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  1. axpro

    Is buying a used amp worth it?

    I have bought new, bought used, and custom built WAY TOO MANY amps. New amps are nice and tend to be more stable. but if you are worried about "value" it drops off fast. USED amps are broken in, BUT you don't really know the history. I buy nice used amps (some from the here!) and I have...
  2. axpro

    Amp recomendations, deeep sound, low volume hahahaha

    I don't record for the most part. When i do, i do it mostly at my drummer's place where noise isn't an issue. I already have a few attenuators too. just looking for a low wattage amp for home that is a little more "metal-ey"
  3. axpro

    Amp recomendations, deeep sound, low volume hahahaha

    I am leaning towards just saying "eff it" and buying a rectoverb 25 and thiele cab.... that would be controllable enough.
  4. axpro

    Amp recomendations, deeep sound, low volume hahahaha

    So, I have gone through a few amps lately, My favourite is a Marshall JCM800 50 watt clone i built myself modded for lots of low mids and a vox cut control to cut out all the highs, but it's WAY too loud for at home. I have a mesa Stiletto for jamming/playing out, and the aforementioned...
  5. axpro

    Anyone use a 2x12 stack?

    I'm using a single 2x12, It's a DrZ Z-best cab, it's ported, and heavy as heck, but it sounds Beefy as all hell. I used to use a generic 2x12, and really found it didn't do it for me. If you decided on a 2x12 cabs, make sure you find one that feels right, because carrying my old 2x12 to band...
  6. axpro

    Ever come back to an amp rig after an absence and HATE IT?

    Hey guys, I have a Marshall clone i built years ago, it's a complete one trick pony, crunchy gain. THAT IS IT. Played it through a Dr.Z Zbest 2x12 for years, it was massive sounding with a smooth drive. It was all i needed. Then between my drummer buddy getting married, my bass player...
  7. axpro

    Mesa Stiletto Deuce II Revie - Revisited

    Lol, THREAD FROM THE DEAD! I had an Ace combo back in the day, and i loved it... but on one of my "Tonequests" I got rid of it and got a Soldano. Years later, post divorce, I was stuck playing through a beat up early Blue Voodoo 60 (all I could afford at the time) when an Ace head came up...
  8. axpro

    NAD Dr.Z Maz8 2x10!

    Hey guys, long long time, no post. Just got a sweet little amp (yesterday, but today was the first time i could test it) Dr.Z Maz8 2x10 Wow, it sounds AWESOME! I added the Brakelite in the combo cab to give me a few more options in case i want to play with this somewhere (it is...
  9. axpro

    Worst atrocity committed against an amp?

    I've modded and ruined a lot of amps (most i have recovered after the fact) built a few hotrods for buddies, by my worst atrocity was trying to teach myself amp mmodding with my classic 30... -It was my ONLY amp at the time, so i fi messed up a mod, no practice or jams till i fixed it.... -I...
  10. axpro

    What was your worst amp decision?

    Worst Purchase? A peavey stereo chorus 2x12 from a buddy when i was in College... traded it for a classic 30. Worst Butcher Job? Teaching myself about amp modding by reading Steve Ahola's website and butchering said classic 30 trying to make it sound like a marshall stack... I didn't realize...
  11. axpro

    Amp Conundrum - Wise Old TGP Members Advice Requested

    Really Easy, just do what i did. -take 10 years to get your "grail collection" up to snuff, work and sacrifice blood sweat and tears to get the gear you want (in many cases gear that was not available here in canada, thus purchases and trades via TGP) THEN, once all your dreams have come...
  12. axpro

    Another Mesa question; does anyone else here still use the Rectifier series?

    I had one for a while, was never a big fan though... the "recto sound" wasn't what i was looking for, better with EL34's but not for me.... THE STILETTO ACE on the other hand (still a Mesa Product lol.) IS the BEST DAMN MARSHALL HEAD THAT MARSHALL DIDN"T MAKE! I've had a few of them over the...
  13. axpro

    Blue Voodoo 120

    I did try a 12ay7 in that position as well,it had a touch more gain, but the usability wasn't good. Maybe years ofhigh end boutique amps have "ruined" me, but I can't imagine anyone using this amp stock! Even with the ay7, once the gain gets up to 3/4 the hiss is unbearable... and the...
  14. axpro

    Blue Voodoo 120

    yeah i figured so... same pinout... Just worried that the current draw difference might be an issue (or so I thought reading somewhere years ago) It has turned this "Kinda-wannabe-metalhead Voodo" into a far more "Bluesy" creature... NOW the Blue Voodoo name fits.
  15. axpro

    Blue Voodoo 120

    So, a quick update. Switched out the first preamp tube (stage 1 universal, stage 2 clean) with a Groove tubes ECC83s shortplate, and the cleans are a little less sterile. I really think a 5751 would work nicely here. Put an old stock Westinghouse 12au7 in the position 2 tube (stage 2-3...
  16. axpro

    The "I am not carrying around heavy amps nor cabs no more club", who is in ?

    After hauling my last "big" amp, a Badcat Hotcat30 up and down a few flights of stairs, I decided on something smaller. My weber princeton high power doesn't do what i want though... to meet ALL my needs, i now have a head/2x12 setup that i leave AT the jam space!!! now all i carry is a...
  17. axpro

    I need a 2x12 cab...

    Used to have a Lopo with Scumbacks, it was nice.
  18. axpro

    Blue Voodoo 120

    THeile ported 2x12 cabinet. currently has vintage 30's in it.... TONNES of low end.
  19. axpro

    Blue Voodoo 120

    Using a Z-best 2x12 gives it a godlike "CHUNK" tone... a pretty non fizzy cabinet lol
  20. axpro

    Blue Voodoo 120

    The gain channel DOES seem a little low in volume... depsite all the gain stages, it seems to be quiet... the clean channel has way more volume. and yeah, once the gain gets over 11:00 it goes into fizz town. The kid who i bought it from "set it up" for me, and had the gain max'd the treble...
  21. axpro

    Blue Voodoo 120

    Yeah, I will get brave this afternoon and see what tubes are in it... it could be interesting.... or very very scary!
  22. axpro

    Blue Voodoo 120

    The 120 isn't so bad, as long as the gain is under 1/2 and the treble is rolled back... and no presence. Lots of mid, a little bass and it's not too too bad. Maybe new tubes will help, I just got the amp, it was used, and i have yet to pull it together.
  23. axpro

    Blue Voodoo 120

    It's not terrible.... it's cerainly not a vintage marshall or a Soldano, but it's doable. just trying to figure a simple mod or tube change to cut the hiss (and even the gain) a little bit.
  24. axpro

    Blue Voodoo 120

    Okay... putting on my flameproof suit.... I've been playing 20 years or so, owned some very nice vintage and modern amps, boutique, custom wired by me and a lot of crap. Backstory: since my divorce, i (like many in my place) have MUCH less gear than i used to. I needed a cheap 100 watt head...
  25. axpro

    Marshall JCM 900 Hi Gain Dual Reverb 4500 - opinions?

    I've had a few dsls, a tsl, a 5150 and a4500 (among many others) I found.... The 4500, had that late 80's early 90's marshall sound, but I think the reverb and clean both sucked. The DSL50 was by FAR my favorite. great tones, good cleans and the verb was good. The DSL100 i liked less, since...