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  1. Bobbofallenstar

    Video for song on my new album.

    Maybe you'll dig it. Thanks for watching.
  2. Bobbofallenstar

    Laptop PC for recording with Protools??

    Hey guys - I'm venturing into foreign territory here. First up: I currently have a studio, running ProTools 10 on a very stable home built PC. All my plugins and software is PC based so I want to stay PC and stay ProTools utilizing Focusrite converters. I have some work coming up where I...
  3. Bobbofallenstar

    Really annoying amplified acoustic sound

    Hey, so I got a few guitars, I've got them all sorted with Fishman's. J45, J30, Martin and a J100. I absolutely love the J100 but I can't use it because it makes a static-y type of noise when plugged in. First I thought it was the Fishman Presys so I got a replacement, then it was better...
  4. Bobbofallenstar

    Recorded a live album - this is one song from it

    We decided to record a live album in our studio. Invited a bunch of folks and set it up and go. It's mostly for the audio but we set up a camera as well. Nothing fancy - just music. Song is an original about the town of Millsboro, DE. Gwq1aYjOeqY The technical: 2 Beta 58 mics ->...
  5. Bobbofallenstar

    The Alt.Country Club 33: Thirty Three and a Third

    New Thread Started. And for NHL Playoff Hockey - I offer the Following: Now this is Alt.Country AND Hockey approved!!!
  6. Bobbofallenstar

    Gibson Accu-Voice Pre-amp pickup system?

    Hey Folks! I have a new/old guitar coming in this week that has the Gibson Accu-Voice pre-amp system and the 1/4" and XLR output jack. I know that this system doesn't really exist anymore - is that because it was terrible or is it a hidden gem? Just wondering your thoughts and advice...
  7. Bobbofallenstar

    Heading out on tour - 38 shows in Europe. Stop by and say Hi! Dates here:

    Hey guys, My band The Fallen Stars and our "other band" Riddle & The Stars are touring through Europe and the dates are below. Just for clarification. Riddle & The Stars is our friend Ben Riddle (from Australia) and The Fallen Stars together. We recorded an album together and...blah...
  8. Bobbofallenstar

    Still fighting acoustic pickups

    First off - thanks everyone for all the help and suggestions you've given me. I'm just still hating the pickup in my Gibson J-30. I had a Fishman Natural 2 in it that worked great for about a decade. Then the bridge saddle cracked and I had a new one professionally installed. Upgraded...
  9. Bobbofallenstar

    Best Soundhole Pickup for Non-Acoustic sounds

    Hey guy, I'm wondering about an Acoustic Soundhole pickup recommendation that doesn't sound "acoustic". Preferably a magnetic pickup that can be balanced string wise and then distorted through an amp. Thanks.
  10. Bobbofallenstar

    Splitting or cracking an acoustic bridge saddle to balance the sound?

    Ok, I never heard of this until just recently. I was looking at a guitar and the guy said that his luthier split the one piece bridge into two pieces. He cut it between the G & B string to balance the high strings with the low strings with the piezo pickup. I thought this was just crazy...
  11. Bobbofallenstar

    Looking for a Gibson J-100 xtra CE

    Hey guys! So I recently discovered that my dream guitar was actually made for a brief while in 1994 and now I'm trying to find one. Technically speaking it's listed as: 1994 Gibson 100th Anniversary J-100 xtra CE. Spruce top, mahogany back, sides and neck with a cutaway. I saw one...
  12. Bobbofallenstar

    Flipping the strings on a 12 string to make it Rickenbacker style

    Hey, I was wondering if any of you have ever flipped the strings on your acoustic 12 string so that the heavy string is first and the octave second? You know, like a Rickenbacker 12 string. I realize that this would mean cutting a new nut and all. I'm just so used to it from the...
  13. Bobbofallenstar

    Dual Sourcing My Acoustic - advice needed

    Hey guys. So here's the thing: I split my acoustic guitar signal, it hits an ABY pedal with A going to the PA for a clean unaffected tone and B goes to overdrives, volume pedal and delays then to my amp. It's taken me a while to get stuff where I like it and I'm very close. Why I do this...
  14. Bobbofallenstar

    Dual Source Side mount Preamp? Help?

    Hey guys, So I was checking out the Epiphone SJ-200 and noticed how it had a magnetic pickup and bridge piezo, a blend thing on the preamp and two (2!!) outputs on the guitar for sending each pickup to a separate source. I'm really intrigued by this set up but don't really enjoy the sound...
  15. Bobbofallenstar

    The Epiphone EJ200 CE - Anyone have one?

    I went searching on here and couldn't find anyone that has one. So here's the thing ~ I'm a guitar snob. I know it. I've been looking for an acoustic to take on the road with me because my Gibsons are getting beat up and I fear their safety. (planes, trains and automobiles involved) So...
  16. Bobbofallenstar

    New Irish Song!

    So we're an Americana type rock band from SoCal but we grew up listening to the Irish Rovers and the Pogues and always wanted to write our type of Irish song. Ta-Da! It can be downloaded for free from the soundcloud link or if you feel like throwing us a few nickels you can name your own...
  17. Bobbofallenstar

    The Alt.Country Club: 19th Nervous Breakdown

    Enough talking about it! Had to step up and make the new thread before someone did it with a Steely Dan lyric. :nuts I now return you to the discussion already in progress.
  18. Bobbofallenstar

    Using a Guitar Wireless system - with acoustic guitar - advice needed

    Just a quick question. I already know that a cable sounds better, but sometimes live I really like the freedom of a wireless. My problem is that every wireless that I've tried sounds TERRIBLE with an acoustic guitar. Fine with electric but the acoustic is either distorting or the notes...
  19. Bobbofallenstar

    Anyone permanently install a electric pickup in the top of your acoustic?

    I've been messing with this idea for years and can't seem to bring myself to do it but then watching this Ray Wylie Hubbard video - and he's got like a Filtertron or something mounted into the top of his acoustic! What the What!? I'm wondering if any of you have tried anything hybrid-ish...
  20. Bobbofallenstar

    Mandoguitar Owners?

    Hey Mandoguitar owners! I'm having some issues with mine and I was wondering if anyone else had one of these and what-not. Here's my Phantom Mandoguitar I first tried an electric 12 string set but because of the 6 shared saddles - tuning was impossible. So I tried two sets of...
  21. Bobbofallenstar

    Expression Pedals - What are you using?

    Hey guys ~ I'm using a Line 6 M9 and I hate the Line 6 expression pedal. Any suggestions on a better one? This thing feels flimsy and keeps breaking where I have to open it up and line the stuff up again. What are you all using and why?
  22. Bobbofallenstar

    Need a new Telecaster Bridge pickup

    Hey! So I'm looking for a new Tele bridge pickup. I currently have a SD Alnico II in the bridge and it's good but I need something slightly bigger sounding. Not full humbucking huge thing - just something ~ more. I have tried: Joe Barden (too much, too harsh) GFS Dream 180 (like in...
  23. Bobbofallenstar

    Help with M-Audio Project Mix?

    OK, so a Project Mix was purchased for me on ebay. I've been running a Digi 002 with Protools 8LE. I know that in order to just use the Project Mix I would need to upgrade to Protools 10. My question is: Can I just use a Firewire cable from the Project Mix to my Digi002? I have...