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  1. Baminated

    Basic Level Guitar Lesson Videos

    Covers the really tedious but necessary stuff https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_smsY1Z5FeFcD6fzevsFESKVCHUsN8wb
  2. Baminated

    Free Funk Guitar Tutorials

    thanks for the reminder to get some vids goin - been busy. I have been brainstorming whats next. KEEP GROOVE ALIVE!
  3. Baminated

    Is naming chord progressions numerally better than letter naming?

    Actually it's less academic and more of an industrial/commercial reality in light of how successfully the number system has worked in Nashville for over 1/2 a century. Id say it's more academic when considering tunes with really complex harmonies which are rarely if ever encountered at a gig or...
  4. Baminated

    Bodhisattva - Isolated Guitar Track!

    ****in A! thx
  5. Baminated

    Funk Shuffle Variations Using Afro Cuban Bembe Wheel

    no derail at all - very cool insights that i need to look into. although im not in 12 or 6 on the example, the reason for me puttin it in four with a triplet feel is so i can use this stuff on gigs where it's 4/4 with triplets be it, Tom Petty or a blues shuffle, etc ... I don't get to play that...
  6. Baminated

    Funk Shuffle Variations Using Afro Cuban Bembe Wheel

    makes much sense, and thanks for a great tip ! In fact it was you who posted this link which i saw for the first time some years ago . I actually do that when i use single note patterns, but i kinda wanted to keep it focused on funk chordal playing just for now. also, the justification for why...
  7. Baminated

    John Scofield's 45 year old Solo

    wow, this is great, plus intriguing - had NFI his recorded catalogue went back that far, plus he was so far ahead of the curve
  8. Baminated

    Is naming chord progressions numerally better than letter naming?

    The numerical system has been proven to be formidable in professional situations in which decent money is on the line for the purposes of expediency. How often are tunes with sophisticated harmony like stella or giant steps employed in professional situations to expedite the process in which...
  9. Baminated

    Is naming chord progressions numerally better than letter naming?

    When playing music that actually gets gigs ($150-600 a man), the numeral system is great because the progressions are simple enough, plus so many singers of different ranges sing the common tunes. So for all practical purposes, one numerical chart replaces 4 or more charts written alphabetically...
  10. Baminated

    Funk Shuffle Variations Using Afro Cuban Bembe Wheel

    All , thanks for listening/liking/commenting. Really shows there's peeps who put groove & time above theory/scales/arpeggios
  11. Baminated

    Funk Shuffle Variations Using Afro Cuban Bembe Wheel

    Here's how the variations have been derived. www.rhythmweb.com/shed/bembe.htm So far up to the fourth wheel, shooting for all seven. Will post video if enough interest is shown
  12. Baminated

    Free Funk Guitar Tutorials

    PEEPS ! I had to revise the EWF lesson major
  13. Baminated

    Free Funk Guitar Tutorials

    All, thank you so much for not only listening , but commenting. After the noticeable level of non response after posting these, i about lost interest in posting these lessons here. It kinda seems that unless you are an endorser of boutique gear, semi guitar celebrity, or True Fire superstar, no...
  14. Baminated

    Free Funk Guitar Tutorials

    thanks brotha, ya i used to teach full time in a past life - completely over it. The only people i like to teach are the ones who make the effort themselves to play in bands. I got sick of teaching people who make no effort to play with others and apply the material , which is pretty much the...
  15. Baminated

    Free Funk Guitar Tutorials

    LATEST: PREVIOUS: PLAYLIST: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_smsY1Z5FeGrAmmpEqrjJkm5mM6r0_Ay
  16. Baminated

    Chord tones- the thing that will take my playing to the next level

    They are can never be enough posts endorsing Chord tone soloing. Eventually The only scales you will use will be pentatonic's which are basically arpeggios with one Melody note anyway. In the words of one of my students when he would play that right cord tone on the next chord change, "that's...
  17. Baminated

    Pentatonic superimposition in jazz?

  18. Baminated

    Cliffords Cool Minor Pents in 1/2 steps over II V I VI - Audio

    Inspired by one of Cliff's posts from a while back. explanation on soundlcloud page. There's alot of players here who can one up me and suggest better things, but i'm having fun with this in preparation for coming up with cool II V I VI ****.
  19. Baminated

    Better arranging my practice

    Active music listening first and foremost - but as far as something tangible to the instrument ; The three T's in this order of priority. Does not include things that cannot be practiced like "feel" "taste",etc Tone - not necessarily gear, but focusing on how you attack the notes for any given...
  20. Baminated

    What To Practice When Time Is Short

    Yup , consistency is it. If you have only 5 minutes a day, practice that one thing for those 5 minutes until they add up. At this point it's important to first identify core concepts such as developing your own sound, timing & technique. Then apportion the core stuff over those short periods and...
  21. Baminated

    Is sight reading still important?

    Your answer is very helpful! My answer is no, forget sight reading. To be better at jazz requires , in this order, 1.listening to the commonly called standards , & the versions performed by the notables 2.Learning those tunes by ear without charts at all 3.then understanding what is going on...
  22. Baminated

    Is sight reading still important?

    cool, but you still haven't really established what your musical objectives are in order to answer, without guessing, the question presented in your thread title
  23. Baminated

    Jazz Lines you can Use in the Blues - NEW Line #4 - V to I Resolutions :-)

    pretty cool how we're posting along the same "lines" insofar as the "inside/outside" concept, enjoyed the improv, too
  24. Baminated

    Is sight reading still important?

    important for what ? getting hired ? teaching guitar ? Self-edification ??? the importance is dependent on your objective