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    FT Marshall Studio Vintage head for Studio Classic or Jube

    I have one of the mini-plexi Studio Vintage amps, and would trade it for one of the others in the Studio series, primarily the JCM800 but also the Silver Jubilee mini, either one. I just want to try something different. Mine has been modded to allow KT66 or EL34 tubes to be biased properly in it.
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    FT Suhr Bella combo cab for head cab

    I've got a wood-panel Bella combo cab and I would prefer a head cab for my amp, since I also have a Bella extension cab and don't need both the combo and other cab. Anyway, if you want to trade your Bella head cab for my combo cab let me know by sending a PM or email.
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    FS Vox handwired AC30 in NCM cab

    Vox AC30 Hand Wired Amp housed in a Northcoast Music reproduction cab currently with a Blue and Greenback combination. This is in excellent condition with no issues and includes the Vox footswitch. Price $1200 cash/local pickup in the Baltimore-Annapolis area. As for trades, I could use a nice...
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    Sold King Tone Duellist V1.2 Red with box

    Bought new by me and still in excellent condition. Price: $375 shipped
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    Sold Marshall JMP 2204 50 Watt head, 1980

    I just had this serviced and biased (by Jeff Bober). When I got it, a prior owner had added a gain mod. I had it tuned up and thoroughly checked, and had the gain mod put on a push-pull pot. The mod is completely reversible to a no-mod original circuit, but since it only is in the circuit...
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    swiss army knife front end

    I want an amp like this: 1) same front end, eq and power section as the Maz 38 MKII, except an EF86 V1 2) 6 position click channel section, with a blend control that sweeps between 100% click channel and 100% for the other eq section 3) 65 Amps style bump
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    Sold Suhr Bella Combo OR HEAD, wood panel

    HEAD GOT SOLD SO I AM KEEPING THE COMBO Excellent cosmetic and working condition, wood panel Suhr Bella 1x12 combo with cover, local dc/md/va sale- UPDATE: I have both head and a combo and could potentially let either go- the point being I only need one. Both are in excellent condition with...
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    Sold 1981 Inventions DRV white on white ltd edition

    1981 DRV: white on white limited edition; I have three DRV and two are on my main board- selling one. Price: $290 shipped/paypal'd, and include original boxes and other materials. PM me if you want more pics. 20200620_083318_resized by mcdyas posted Jun 20, 2020 at 11:50...
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    Sold Origin Effects RevivalDrive footswitch

    For switching mid boost and blend bypass- TGP Price: $70 shipped/paypal'd Condition: excellent, with some dual-lock velcro on the bottom Cable: not included Box: not included pics can be emailed upon request-
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    Sold Fender Chris Stapleton Princeton

    Like new Stapleton Princeton with cover and footswitch. It sounds great but it is not where I am at right now. Price: $1300 cash & local pickup (Maryland), add $60 for shipping and paypal Please pm or email with any questions. 20200410_182208_resized by mcdyas posted Apr 10, 2020 at 6:32...
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    Sold Axe-FX III

    Excellent condition, latest firmware, no issues, no box- just the unit itself. Price: $1,850 shipped/paypal'd in the CONUS. I can ship within 24 hours of receiving payment, usually the same day as payment. 20191228_173657_resized by mcdyas posted Dec 28, 2019 at 6:41 PM...
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    Lunastone Dynamic Delay

    Very quick review: thumbs up. It compares favorably with TC Electronic Flashback and other ducking delays I have tried, including the Timeline. I am not sure if it has analog dry through in the mix but I sent an email to Lunastone to ask. It seems like they say it does, and it sounds like it...
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    Sold Pettyjohn Chime MKII

    With box, as pictured: $180 shipped/insured/paypal'd 20190914_114427 (960x1280) by mcdyas posted Sep 14, 2019 at 11:54 AM 20190914_114524 (1280x960) by mcdyas posted Sep 14, 2019 at 11:54 AM
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    Sold Suhr Aldrich LP Pickup Set

    Double-White, no covers, with original packaging Price for the set of bridge and neck pickups: $175 OBO
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    Sold Vox AC15HW60 all UK made 60th Anniversary

    No issues, like new condition, with cover and footswitch and original shipping box. Local pickup preferred, but will ship based on actual cost. Price: $2,000 plus shipping IMG_1172 (1280x960) by mcdyas posted Mar 24, 2019 at 10:57 AM
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    Sold Vox AC15HW1x Fawn Handwired AC15 w/Blue

    Sold on CL: I"ve got one in excellent condition with cover and footswitch. Available for local pickup in the Annapolis, Baltimore, Washington area. $900 takes it, but if you can make do with a Greenback I can swap one in and let it go for $800. O. B. O. Trades can be considered, but I am...
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    Sold Bondi Sick-As #3076 top jacks and like new

    I've got a Bondi Sick As for sale. Condition is like new with box, bag, sticker and instruction card. I may eventually take pics if needed but it just looks like one in excellent condition. $180 shipped/insured/paypal'd Please PM or email if interested or if you have any questions.
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    Sold Vox AC30 Handwired Head Cabinet Head Shell only, no amp

    SOLD: pending payment I have a fawn tolex head shell for the current version of the Vox AC30 handwired head. The condition is exellent+, I can't find any blemishes on it at all. (pics to follow later today). This fits the amp chassis for the current handwired AC30 2x12 combo if you want to...
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    NAD: 1981 Marshall JMP 50 MKII MV

    I picked this up today. It appears to be 100% original except the tubes, with TungSol pre and GT 6550 power tubes. It is just slightly bright in my initial session with it, and I am considering putting some EL34s in it. Anyone that has been down this road, feel free to chime in. Now for the...
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    Sold Duncan Custom Shop 78 Bridge (pics added)

    Seymour Duncan Custom Shop 78 pickup for bridge position, no cover, black/black 2 conductor long lead, PAF application- $100 shipped/insured/paypal'd IMG_0707 (1280x960) by mcdyas posted Mar 26, 2017 at 12:19 PMIMG_0706 (1280x960) by mcdyas posted Mar 26, 2017 at 12:19 PMIMG_0709 (1280x960) by...
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    Marshall 1960 different on 4 Ohm and 16 Ohm

    If my Marshall 1960 Vintage cab sounds much brighter and has more bite when I use the 4 Ohm input instead of the 16 Ohm input, does that mean my Marshall selectable input jack has gone bad? First, yes, I am setting the amp to match the jack in each case. When I use either one side of the 4x12...
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    I ported my Bogner 2x12

    Fortunately, it is easily reversible. IMG_0380 (1024x768) by mcdyas posted Jan 8, 2017 at 2:56 PM
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    Sold 2016 Marshall 1987x w/MV Smallbox 50 Watt Plexi

    TRADED! I've got two Marshall 1987x 50 watt amps, and I can let one go. This is a 2016 reissue Smallbox in excellent condition. I had Pete Cage install a LarMar PPIMV with the MV knob taking the place of the lower right input jack of the 4. The mod is completely reversible if you really need...
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    Two Amps into One Marshall 1960 cab

    Is this safe? If I set the switch to stereo and use two different amps at the same time each into one side of the cab, will the signals remain totally separate inside the cab? The Marshall handbook only talks about doing this with a stereo power amp, not two entirely separate amps. My second...
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    Sold My Friedman Smallbox and Les Paul Custom, Your R9 or R0

    Update: traded the Custom and Smallbox for a 2014 R9 factory aged Like it says, I am willing to trade my Freidman Smallbox head and 2007 LP Custom for your Gibson R9 or R0. Both of my items are listed separately in the emporiums. Please PM or email if interested or if you have any questions...