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    FT Marshall Studio Vintage head for Studio Classic or Jube

    I have one of the mini-plexi Studio Vintage amps, and would trade it for one of the others in the Studio series, primarily the JCM800 but also the Silver Jubilee mini, either one. I just want to try something different. Mine has been modded to allow KT66 or EL34 tubes to be biased properly in it.
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    FT Suhr Bella combo cab for head cab

    I've got a wood-panel Bella combo cab and I would prefer a head cab for my amp, since I also have a Bella extension cab and don't need both the combo and other cab. Anyway, if you want to trade your Bella head cab for my combo cab let me know by sending a PM or email.
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    Updated Reduced Weight Z Best 2x12 experience?

    I have one of the new ones and owned a heavier one in the past. the difference is very noticeable, as you would expect, but i don't hear that the tone sounds lighter. they use italian poplar plywood instead of baltic birch plywood.
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    NGD - R8 - Jackpot

    I usually would not have considered R8s due to their supposed thick necks, but I tried one that available locally the the neck is terrific. It seems like it flattens out as it goes up the neck and is very easy to handle- feels great actually and I usually like the R0 neck. Mine is a 2013 and...
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    FS Vox handwired AC30 in NCM cab

    Vox AC30 Hand Wired Amp housed in a Northcoast Music reproduction cab currently with a Blue and Greenback combination. This is in excellent condition with no issues and includes the Vox footswitch. Price $1200 cash/local pickup in the Baltimore-Annapolis area. As for trades, I could use a nice...
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    Sold Collings 290 Aged Natural

    great looking guitar, might buy it if i did not have one
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    Show Your Pedalboard: 2020

    That is the way it was when I bought it at Atomic Music. Someone else had it re-housed. Typically these are vintage units and they make them true-bypass and I don't know what else.
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    Show Your Pedalboard: 2020

    Recently went from a larger Pedaltrain back to the Dingbat PX w/PX-8 switcher. Off to the side is a midi controller, currently the All-Access, but I also could use the Midi-Mate or any other controller, or none at all. Pedals are: XTS GE-7, RC Booster V2, XTS rehoused ODR-1, Revival Drive...
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    Sold King Tone Duellist V1.2 Red with box

    Bought new by me and still in excellent condition. Price: $375 shipped
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    FSOT Mesa Boogie half-back 2x12 cab

    is this still for sale????
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    Mesa v30... wow

    respectfully, the MF30 is best Vintage 30 yet :)
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    Dr Z Maz 18 vs Marshall Studio Vintage

    It is definitely not a Marshall but it takes "marshall" pedals very well. I have a Maz 38 and SV20. If you get a Maz 38 MKII it has a half-power switch to make it essentially a Maz 18.
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    Sold Marshall JMP 2204 50 Watt head, 1980

    I just had this serviced and biased (by Jeff Bober). When I got it, a prior owner had added a gain mod. I had it tuned up and thoroughly checked, and had the gain mod put on a push-pull pot. The mod is completely reversible to a no-mod original circuit, but since it only is in the circuit...
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