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  1. smithguitars

    EVH Wolfgang Standard

    It depends on the how thick the block is. I don't grind on the body 9/10 times. I have, but prefer not to. The shim is the tone sucker.
  2. smithguitars

    Help with Luminlay side dot markers - they won't charge!

    it is fairly straight forward to replace them should yoiu decide to do so. A local luthier/tech/builder might be willing to drill out and re-do your inlays for you.
  3. smithguitars

    super glue and baking soda in the nut trick

    From the interwebs: The bicarbonate (even water) starts the reaction between one cyanoacrylate and another one. The bicarbonate and cyanoacrylate form an ion which reacts with another cyanoacrylate molecule. This starts a chain reaction (polymerization) which ends up a very good adhesive. A...
  4. smithguitars

    Stewie Spring Puller Tool for >1/2 off

    I have thin skin, bleed easily, and heal poorly--that and, springs always bite me. I don't need a tool for everything. but this one is very helpful.
  5. smithguitars

    Do you like two way truss rods?

    I like the ability to cotrol both convexity and concavity, but I am not a vintage purist. Options are often a workaround for perfect workmanship. Mass production does not lend itself to perfection, IME, IMHO, & YMMV.
  6. smithguitars

    Stewie Spring Puller Tool for >1/2 off

    Save yourself the extra $5 and get the same tool here. It’s $4.05 + shipping and they take paypal. https://www.centraltools.com/51-1851-spring-tool-with-handle-pull.html
  7. smithguitars

    Gorgomyte fret cloth

    There is a large one too. But by all means, spend more if you want. 6x9 @6.39 9x12@ 2 for 12.95. There is Probably a gold leaf one available somewhere.
  8. smithguitars

    EVH Wolfgang Standard

    My EVH Special/Standard Minimum upgrades: +Ti String Block Inserts +SS Hex screws -- all of 'em, bridge and nut +Big Block or L Block--Brass, Naval Brass, or Ti -Get rid of the spacer-tone sucker Optional but highly recommended: *Push in-arm
  9. smithguitars

    Gorgomyte fret cloth

    MIRACLE CLOTH is the same. better and cheaper. Miracle Cloth is made by DUNLOP. Works great on Ebony, and Rosewood for me. I use TruOil Paste Wax on my bare maple fingerboards and necks, but MC on all frets.
  10. smithguitars

    AmazonBasics guitar pedals

    That Pedal Show doesn't take advertisements. They are opinionated, in marketing themselves (Mick as a consultant, expert & Dan as a product designer) and are pretty up-front if they like something or not. My fav. YMMV.
  11. smithguitars

    Mesa Boogie - Son Of Boogie (SOB)

    Sounds like you have it well in hand. I wonder why that made it go poof.
  12. smithguitars

    Mesa Boogie - Son Of Boogie (SOB)

    I would love to see the setup for that! Let’s see it!
  13. smithguitars

    Mesa Boogie - Son Of Boogie (SOB)

    These babys are old. I'd take it your amp tech. Changing a fuse is pretty ez tho.
  14. smithguitars

    Looking for a template for installation of tuners

    G-Tech Tuner Installation Tool/Jig is $38.97 on ebay. $10 cheaper than Stewie, esp if you don't have the MAX free shipping deal. Basically identical tool.
  15. smithguitars

    Fixing a mild back-bow?

    A Neck jig may be able to pull it straight, but the leveler bar is just a flat sander, not going to help get the neck in position and keep it that way. And, the neck jig just simulates the neck geometry with the striungs off. when it gets strung up again, it's a whole different thing if you...
  16. smithguitars

    Evh detuna

    It will not work floating, period. Decked or blocked only.
  17. smithguitars

    Fixing a mild back-bow?

    Check them with a fret rocker or credit card. The Frets may need a kiss to get them flat and buzz free. Shimming is only going to get your strings up to the fret plane--If the frets don't rattle, or buzz, I'd be tempted to just leave it til you have it re-fretted, and then have the neck...
  18. smithguitars

    Is there a formula from making picks sticky?

    Me too! How are you coping? I’m almost giving up on picks because i can’t keep a grip on them.
  19. smithguitars

    I need help with my new pedalboard

    I really like having two i/o boxes, one on either side. I have my wah set to go in the right side, either first, or in the insert loop. W/D/W, exp's & volume on the left side. Also, you are getting a gigrig generator with G3, & a Gigreig power system is more compact than the TrueTone, cable...
  20. smithguitars

    I need help with my new pedalboard

    SA525XDM at a minimum. I love my 525. The G3 is the same size as G2. Check out my rig:
  21. smithguitars

    Flexible (but not huge or overengineered) MIAB Pedals

    I use it as the last drive in my W/D(W) rig. EVH Special --> 1)Keeley Aria (Comp+ & TS9), 2)Keeley D&M (OCD-like & Klon-ish), 3) KoT, 4)Ryra Klone, 5) 5150OD-->Humdinger split to Dry amp. 5150OD is voiced like the 5153 Blue Channel and I have it set to just an AC/DC bite with guitar at full...
  22. smithguitars

    Flexible (but not huge or overengineered) MIAB Pedals

    The MXR EVH 5150 Overdrive deserves a mention.
  23. smithguitars

    EVH: "Anyone who thinks SS frets changes the tone is crazy"

    I have strats, teles, & parts guitars with both. I have EVH guitars with both. Arguably, SS may be better only in the fact that they will never need a refret. Subjectively, I like the feel of SS better, and not having to do the eventual fret dress or refret. I have SS fret wire for my next 10...
  24. smithguitars

    Are these nut slots too deep?

    I usually prefer the have the nut cut so that the wound strings are well seated but about half exposed and the plain strings are just below the top of the nut. Height of the action at first fret depends on the feel of the guitar. I took my cues from Dan Erlewine’s Nut Making videos in the early...