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  1. JDJ

    So, what amp, pedal, etc do you hear in the guitar in this song?

    I hear lots of reverb and a Strat. What's generating the clipping tone? Amp? Pedal? Any other examples?
  2. JDJ

    FS Retro-King 45 Head

    Very nice. :)
  3. JDJ

    Just saw that Guitar Center is getting ready to file bankruptcy

    I wonder if they owe Fender a lot of money and, if so, if that would adversely affect Fender.
  4. JDJ

    Sold WW10 Fender 52' Whiteguard telecaster

    That’s a good price for a great guitar. Very nice. :)
  5. JDJ

    Sold 2010 Fender Custom Shop Telecaster Deluxe Copper Thin Skin

    Beautiful color! One of my favorites.
  6. JDJ

    My first truly vintage guitar is inbound

    I sold my ‘62 SG Special and bought it back about 24 or 25 years later. Maybe this one will find you again.
  7. JDJ

    Namm 2020 is a wrap -Jake E Lee signature amp!

    Who bought the Fender Custom Shop NAMM guitars, I wonder.
  8. JDJ

    Sold Fender CS Tomatillo Strat $2995

    Very nice. :)
  9. JDJ

    Question for people who hate relics.

    This is a thread looking for a fight.
  10. JDJ

    Sold 1959 Limited Edition Custom Shop Fender Stratocaster 2016 Relic

    Alright - I'm posting twice in your for sale ad. Usually I'm more drawn to ash over alder but this is one excellent looking Strat. Really really nice. :)
  11. JDJ

    Shipping choice: UPS, USPS or Fed Ex?

    Last I looked, FedEx has a limit on declared value for "custom instruments" - whatever that means.
  12. JDJ

    Treble-Bleed on a Stratocaster

    I like a treble bleed and just use a small capacitor and no resister.
  13. JDJ

    Trying Don Mare Tele Pickups, which ones?

    We talked by phone and he wound me a set. This was about 12 years ago. He’s very accessible.
  14. JDJ

    Teach me about Telecaster pickups

    The Fender Nocaster pickups are great. But I have a set of Don Mares in my Tele. Outstanding!
  15. JDJ

    Sold 1957 Gibson ES125T

    Nice. :)
  16. JDJ

    Tele body with comfort contours? Yes or No?

    Lose the belly, play the slab, and be healthier for it!