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  1. smithguitars

    Stewie Spring Puller Tool for >1/2 off

    Save yourself the extra $5 and get the same tool here. It’s $4.05 + shipping and they take paypal. https://www.centraltools.com/51-1851-spring-tool-with-handle-pull.html
  2. smithguitars

    Recommendations for an Oscilloscope for pedal and amp work.

    I’m looking at oscilloscope vids on the tubez and i have no idea what I need. Looking to spend $100 -$250. School me sensei.
  3. smithguitars

    Floyd Rose Push-in arm assembly mounting nut specs

    Dropped it and it disappeared. Any idea what this little bugger is?
  4. smithguitars

    How do you “roll”... the fingerboard?

    I’ve used a screwdriver, micro mesh, etc. I’m just wondering what you folks use and how you do it. Thanks!
  5. smithguitars

    '55 Les Paul Jr., stock, untouched. Value?

    I have a non-guitar friend who has a family heirloom LPJ '55 and may want to sell it. Thoughts and/or advice. I'm not interested and I want him to get the max value for it. It's a player, closet under bed beauty.
  6. smithguitars

    My Own Build of a Fender Mod Shop Tele for $600

    I have been wanting to build a Candy Apple Red Tele inspired by the 60’s tele. Dan Steinhardt’s Red #1 on That Pedal Shop was the inspiration for this build. the Fender Mod Shop version Specs out to $1799+tax and a weeks-long wait time with no returns. The time has come. I turn 50 this year and...
  7. smithguitars

    Pickup shows no ohms

    I got a pair of identical custom pickups for a build I am finally getting around to. One shows 13k, the other shows ). Hmmmm. Ideas?
  8. smithguitars

    Time for a Stainless Steel fret experiment

    I got a # of stainless steel fretwire. My preferred widest/highest and i have all the regular tools. How Is fret crowning with SS? Same procedure? I’m kind of looking forward to a good excuse to hide in the shop and whack on some necks. I am not going to do the tang nip until i get a few ss fret...
  9. smithguitars

    Wilkinson WTB Tele Bridge

    What is your experience with this piece of hardware? Took a chance on one of these for a new budget Tele build. What do you like and/or dislike about it?
  10. smithguitars

    My Visit to Schmidt Array and Thomann and Thoughts on Harley Benton

    In August I got the opportunity to visit Germany and met up with Martyn Smith at Schmidt Array Custom Pedalboards and also stopped by Thomann. It was Great to see the small shop at Schmidt Array and talk about the business of music and the challenges in innovation. Martyn was great to visit with...
  11. smithguitars

    Help prioritize my Pedal Wish List

    Prince of Tone Sunface RYRA Klone I’m a year and a half out for KoT so maybe A Prince of Tone as an interim/future spare?
  12. smithguitars

    RIP Riff City, We barely got to know ya!

    Some decent discounts at Riff. Got The store closing notice yesterday. I got a lot of gear from RC, but not enough to keep them in business. RIP RC.
  13. smithguitars

    Convert FR Locking nut to Standard

    I have a guitar that I want to use a standard nut on, but it has a Floyd Rose Locking nut installed from the factory. I have searched for the Allparts Ebanol nut, but it looks like it is no longer available. Any insights would be appreciated. It is an EVH Wolf Hard Tail with locking nut and...
  14. smithguitars

    Hearing Loss

    Hey TGPers! I finally dragged my a$$ into the ENT to get my ear pressure issues looked at. For the last couple of years (at least, maybe 5yrs...) I'm 48 & I have felt intermittent pressure on one ear drum along with sensitivity to low/mid frequencies. Metrallica's chug chug riffs started to...
  15. smithguitars

    PSA: RiffCity SAVE30 30% off USED Everything Guitars, Pedals etc...

    This is pretty epic. They got some of my money already. Enjoy, TGPers.
  16. smithguitars

    MFSDotD Braided 30’ 1/4 x4@19.99

    https://www.musiciansfriend.com/stupid/ FYI
  17. smithguitars

    EVH MIJ HT Fouled Fine Tuner

    Ran into another fine tuner with fouled threads, this one on a EVH Hard Tail. This fine tune screw has a short threaded section and more of a pointed bearing surface than the regular EVH FR fine tuners. Has anyone here had this issue? Possible solution suggestions? I guess I could figure out the...
  18. smithguitars

    Ovation Preacher Solidbody

    I got an Ovation Preacher guitar in a trade, thin, like an SG, it is a burst, with what looks like ebony fb, checked finish. I'm guessing early to mid 70's. It was stored in a garage for about 30 years, and the case smells like death. Does anyone here in the TGP Brain Trust have some insight...
  19. smithguitars

    Tell me your Fender MOD Shop experiences

    I'm considering having a Tele spec'ed out on the Mod shop. Looks like it will be $1700 =/-. How do they compare to a CS, Teambuilt, etc?
  20. smithguitars

    Please Recommend me an amp repair tech in r near South Bend IN, or Kalamazoo, MI.

    I have a Marshall Artist head that needs some work. Please advise. Thanks.
  21. smithguitars

    Which Wilki/Gotoh Tremolo for MIM Standard Strat

    Looking to replace the 6 screw trem on my MIM Standard Strat. I prefer the Wilkinson/Gotohs and was looking at the one with the wide location holes. But, I'm confused. Which one works for the MIM? Please advise. Please & Thanks!
  22. smithguitars

    USB power on pedalboared for lights and iphone/ipad. Rock Stock Bright Switch or suggestions.

    Bright Switch looks promising. What are your solutions or thoughts. I was also considering a battery pack and light solution like Schmidt Array uses. What say ye?
  23. smithguitars

    USB power on pedalboared for lights and iphone/ipad. Rock Stock Bright Switch or suggestions.

    Bright Switch looks promising. What are your solutions or thoughts. I was also considering a battery pack and light solution like Schmidt Array uses. What say ye?
  24. smithguitars

    NAD: Mesa Boogie S.O.B. 60w Combo

    I just bought a S.O.B. I re-tubed it and it is a smokin' loud amp. My first Boogie. Pots are a little scratchy, but otherwise seems in fine shape. It appears to be stock, and I think it probably needs a once over from an amp tech to check for leaky caps and such. EV12' speaker. It has an extra...
  25. smithguitars

    RF in the floor!

    I have (horribly expensive to operate) electric-in-floor heating in our concrete slab foundation home. It puts out bad/NOISY 60hz--making my passive instruments buzz like crazy. Esp with high gain.We recently switched over to a ductless heating and cooling system, and I am wondering how I can...