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Search results

  1. jeffinaustin

    Sold Walrus D1

    Excellent condition with box. $225 shipped and paypal’d.
  2. jeffinaustin

    WTB Vb2w, Protein

    Hit me up if you any of these you’re looking to sell.
  3. jeffinaustin

    WTB Basic Audio Zonk

    Hit me up
  4. jeffinaustin

    Sold Vibe Machine v2, Julia v1

    Both excellent condition with box and original contents. Price includes shipping and PayPal. Vibe Machine - sold Julia - sold
  5. jeffinaustin

    Sold Origin Revival Drive Compact

    $280 shipped and paypal’d. Box and all original contents included.
  6. jeffinaustin

    Pettyjohn ROUS

    Anyone played one yet? Is it just a tweaked version of the Blakemore from a few years back or is it its own thing?
  7. jeffinaustin

    Sold MXR Timmy (sold)

    Both excellent with box. Timmy- sold shipped and paypal’d
  8. jeffinaustin

    Sold Boss MD-200

    Excellent condition w box. $200 shipped and PayPal.
  9. jeffinaustin

    Stacking into a Revivaldrive Compact

    Strat/tele/335 with a Princeton clone (Tyler JT14). Currently have a Timmy and Kingtone Mini Fuzz. Anything else I should be considering to boost the RDC?
  10. jeffinaustin

    Sold Duellist v1

    Excellent condition with box. $350 shipped and paypal'd.
  11. jeffinaustin

    One Spot and GigRig adapters

    Curious if anyone has used a One Spot and daisy chain in conjunction with things like the GigRig Timelord to handle powering a Timeline or Flint. Does this handle any noise issues? Anything "wrong" with doing it this way? Trying to keep a really small, flat board without using a brick of some sort.
  12. jeffinaustin

    Sold Boss DD-500

    Great condition, Velcro. No box. $180 shipped and paypal’d.
  13. jeffinaustin

    Sold Phase 95

    Excellent condition. No box. $70 shipped and paypal’d.
  14. jeffinaustin

    Anyone actually use the Rockett Juice Joint yet?

    If so what were/are your thoughts?
  15. jeffinaustin

    Broken Arrow question

    For those who have used it, can it get bluesbreaker-type tones? and this isn’t the thread for any Jackson-hate. There are plenty of those already :-)
  16. jeffinaustin

    The past 4 weeks in Austin

    We’ve had the Experience Hendrix tour, Mike Landau, Oz Noy, and tonight Josh Smith sat in with David Grissom. I love my town.
  17. jeffinaustin

    Helix - parallel clean routing?

    Was wondering if it’s possible to route, say, a Octavia and achieve a parallel clean blend internally (ie - no external effects in the loop) to blend in with another drive? That make sense?
  18. jeffinaustin

    Seymour Duncan, ISP, or Ethos?

    Of these 3 small solid state power options are preferred for use with a Helix?
  19. jeffinaustin

    Sold Teese Picture Wah

  20. jeffinaustin

    Basic Audio Foxton vs Super Fuzz

    Can't find any comparisons between these two. Is there a lot of overlap? Similar feature set but (I'm guessing) fairly different circuits? Which is warmer? Either one clean up better of stack better than the other?
  21. jeffinaustin

    HX FX help needed

    Assigned some expression moves to a switch (fs4). Works fine, but the minimum setting is with the switch on and maximum with it off. This happens after I save the preset. When dialing it in it behaved off=min, on=max. Any idea how to address this?
  22. jeffinaustin

    Any mods for ts mini?

    I would love to increase the output.
  23. jeffinaustin

    Sold Temple Duo 17 w/modules + Mono Club case

    All in excellent condition. Board (gun metal gray) has input and IEC modules installed. Mono Case is the Club sized bag. Fits perfectly. Have a few of the mounting plates as well. $175 shipped and paypal'd.
  24. jeffinaustin

    Hx Fx And Boss Fs-5U/L setup?

    Would like to use one to turn an effect on/off, but can't figure out how to do it. Read through the manual but no luck. Anyone know how to set this up?
  25. jeffinaustin

    Anyone have any luck contacting Temple Audio?

    Have messaged them a few times through the website with no response.