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  1. jrkoosh

    Help for Roots/country blues sound with LoneStar Special?

    I have been mostly using my channel 1 for the past 10 years, but I am starting to play some more roots blues music/country blues. The tone here from the rhythm is what I am going for - they are both using Fenders, so I know this is achievable, esp once I drop D my strat or Les Paul. Any tips or...
  2. jrkoosh

    Hollowbodies or guitars with Asymmetrical necks?

    Background- I love my LP 2008 Standard's neck. It plays super easy and fast. However, for my current band, I am either playing music that's best used with a strat or 335. But those necks are just not as fun to play for me. Are there other guitars that are either strat like or hollowbody/semi...
  3. jrkoosh

    How to add guitar to this Rich Girl arrangement?

    Hi there, got the text from the drummer today that they want to do Rich girl like Lake Street Diva's version (below) there is no guitar in this version, and I am having issues picking up the key. Do you think its as easy as just transposing the Hall and Oats version to they key, and then adding...
  4. jrkoosh

    NYC tonight and tomorrow- any place to catch some guitar?

    hi there- in town for business in Times Square and was hoping to find a place to catch early shows, maybe even over dinner? Jazz, unaccompanied, whatever. Just looking for a place to catch some music without staying out late. Doesn't have to be guitar. The only one I know of is 55 Thanks!
  5. jrkoosh

    Where can I get velcro for my nano?

    hi there- I ran out of velcro that came with the nano, and I wanted to reorder some pedals from the main board to the nano. Pedaltrain is out of stock. I have some leftover from my SKB case, but it doesn't seem to stick that well on the nano. Thanks!
  6. jrkoosh

    Guthrie Trapp is putting out amazing free lessons on YT now

    All, after spending time at NAMM with Brett Papa and Tim Pierce, Guthrie has followed suit and started putting out some legit lessons. Loved this one...
  7. jrkoosh

    Best practice looper with multiple switches?

    Hi there, I don't use a looper live, but as I am learning lots of theory and playing different progressions, its important for me to be able to quickly lay down a progression and practice over it. I have a ditto (and had a DL4 in the past) and I can't get it down after a few months. I am always...
  8. jrkoosh

    Examples of good looping artists

    Hi there, I have seen some really nice examples of looping in my youtube feed after watching Lindsay Ell perform solo. I have seen Paul Davids' videos, but was looking for artists suggestions for people that do a really nice job with either electric or acoustic.
  9. jrkoosh

    NGD: Heritage 2015 535

  10. jrkoosh

    U2 Kite - are live versions tuned down?

    Hi there, Working on an acoustic version with the band. If you listen to the studio, normal E to A etc works: but when I watched this: or this really nice cover: it seems tuned down? Is it Eb or alternate tunings? Thanks! Very powerful song I want to do justice to
  11. jrkoosh

    Is a Heritgage 535 a huge upgrade over Ibanez As80?

    I will be selling my PRS soon and originally was thinking to get a 335. I have seen some Heritage's and really liked their finishes. I really like the sound of my AS80 (with the 58's) and was curious if a 335 or 535 it would be "that much better". I am trying to be efficient with guitars and not...
  12. jrkoosh

    Live at the Regal - what songs follow I-IV-V?

    I am working on targeting my root note location and I am in a big BB king listening phase. What songs are the best for following the standard formation? Playing along, I feel PLease love me, Everyday I have the Blues are. Sweet little angel and others I am not so sure and was just looking for a...
  13. jrkoosh

    Questions on selling/trading in my PRS

    All, I have a guitar that I have been thinking of trading in/selling for a few years. I have been thinking that this for a few years. It sounds a little too dark for me.I put a P90 in the neck pickup a few years ago, but I also am sick of the crap everyone gives me when I play it out. I brought...
  14. jrkoosh

    Some New Pedalboard help/suggestions

    I have been playing mostly with my nano for basic rock and blues, but I am starting back with a drummer and needing to expand my sounds some more. I was going to play around with my old SKB powered pedalboard from I am guessing 15 years ago, but it won't power anymore. So I am thinking that I...
  15. jrkoosh

    Letter to a guitar teacher

    Hi there. I was going thru some internal "what to focus on" angst, and I thought that it would be fun to write what I wrote to one of the guys that I do skype lessons with. I thought it would be interesting to post, as there a bunch of guys like me that: - are middle aged and corporate job -...
  16. jrkoosh

    Looking for shred type lessons that are not so shreddy

    :) I got together with a friend to jam last night- it was a blast! Even though we played some old blues jam and Phish tunes, I loved how he could turn the gas on and do very fast yet musical shred licks to wrap up a standard blues solo (he also teaches composition at berklee, so that doesn't...
  17. jrkoosh

    How long before you sell of a pedal

    You know that advice about clothes? If you haven't worn it in a year, sell it? How does that apply to pedals ? I have a Line 6 m9- I used to play lots of cover band stuff, so I would use it to cop tones (like U2, etc). I haven't used it for 2 years, except to loop. They still go for around 200...
  18. jrkoosh

    PTD Kush just kicked all my drives off my nano+

    I finally had some time to A/B some pedals and guitars to make my all purpose nano+ board, and to open my amp up while the family was out skiing. pedals tried: PTD Kush Mooer Hustle TS mini TC Elec Spark Booster Octafuzz I was also trying to decide if I need a Tumnus Deluxe (still fighting...
  19. jrkoosh

    Looking for small box fuzz with octave on/off

    Hi there, I am not as knowledgeable about fuzz as others here. I have a small gigging board. We are covering some tunes, and I was looking for a smaller fuzz that has an option for octave, but will also have some mids that won't get swallowed up in the mix. Either that, or it can take being...
  20. jrkoosh

    Playing xmas tunes in front of Starbucks with 24 hours notice?

    Hi there- I live in a small town, and each year families sign up for an hour to ring the Salvation Army bell. We just signed up, and my wife asked me to play guitar there. The rub? I know 0 xmas tunes and I don't sign. I found a couple of vids on YT that have the songs with basic open chords...
  21. jrkoosh

    Is there a mini that sounds like an OCD?

    I have been using a nano board to play at a local blues jam. Backline is all Blues Jr's... My magic pedal has been the TC electronic spark, with the mids selected. This puts me out in front nice. I am going to be playing some ZZ top and wanted a little extra ooph than my TS mini. alternatively...
  22. jrkoosh

    Pedals like the MXR yellow distortion plus?

    I was just at a Blues jam and brought my Amp11, which with my strat I could barely cut through the mix of 3 guitarists and keys. A guy came on after me with a strat and a yellow MXR distortion plus and cut through like a mofo. Now, I obviously can't just show up with the same pedal now, could I...
  23. jrkoosh

    Josh Smith - new jazz album!

    https://joshsmithguitar.bandcamp.com/album/still I added a little extra to the contribution as he has had some family issues. Very nice, clean tasty album
  24. jrkoosh

    Guthrie Trapp new album Pledge

    Hi there, For Guthrie fans, he is at about 80% of his goal to fund his new album. If you are a fan of his playing, go here: http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/guthrietrapp I signed up for the lesson, so hoping it gets funded!
  25. jrkoosh

    Looking for a delay in small box with 2 presets for long/short

    Are there any? So many 2 channel OD's in smaller boxes, but I haven't seen delays. Everything I have found is 1 button or 4 like the DL4, Flashback. I was hoping to avoid having 2 delays on a small pedal board. I do not need tap tempo