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  1. theHoss

    2009 50th Anniversary Gibson R9...

    Nice. She is a bute!
  2. theHoss

    Gibson Les Paul Historic - what to look for when buying

    I would check the neck angles. They seem to run the range from 1 to 5 degrees. I like mine around 1 or 2. Also, it seems you have to assume that the nut will need to be dressed. If you are experiencing binding in the nut slots, but you like the guitar, don't discount it. It could still be...
  3. theHoss

    Les Paul Owners What Pickups Are You Using?

    I was running stock BBs but their output wasn't balanced at all. Also, the Neck was really woofy. They both read 8.3 k. Based on a reccomendation from a knowledgable buddy, I am going to put potted Duncan 59s. I am shooting for a 7.3ish in the neck and a 8.3ish in the bridge. Hopefully...
  4. theHoss

    Heritage Guitars User, Can You Help A Guy Out!!!

    Based on the music you are describing, I would surely consider the HRW pickups. They are a bit hotter but very clear. I have them installed in my 555 and I like them better than the stock PUs I used to have in a 535. Also, as many others have noted make sure you check the used market...
  5. theHoss

    What happened to makin' music..

    I totally agree, but I would add that you might make better music if you are inspired by the instrument you play. However, it is a definite balancing act between distraction and inspiration. Great points tough.
  6. theHoss

    Does PRS ever build w/ ebony fretboard?

    I ordered a PRS back in 95 and they built it with an ebony board. It was a custom order, but it was an option then.
  7. theHoss

    CO Luthier to install custom electronics

    Will do, thanks! I live a couple of miles from Morrison so that would be great.
  8. theHoss

    CO Luthier to install custom electronics

    Thanks Alec, Todd has done a bunch of work on my LP before, but I thought he had quit doing repair/mod work to focus on his custom guitars? If not, I would absolutely touch base with him again. He did great work.
  9. theHoss

    CO Luthier to install custom electronics

    I was curious if anyone could recommend a luthier to install custom electronics in a guitar of mine. I am considering putting a coil tap in my LP for the neck pick up. Possibly putting a phasing switch in. Is there a guy in CO you would recommend? Or if you are a luthier and would be able to...
  10. theHoss

    Has there been any old-school blues or jazz players that used a Les Paul?

    +1 he is a killer blues lp slinger.
  11. theHoss

    Prs Santana Md

    Sounds like the Heritage D-VIP system where you can split an HB and dial in their phase form completely in phase to completely out of phase. Looks like a beautiful guitar.
  12. theHoss

    Heritage Guitars

    Brent, I got the 'Hs' in mine, with a coil tap on both. It is a 555, in burnt amber, with silver hardware, and dot inlays. I am really looking forward to it. It should be here this week, however they have made similar claims for the last 8 months...... I have a good feeling about it this...
  13. theHoss

    Heritage Guitars

    Thanks brent, do you like the maple neck? I have mixed feelings, but I think I will dig it. Beautiful axe!
  14. theHoss

    Heritage Guitars

    Those are gorgeous Brian!
  15. theHoss

    Heritage Guitars

    Thanks for the info gentleman. I have always admired the fact that their luthiers decided to stay back with their town and families when Gibson decided to move. I have had a 555 on order since Dec 2006, and it supposed to be shipping next week. Hopefully the reorg as maintained/improved...
  16. theHoss

    Heritage Guitars

    Howdy, Has anyone received or played a Heritage since the reorg? Just curious if the guitars they are producing now are the same quality they used to produce. Thanks!
  17. theHoss

    New(used) ASAT

    Nice looking guitar man, that is a great find!
  18. theHoss

    Guitar Value? 81 Gibson Explorer E2

    Thanks for the info guys. That is a nice lookin' guitar Matt. Something about the explorer that I dig. Thanks again!
  19. theHoss

    Guitar Value? 81 Gibson Explorer E2

    Cool, thanks man!
  20. theHoss

    Guitar Value? 81 Gibson Explorer E2

    I have a buddy who has one and was curious what the value would be. I thought I would check here for him. It is a tobacco burst finish with a nice figured top. Probably 7/10 condition with some buckle rash on the back. All original as far as he knows. Thanks in advance for any insight...
  21. theHoss

    $500,000 Les Paul?

    Very cool, thanks for sharing that.
  22. theHoss

    Got my first Gibson Les Paul today!

    She is a bute! Congrats man
  23. theHoss

    What's your hit rate on buying untried guitars?

    I am battin' 500. I ordered a custom one and I haven't bonded with it. Bought a used from TGP, loved it.
  24. theHoss

    John Mayer signature strat question

    You are getting a great guitar, I think this is the last White/Green one they had and I was going to buy it next weekend when I was up there. Looks like I am going to be waiting for another one. I think this is the one I played last month, and it is a real nice one! Wildwood is a great shop.
  25. theHoss

    EJ vs. JM Stratocaster

    Howdy, I am looking at both as well. Right now I am leaning towards the JM because of the ltd. Only 500 have been made. Also, I understand that JM prefers lower output pickups so he can run his amps hotter. That is another characteristic of the BDs I think. However, his tone is not from his...