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  1. Sunstone Recordings

    Sold Manlay Super Bender (mkii Tonebender)

    Selling my Manlay Super-Bender. Great mkii style tone bender fuzz. Internal bias takes it from fat and nasty to tight and zippery. Has velcro for easy pedalboard mounting. All imperfections pictured. Comes with original Box & Papers. No trades at this time, thanks. SOLD
  2. Sunstone Recordings

    Sold EHX Small Stone v4

    Selling my EHX Small Stone (v4). Solid condition. Comes with velcro on the bottom for easy pedalboard mounting and a power cable (not adapter) for units like Zuma/PP2+. No mods to this unit, all original. More pics on my Reverb.com store. $old shipped/paypal'd.
  3. Sunstone Recordings

    Sold Vintage Boss MIJ DD-2 (1985)

    Selling a few pedals. All prices are shipped/paypal'd to the US (lower 48). Will ship internationally through Reverb.com. More detailed pics on my Reverb.com store. No trades at this time, thanks. Boss MIJ DD-2, SN#556400. $115 shipped/paypal'd. Functions beautifully. Slight scuff on mode knob...
  4. Sunstone Recordings

    Sold Strymon DECO

    Selling my Strymon DECO, excellent condition w/original packaging, papers, and power supply. Includes velcro for easy pedalboard access and Grolsch style red rubber washers beneath the SATURATION and LAG TIME knobs to slow the action. More pics on my Reverb.com store. $SOLD Shipped / Paypal'd
  5. Sunstone Recordings

    Sold Audix OM7 Mic

    Excellent condition, hypercardioid mic. Comes with gig bag. Great for live vox. Has a little residue from electrical tape on the shaft, easily removed. More pics available on my Reverb.com store. NO TRADES, thank you. $OLD paypal'd/shipped (lower 48 only).
  6. Sunstone Recordings

    Can a Uni-Vibe replace a chorus/vibrato pedal?

    I have a vibe on the way and I'm wondering if at low intensity it could replace a chorus/vibrato pedal for basic applications. I can't find many/any vids of vibes with lower intensities. Anybody have some input/clips?
  7. Sunstone Recordings

    Sold Skreddy Lunar Module Mini - $OLD

    No trades at this time, shipping to lower 48. Skreddy Lunar Module Mini - $SOLD PP'd/USPS Priority. Exc. condition, all original papers and box included. Velcro on bottom.
  8. Sunstone Recordings

    Smaller footprint reverb that does what the Empress Reverb "Ghost" or "Casper" setting does?

    Hey everyone, I have (and love) the Empress Reverb. I find myself constantly using the Ghost setting, and the Casper setting (friendlier Ghost setting). Are there any smaller footprint reverbs that do what it does? Here are some clips:
  9. Sunstone Recordings

    Sold NYC Pedalboards "Gigman" SOLD

    I'm selling my NYC Pedalboards "Gigman" model. Great board, served me well on the road a few years ago. Some loose velcro on the board due to pedal swapping, and a replacement can be ordered from the maker if needed. Gave it a solid twice-over with a pet-vacuum and lint roller, and I'll give...
  10. Sunstone Recordings

    Sold Ditto, JHS Superbolt V2, RMC Picture Wah, Strobostomp, Source Audio Programmable EQ, Voodoo Lab PP2+

    I'm letting go of a few pedals I haven't used in a while. No trades at this time, thanks. All pedals have velcro on the bottom unless stated otherwise. All prices are PayPal gift and shipped via USPS to US. Please add 2.9% if you want to send standard PayPal payment. PM me with any questions...
  11. Sunstone Recordings

    Sold ZVex Fuzz Factory w/Power Plate - Limited Gold Sparkle by Myrold (8 of 15)

    Regrettably selling my Fuzz Factory. Awesome Gold Sparkle finish, made in August of 2000. Power plate included. $295 shipped/PP (no gift). Also have it on Reverb here, and would prefer a TGP sale. Would trade for Chase Tone Silver 183 Stardust plus $$ on your end. I've included some...
  12. Sunstone Recordings

    Sold JHS All American v3

    Selling my JHS All American drive pedal. Essentially their take on a RAT. Sounds great, and RATS aren't my thing. Asking $OLD shipped/paypal'd (no gift) to lower US 48. Edit: posted gargantuan pics. Not to scale.
  13. Sunstone Recordings

    Sold 2007 ZVEX Handpainted Lo-fi Loop Junky w/ Power Plate

    I'm selling my ZVEX Lo-fi Loop Junky. $300 shipped & Paypal'd (no gift). It's a fantastic and inspiring pedal and I haven't been able to give it as much use as I'd like. I have the original backplate as well. Here's hoping it finds a new creative home. Thanks for looking. More pics at my...
  14. Sunstone Recordings

    Sold JHS Crayon - $155 Shipped

    JHS Crayon - This can be used as a killer direct-in console style distortion/fuzz or as a pre-amp/EQ/boost. Excels at both. Mint condition, never had velcro, only used once. Original packaging and all goodies included. More pics on Reverb. $155 - Paypal fee and shipping included Here is my...
  15. Sunstone Recordings

    Troubleshooting a buffered pedal issue

    I'm using a JHS Pulp 'n Peel (v4) and I've run into an issue. I've been running the pedal with its buffer on. Last night when I switched the pedal off, I found that no signal was passing through. In true bypass mode the signal passes through fine whether the pedal is on or off. Unfortunately...
  16. Sunstone Recordings

    Memorizing the Fretboard / Triads - tips?

    I'm setting out to memorize the guitar fretboard and I'm looking for tips/methods to help me along the way. I also want to memorize triad positions, so I'm attempting to marry the two. I start by identifying (out loud) B-E-A-D-G-C-F on the 6th string. Then I go to the 5th string and repeat. I...
  17. Sunstone Recordings

    ZVEX Super Duper 2 in 1 SA Mod - Limited Edition

    http://www.zvex.com/products/super-duper-sa-mod Just saw this announced... from the site: ...Thoughts? Anybody have an older SHO? Didn't know there was ever a variation in the earlier models.
  18. Sunstone Recordings

    PP2+ and Daisy Chaining old Boss (ACA) pedals... DM-2 issue

    I currently run 3 ACA Boss pedals on my board and I have them daisy chained to one power slot on my PP2+ with the dip switch away from Normal. They're in the middle of my chain in this order: ... SD-1 > DM-2 > DD-2 ... The SD-1 and the DD-2 work fine, but the DM-2 will not. The LED lights...
  19. Sunstone Recordings

    Sold 2005 Myrold ZVEX Seek Wah II w/power plate

    Hi, Up for sale/trade is my 2005 hand-painted Seek Wah II. Hours of sequential fun, great pedal! Power plate included w/velcro. Original back plate has rubber feet and residue from price tag, easily cleaned. Asking $175 shipped/pp'd (gift). Open to Trades: Catalinbread Echorec Boss CS-2...
  20. Sunstone Recordings

    Sold Price Drop - Death By Audio Reverberation Machine & Interstellar Overdriver

    Hey everybody. I'm selling these two pedals. As far as trades, I'd be interested in: Boss SD-1 (waza or 80's MIJ) Boss CS-2 (MIJ) Boss CE-2 (MIJ) Boss DD-2 ToneBender Style Fuzzes and/or other interesting pedals. Make me an offer, I'll consider it. Thanks for looking! Death By Audio -...
  21. Sunstone Recordings

    I want a Gretsch 6122! Anyone use one?

    Hey guys. I've been a strat guy for a long time... and I just fell in love with the Gretsch 6122 Country Gentleman type. Anyone own one or have experience with one? I love those mutes, and the tonal options are fantastic! The big body, the zero fret, the bigsby... I want it bad, man...
  22. Sunstone Recordings

    "Audiophiles" can't tell the difference between a coathanger and a monster cable...

    http://gizmodo.com/363154/audiophile-deathmatch-monster-cables-vs-a-coat-hanger I can't track down an official source, but it's pretty interesting how our thoughts affect our perception!
  23. Sunstone Recordings

    My bands first show - youtubeage.

    Opener: http://youtube.com/watch?v=hZk7QCzaQWU Closer: http://youtube.com/watch?v=N2NkaCqspTs :D :BEER
  24. Sunstone Recordings

    Peppermint Fuzz, D*A*M 66, or Zvex Fuzz Factory?

    Hey fuzz heads I'm searching for that mid sixties fuzz tone... think Rubber Soul. My contenders are: Phoenix Custom Electronics Lady Stardust - My friend has one, and is selling it. I can try this out this week at practice for sure. Analogman Peppermint Fuzz - apparently really great for...