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  1. kmanick

    How many guitars do you have? How many is too many?

    I have 6, I need a nice acoustic but I have all of my bases covered for what I do with what I've got. I used to collect , I was up to 24 back in 2010, I sold them all off slowly over the years if they were guitars I would not gig with
  2. kmanick

    Which are your guitar manufacturers in your collection? List them here.

    Jackson USA Charvel MIJ GMW Ibanez Gibson
  3. kmanick

    EVH's influence on superstrats and other modifications

    Same here I have one Les Paul, and that's the only non floyded guitar I own, every other guitar I own is either a jackson/ Charvel or an Ibanez RG
  4. kmanick

    What guitar is haunting you?

    I owned it and sold it to fund a BRJ 7 that was pretty special in it's own right , but this one had something else going on with it. Incredibly easy to play. Early J-custom 8527 -BLK
  5. kmanick

    Do you like 7 string guitars?

    I actually yanked them and put in Bareknuckle Boot camp True grits. the Paf=7's sounded great at home, in a band mix it sounded like I was playing a 7 string strat, very thin. I'm not in love with the True Grit bridge anymore either, this guitar has tons of high mids, They work for classic rock...
  6. kmanick

    Do you like 7 string guitars?

    I love them, between 2010 and 2015 I only played 7's. (turned into a Nevermore freak) Now I have an Ibanez RG752AHM that I adore, it plays great but the band I'm in is all classic rock stuff so I never really get to use it to it's potential. I tend to play very differently on my 7 than I do on...
  7. kmanick

    Did You Buy Any Guitars Amps & Kit During Lockdown

    Hmmm.... 2 MIJ Charvels from 2010 ( a socal and a wild card #4 , just sold the wild card yesterday though) a 2002 USA Jackson Soloist SL-1 A Mojotone 2X12 British slant cab and a Splawn Supersport head. I'm getting a little out of control ...boredom shopping. Some good deals out there, but on...
  8. kmanick

    Post your COVID acquisitions NGD!

    two MIJ charvels a WildCard#4 and a Socal that I've turned into a Charvel "Adrian Smith" and a Trans Black SL-1 to go with my Trans Black SL2H that I've been looking to get for a few years now. Actually looking to move the wildcard now as it's kind of redundant.
  9. kmanick

    Has the used guitar market gone nuts?

    I follow Jackson soloists on Reverb and they all seem to be priced 25-50% higher than what they were selling for 6 months ago. And for the most part they are all just sitting. I scored a couple of MIJ charvels at reasonable prices but I had to move quick to get them. $2200 for an SL1 that...
  10. kmanick

    Choosing super strat: MIJ Ibanez vs. MIJ Fender vs. MIM Charvel

    Grab this ,it's labeled a wildCard 6 but it's a 5, I have th e4 with is basically the same guitar in a different color. the necks on these 2010 MIJ charvels are the best ones they put out since the original San Dimas era. I've had both the MIJ's are right there and this one comes with a case...
  11. kmanick

    This Top... A Stud or Dud ???

    I voted stud , I love amber flame/quilt tops
  12. kmanick

    Changing from 10s to 9s

    ^ this right here, I switched to the D'Addario .95 sets a couple of years back and absolutely love them. Especially in E flat tuning , I get the feel of 10's with the slinkyness of 9's I only have 9's on my Jackson SL2H now in e standard, 10's on my les Paul (in E flat) everything else...
  13. kmanick

    What do you have that you absolutely love?

    ^ this but the ones I love the most is my 2001 jackson Sl2H -MAH and my 2001 GMW Charvel Clone. I've owned these since 2002 and many have come and gone but these 2 stay as long as I am a playing guitarist.
  14. kmanick

    How About Those Charvel Pro Mods?!

    usa select has hard tail versions https://www.charvel.com/gear/series/usa-select/charvel-usa-select-san-dimas-style-1-hss-ht/2835253768
  15. kmanick

    A Guitar for Shred!

    Jackson USA SL2H soloist (or SL1 I like both) ESP Horizon late 80's early 90's Ibanez RG550 are total shred machines the wildcard Charvels from around 2010 made in Japan have incredible necks on them. any one of these will get the job done.
  16. kmanick

    Guitar Center has reopened

    wow so you think this "Virus" is just floating around all around us? you need to come into contact with something someone infected touched or get coughed or sneezed on, so no can't catch this by just walking around anymore than you could catch the flu. Turn off CNN and take a walk outside. I see...
  17. kmanick

    Floyd Rose FRT-O2000 brass block upgrade question

    this is what I'm looking at...
  18. kmanick

    Floyd Rose FRT-O2000 brass block upgrade question

    I just took delivery of a Charvel WildCard #4 and I want to upgrade the floyd on it. it holds tune fine so I'm not going to drop the $200 and swap the entire trem (yet anyway) Has anyone done this on one of these Charvels? StewMac says the 37MM block is the one to use for recessed trems I don't...
  19. kmanick

    Are you guys buying guitars or holding off till the you know what goes away?

    looking for deals. I've been on the look out for an amber burst Jackson SL1 for a while. I'm hoping I to see prices come down on the used ones and I can find one , other than that.......waiting for the Bogner 3534 to hit the local stores so I can try one. My band is on hold (as is every one...
  20. kmanick

    Buying Guitars online, without trying first????

    I've bought and sold a ton of guitars on Ebay and Reverb. I try to buy at a price where if it doesn't work out I can move it along without taking a loss. I've had several Jackson SL1's that I've done that with. I have an SL2H that is my holy grail in terms of play-ability and have been looking...
  21. kmanick

    Black limba versus mahogany

    someone near me has a Carvin string for sale that has a black limba body and neck with a maple fretboard I have no idea what this would sound like through a marshall JVM, but it looks sharp I'm tempted to go check it out as I've owned a Carvin 7 in the past and really liked it.
  22. kmanick

    How should you deal with a low-baller at the point of sale?

    don't blink, I had a guy drive in from Albany New York last week to buy my Axe Fx II rig (i'm in Boston) I already offered the package at a ridiculous price and he said he was going to offer me a $100 less. I told I'd hate for him to drive all the way out here for nothing. I state a price...
  23. kmanick

    What pickups have knocked your socks off?

    I agree especially their 7 string models.