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  1. blownirocz

    Vox Bedroom Options

    Apparently, back when Joe was building and selling direct, he took some deposits on amps but didn't follow through on the builds, stopped responding to emails, etc. I'm unclear whether the customers affected were ultimately made whole again, but because of it he became a bit of a "don't do...
  2. blownirocz

    Vox Bedroom Options

    I realize it is a name of ill-repute here, but my Morgan AC20 Deluxe with power scaling and a well broken-in Celestion Alnico Blue is the Vox tone I've been searching for all my life. If you're mostly searching for clean sounds as you mentioned in your OP, and don't require speaker breakup, I...
  3. blownirocz

    What’s giving you GAS right now?

    Exactly the same for me this year. Ended buying an American Original 60's Tele in Fiesta Red and a Relic'd Fano JM6 with P-90's (my avatar). Am totally in love with both at the moment...
  4. blownirocz

    My guitars were stolen

    Been through it...hate that happened to you brother. The worst part for me was the feeling of violation of the sanctity of my home. Really hope you get them back, and the thieves are prosecuted accordingly. One other thing to do (if it hasn't already been mentioned) is to call all Guitar...
  5. blownirocz

    WTB Morgan 1x12 Cab and Head Cab in Chalk Chilewich

    I know it's a long shot, but I'm looking for a Morgan 1x12 cab and head cab for an AC20 size head SPECIFICALLY IN CHALK CHILEWICH. Looking for something in excellent condition (no rips, tears or stains). I can pay CASH or trade for a good condition black tolex Morgan head cab and 2x12 cab...
  6. Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 3.05.24 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2020-10-21 at 3.05.24 PM.png

  7. blownirocz

    Best bang for the buck Telecaster (or T-style) guitar with binding

    Thanks for all the input guys! Based on that input, I just ordered this American Original 60's Custom. Looking forward to receiving it and playing it. I'll post my thoughts if others are interested.
  8. blownirocz

    Best bang for the buck Telecaster (or T-style) guitar with binding

    Thanks for the input so far guys! Any other feedback?
  9. blownirocz

    P-90s do you like em?

    Oh hell yes! P-90's into ef86 preamp circuits are one of my go-to's when I don't want to tweak anything and I just want to play -- pick up THAT guitar plug into THAT amp, and it's INSTANT gratification for me.
  10. blownirocz

    Best bang for the buck Telecaster (or T-style) guitar with binding

    Am primarily a Gibson guy, but have suddenly developed a hankerin' for a Tele again. As I'm watching some videos I realize that I really love the look of the bound Tele's, especially in colors like Fiesta Red and Lake Placid blue. What's the best bang for the buck option for something bound...
  11. blownirocz

    The best of the best of the best lines in songs, EVER

    "One likes to believe in the freedom of music. But glittering prizes and endless compromises, shatter the illusion of integrity, yeah" -- The GREAT Neil Peart (may he RIP)
  12. blownirocz

    You want to know where elec guitar is going to make a resurgence in pop music...

    Huge fan of this song! Not just because of the guitar, but the cool concept of alternating singers between the verse and chorus.
  13. blownirocz

    Sold 3rd Power Kitchen Sink Head (Reduced) Fender/Vox/Marshall

    Oh man Scott -- that is tempting. Been curious about this all-in-one type amp for a while now (this is Ali who bought your Allyn Meyers Concorde). Buy with confidence here guys.
  14. blownirocz

    Sold 1970 Marshall SUPERBASS 100 amplifier previously owned by Paul Reed Smith!

    Man, I played one of these at Guitar Center of all places like 10 years ago, in their high-end room. I still regret not buying that amp to this day.
  15. blownirocz

    NGD: Fano JM6 Standard

    You have good taste, my friend! :beer Yeah, I completely get what you're saying. I have historically thought it was a little strange to buy a brand new guitar that someone had purposely beat up on. But there was always this argument that I kept hearing about it having a "broken in" feel...
  16. blownirocz

    NGD: Fano JM6 Standard

    As promised in my other thread, pics of the newly acquired Fano JM6 in Ocean Turquoise with Fano P-90's. Weighs in at 7 lbs 11 oz. My first "boutique" guitar aside from some Gibson Custom Shop stuff. Just got it today, so have only had a few hours with it so far but man...I think it's quickly...
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