprised by how cool the...
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    Post your COVID acquisitions NGD!

    Thanks. I've been looking for quite a while and this one popped up on Reverb. Story is the father bought it new and then handed it down to his son. By the looks of the guitar, though, neither played it all that much. After comparing it closely to a few others, I decided to start negotiations...
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    Post your COVID acquisitions NGD!

    Decided to treat myself to something special so here's my "new" 1956 Hardtail Stratocaster. I'm the second owner. Cheers, -- Don
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    Moving guitars to buy guitars...interested in TGP's opinions

    Life is short and guitars are many. I say move it and get something the compels you to play! I bought a '66 335 back in the mid-70s and had it for decades. I NEVER enjoyed playing it and hardly ever did so but I kept it because it was vintage. Well, I finally wised up and sold it and...
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    How do you get your great slide tone?

    Tweed Deluxe wide open with both channels mixed to taste. Don't need a compressor or anything else. It just sounds "right." Cheers, -- Don
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    Unhappy with Kluson locking options

    I have Gotohs on all my guitars. They work flawlessly and have a nice ratio. Cheers, -- Don
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    What is your most expenseive daily player?

    My '54 D-28, which I've owned since 1977. Cheers, -- Don
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    Can I disengage / lock my B-Bender?

    I use a piece of a piano string mute, which is basically a rubber wedge. I put it in the gap between the strap button and edge of the hole where the "stop" is. Works like a charm and is easily removable when I need to use the bender. Cheers, -- Don
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    how many of you guys have got the BIG 3 of guitars?

    I have all three and they all have specific uses. I usually only carry two to a gig, though. Cheers, -- Don
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    Which of you use a P90 loaded axe as your main guitar for gigs?

    2000 Gibson R6 Les Paul. A set of vintage 1953 P-90s. Blues, rock, R&B (the real stuff, not the **** they call R&B nowadays), soul, etc. I'm a single-coil kind o' guy and wanted a Les Paul to complement my Strat. Sure, but I use other guitars as well. The P-90s don't get the Tele/Strat sound I...
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    Your favorite p-90 pickups?

    I put a pair of '53 P-90s in my R6 and they aren't coming out. Cheers, -- Don
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    Love the mid-sixties.....

    Far from original. The guy is seriously deluded with his pricing. Cheers, -- Don
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    Guitar Weight: Is 8 pounds TOO heavy?

    That's easy and Fender figured it out decades ago. The optimum length for a piece of string is precisely that length that encircles a Tele bridge pickup windings. Cheers, -- Don
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    Gibson Historic Les Paul Photos !!!

    My R6 Cheers, -- Don
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    Recommend me some classic P90 tracks

    5YXKJkNpokQ Sean got some great tones out of his P-90s. Cheers, -- Don
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    Ebony R6--Know where I can get one?

    Subject line says it all. Anyone stumble on one for sale in your travels? Cheers, -- Don