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  1. Cool Hand Luke

    in 20 years, i wonder what effect we'll be accused of overusing?

    Tell him shut up and practice keeping the beat so he doesn't mess up your soundscapes with his out-of-time drumming! :D
  2. Cool Hand Luke

    Police Fans: Advice on FX used on specfic songs

    Not necessary. Almost all the sounds you think are produced by chorus on the Police albums were in fact the EHX Electric Mistress.
  3. Cool Hand Luke

    My OCD died, looking for a similar pedal to replace it with.

    I suggest a Boss OD-3. Not as middy as a Tubescreamer and no flappy bottom end either. Cheap as well.
  4. Cool Hand Luke

    why are delays that offer modulation so popular?

    Modulated delay leaves the dry signal alone and only applies the modulation to the repeats. It gives the sound depth without is sounding like chorus.
  5. Cool Hand Luke

    Looking for a pedal that can give me searing lead

    Rat is a good suggestion. I would like to throw another cheapie out there: Boss SD-2 on the red channel. Soaring leads for days. Also with a Deluxe Reverb. Granted, it's more Sambora than Santana but it will make you soar :D
  6. Cool Hand Luke

    Guitarists who also play bass, what strings do you use?

    Thomastik Infeld flats. They sound great and are not as stiff to play as the D'addarios I had on there before.
  7. Cool Hand Luke

    Cover band lead guitarists... Synth pedal?

    I have been debating this question with myself as well. My solution: I just bought a Yamaha Reface DX synth three days ago. I haven't tried it with the band yet, but I will next week. To be honest I am still a bit torn on the subject. For instance, we play The Model by Kraftwerk and I have been...
  8. Cool Hand Luke

    Vintage 80s Chorus pedal?

    Impressive. We got approximately 15 posts on topic before the stream of chorus pedal recommendations started. Next time, let's try to keep the whole page on topic, shall we? :mmm
  9. Cool Hand Luke

    Studio effects before FX loops

    The Edge uses everything in front of his AC-30s and Deluxe Reverbs. I think it sounds pretty damn good :)
  10. Cool Hand Luke

    Could it be that our generation of guitar gods are the pedal makers?

    Err... no. Some pedal builders are really good at marketing themselves - but being idols? No. I think the pedal industry is going to collapse. The market is saturated and there is only room for so much hype in the world... Just my 2c.
  11. Cool Hand Luke

    Marty McFly Guitar Tone

    Nice... ahem... composition there :hide (It works great in Back To The Future, though)
  12. Cool Hand Luke

    What effect pedal brand will you pick if you pedalboard can only have one brand of pedals

    EHX is tempting... but I will have to go with Boss because they are the Boss. Great drives, great delays and close to indestructable.
  13. Cool Hand Luke

    Catalinbread lawsuit documents

    Small startup, initial focus on analog pedals, then branched out into the digital realm, small number of employees, "we're all friends here" => "That file server out back with the RAID disc is fine for backup".
  14. Cool Hand Luke

    Catalinbread lawsuit documents

    I don't know exactly what has gone down at Catalinbread, but being a software developer this sure sounds like Catalinbread alleges that their employees have deleted the source code for the firmware running inside some/all their digital pedals. Trying to remedy that, Catalinbread has been begging...
  15. Cool Hand Luke

    Catalinbread lawsuit documents

    How do you know? There is no trial yet so no evidence has been disclosed yet. Unless you are directly involved in the case you will not know what kind of evidence either side has. None of us here do... Some people in here might be close to either part but even they will only know the "facts" as...
  16. Cool Hand Luke

    A side note about "cutting through the mix"

    This makes me sad. Good example of what I think is wrong with a lot of music today. "Being tight" is overrated. I would rather hear the human behind the instrument than the computer it was processed through. Take Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds: Not great musicians in the technical sense but they...
  17. Cool Hand Luke

    Boss dimension c alternative

    Behringer also used to have a clone of it. I can't remember its name but I have one at home and I like it even though I don't use it anymore.
  18. Cool Hand Luke

    Boss GT6

    I have necer tried the GT-6 but I am currently using a GT-8 for gigging. I play in a cover band and could have done with five-six pedals save for a handfull of songs that require a bit more. I also sing and sometimes I have to switch multiple things on/off at the same time so a multi effects...
  19. Cool Hand Luke

    Am I doing something wrong with this rangemaster-style OD? (Catlinbread Sabbra Caddabra)

    Because the more you tie things together the more you are limiting flexibility - and the more you are limiting the customer base. You might think af RAH + Tonebender as a great concept but it would only appeal to you and the few others who always want their Marshall flavor to always come with a...
  20. Cool Hand Luke

    A warning for TC Electronic pedal Owners:

    In 1989 I bought a battered old Boss SD-1 from the start of the decade. That pedal is on my board today and it is still fantastic!
  21. Cool Hand Luke

    What Are Your Thoughts on SolidGoldFX?

    I have their Rosie which is a Tonebender MKII with some modern features. At one point I had a guitar that was equipped with active EMGs and it even played nicely with those while still sounding like a Tonebender. Great build quality as well.
  22. Cool Hand Luke

    Name 3 pedals that never get old

    1) Boss SD-1 2) Big Muff 3) Deluxe Memory Man Two of those are on my board now. I bought the SD-1 as my first pedal; used and banged up back in 1989. I still have it and it is my main dirt pedal. When I need to play the big leads, I add the Big Muff :D Currently all my delay, reverb and...
  23. Cool Hand Luke

    What type of delay pedals are you guys running in front of your amp?

    The Edge has always used everything in front of his amplifiers. Also in front of his distorted amps.
  24. Cool Hand Luke

    Can Someone Tell Me Where To Turn Next?

    I know you probably aleady have an amp that will get you most of the way there. However, I would like to add that when I am going for this kind of tone I have always found the Boss SD-2 on the Lead channel/mode to be fantastic. That pedal is the 80s lead tones in a box. IMO.
  25. Cool Hand Luke

    My 1st ever Boss pedal is...

    My first Boss pedal (and first pedal overall) was a beat up, made in Japan, Boss SD-1 that I bought used in 1988 or '89. I still have it and it's still great, although it needs an unregulated powersupply (or to be on a daisy chain) if you don't want to use batteries.