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  1. glenngross

    Sold DOD Looking Glass

    It’s spent most of its life in the box since I bought it new. $120 shipped CONUS, or trade for a Tumnus (or maybe a boost).
  2. glenngross

    Sold Aracom PRX 150-DAG - Price Drop

    I’m slowly clearing out stuff that I don’t plan on using. I purchased this new in 2015 and it has never left the house. Comes with manual and Tuki cover. Attenuator new is $875 without cover. This one is mint. Save a few bucks. Asking $650 shipped CONUS. 4AF4B59C-BCCC-49F5-A18E-B41ABA290CCF by...
  3. glenngross

    Sold Amplified Nation Wonderland Overdrive Head - Traded

    I’ve been trying many amps over the last couple of years, and will be parting with some and keeping others. I ordered this from Taylor last year, and it hasn’t left my house. It is a dual tube rectified 50w head in blond tolex with oxblood grill cloth. It will come with a Studio Slips clamshell...
  4. glenngross

    Sold 1978 Orange OR80m Head - Traded

    I’ve had it for approximately 30 years and I can’t remember ever gigging it during the years that I was playing. The only thing I’ve ever done to it was to replace the metal corners that someone replaced the originals with. These are Vox plastic ones, as originals are unobtainable. A couple of...
  5. glenngross

    Amp Party - Part Deux, Two Rock, Carol Ann, Ceriatone, Fuchs, FACS

    This one used my CRSv3 as the baseline for cleans, again using a Custom Shop Strat and a Historic Makeovers R9 with OX4 pickups and MSCC Holy Grail harness. The TS1 made another appearance as well. The Carol Ann TX50 and OD3R cleans are superb IMO. These are not D-Style amps and I can’t add...
  6. glenngross

    EVM 12L Version Info?

    7C28B7A6-C6DF-4094-99D4-6A8D3ACD5E5A by glenngross posted May 20, 2019 at 4:08 PM 9EFB57E3-2AD2-48FE-B492-028B2AC07B8B by glenngross posted May 20, 2019 at 4:08 PM 67E298B0-4E0B-4759-AC70-A1E6E8016F15 by glenngross posted May 20, 2019 at 4:08 PM 06C07FB6-AC0B-44BB-8CE9-36BBDA6AEA43 by glenngross...
  7. glenngross

    Amp Party - 2 Two Rocks, 6 Bludos and a Quinn

    85D3EB43-21DA-49ED-94B8-0A91736C0F35 by glenngross posted May 16, 2019 at 8:31 PM I recently acquired a TS1 (100w) and a CRSv (50w SS rectified). It turns out a friend has six (!) Bludos, and a Quinn SDQ1, as well as a Loop-a-Lator. I’ve never had an opportunity to play a Bludotone, and was...
  8. glenngross

    Sold 1967 Rickenbacker 330 - Jetglo - Price Drop

    I’ve had this guitar for 25-30 years and it has been rarely played and never gigged during that time. There is some typical wear for an almost 50 year old guitar. No defects were noted when I had a professional setup done a few years ago. There are some pockmark like scratches on the front...