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  1. axpro

    How would you build your ultimate 5-pedal board?

    Hmmmm, 5 board pedalboard? My guitar is a PRS HBII with dragon II pickups, The amp would be my Silver Jubilee, and the pedals would be my JHS boost clone for goosing the front end, a reverb for in the loop, and possibly a 7 band eq for lead boost/eq since i don't use a channel switch.... Maybe...
  2. axpro

    I think i need a bigger pedalboard....

    NOW to build a pedalboard with my leftover pedals, for at my jam space!
  3. axpro

    I think i need a bigger pedalboard....

    oh yeah....and i NEED a small stone....
  4. axpro

    I think i need a bigger pedalboard....

    Thanks for the advice! lol I went to work (in a music store) and saw someone had traded in a Strymon Flint for a really good price, so i scooped that, and decided to buy a Pedaltrain Jr. Threw it all together rough last night, as i need to buy some cable so i can re-do the cable runs...
  5. axpro

    I think i need a bigger pedalboard....

    So. I have been a staunch "anti-pedals" player for most of my life. I had one or two, but mainly NO PEDALS! It was a joke when i filled in for the lead guitar player in a band for a charity gig, the singer asked where my pedalboard was and I just pointed to my tuner and boost pedal. "Oh...
  6. axpro

    Neil Young tone in a Stomp Box??

    Now to chime in with my "Neil Rig".... PRS Singlecut P-90 with Seymour Duncan Custom Shop 3+3 offset mini buckers (Guitar is flat black of course) MJM BRIT BENDER (ESSENTIAL!!!) and a Weber 5E3x2 amp. It totally Nails the sound.... I am sure that the amp (being a 5E3) and the guitar have a...
  7. axpro

    Boss Fz-5

    Well, time for My $0.02 I LIKE IT!!!!! It is clean, quiet and usable... I used to have a Maestro Fuzz-tain, and aside from being a bit bright, the Maestro setting is pretty much right on. Just like my old Maestro, it chokes the notes out when they get too quiet... some may t hink of this...
  8. axpro

    Can anyone compare the ToneBone Hot British and Classic pedals?

    +1 on gonig into a clean amp with them, as they are a fairly complex preamp, i find they don't sound all that great going into a distorted amp. I ended up liking the hot british more, but I am more of a marshally guy when it comes to the high gain stuff. Dave
  9. axpro

    You find your gear has been ripped-off...

    I'd definitely start by searching the emprium :D after I found nothing in my price range, I'd probably go for a Godin exit 22 (JEEZE , you americans pay throught he NOSE on these things!) a traynor YCV20WR, for my amp... since i am canadian and don't get RAPED at the border on this stuff, it...
  10. axpro

    Zvex... Damn This Addiction!!!

    I really like this trem probe, but I am thinking i just might need a seek trem to go with it... and a mammoth fuzz, and maybe a fuzz probe.... I don't see the holidays ending with me in a positive financial position :) Dave Mc
  11. axpro

    Zvex... Damn This Addiction!!!

    I've found with the super duper, if you crank it really high (like past 3 o'clock) you end upw ith some noise, if you are cascading the 2 stages, then you get 2 noise sources.... that being said, that is a LOT of boost, i find by backing off a bit, i get great push, and only lose a little volume...
  12. axpro

    Zvex... Damn This Addiction!!!

    JUst got my first 2 zvex effects, a trem probe and a super duper 2 in 1, and I can see this becoming a nasty side addiction to go with my PRS guitars! MAN i love these things, gritty nasty angry effects, that don't sound over "polished" Dave Mc
  13. axpro

    Whats a good analog delay under $200

    Ad-9? thats for WIMPS!!! I'll set ya up, I've got a Locobox ad-15 analog delay!! that's the one you NEED! sure the ad-9 is smalla nd compact, but what, has like 4 knobs, this has like 6!!! and BUTTONS!!! even a spring reverb... and for you, $199.99!!!! plus paypal fees:D Dave Mc