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  1. Baminated

    Best all-in-one floor thingy for live use? (Fractal? Helix? etc...)

    For ease of use live - Helix hands down. From having have read reports from those who have owned both and proven it via demos, you will be sacrificing the ease of use of the Helix to a higher degree by getting Fractal and sacrificing the better "tones" of the Fractal by getting the Helix. That...
  2. Baminated

    Kemper: Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (Metal Version).

    Jose !!! Big ups , sounds awesome !!
  3. Baminated

    Live Gig Vid Rp1000 Direct - Solo On Chameleon

    All, thanks for Listen-menting ! The only prob i have is that it only has a few things that i find usable as far as high gain is concerned - for instance , the only really good high gain one without having to juice it with a dist pedal sim, is the mark IV clone. It's not the arrow, it's the...
  4. Baminated

    Live Gig Vid Rp1000 Direct - Solo On Chameleon

    you'll hear a couple hiccups - some overt, some not as much - such is the gamble !
  5. Baminated

    Also jumping into the "laptop rig" ring..

    Totally supportive of this direction as I want to go there as well . What laptops, if used for the sole purpose of just the LIVE guitar rig only and nothing else, are roadworthy enough yet affordable enough to buy two in case one of them crashes?
  6. Baminated

    How close is Katana tone to the Helix?

    there's kind of a valid technical reason why the helix is 1500 and the katana is 350
  7. Baminated

    LIVE GIG APPS: Bias Through Tablet & Decent Foot Control ?

    Curious before I go into Helix or ax8 territory. I'm particularly interested in the bias FX package in that it has amps and effects
  8. Baminated

    JTV 69S Mod? Adding pickups and new selector switch ?

    Id like to know how doable or actually how impossible this is Adding a mini HB to the neck and a pearly gates single coil size bucker near between bridge/middle plus adding a switch to where i can get just the single coils only on positions 2 and 4 , but also get the full humbuckers on either...
  9. Baminated

    Why is there no Mesa Boogie Mark II C+ and Mark IV model in affordable multieffects?

    The DigiTech rp1000 has really amazing Mark 4 going on. In fact it's the only High Gain model worthwhile on the unit. I use that one as my high-gain and I'm never in want of something better. That said I'm eyeballing that Helix like crazy
  10. Baminated

    1st show w/the Helix. Lemon Song cover

    hell yeah!!! sounds dynamite man! great band amd guitar slingin ! Your bassist grooved the **** outta that breakdown Def wanna know what amp, effect models used
  11. Baminated

    The Ethics of Selling Kemper Profiles.

    Seems like a case-by-case basis. Since it is evident that you do really care enough about this, why not contact the Builder who's amp you maybe profiling and ask if it's cool or not
  12. Baminated

    Spoiled by the Marshall Code versatility

    right, but the preceding sentence regarding midi was the qualifier for the next sentence regarding versatility from a basic English writing composition standpoint on my part
  13. Baminated

    Spoiled by the Marshall Code versatility

    right, i don't see the connection between mic-ing and using a midi floorboard to dial up more sounds in contrast to that 4 button foot switch
  14. Baminated

    Spoiled by the Marshall Code versatility

    Just checked for a midi out & through, didn't notice them . May be versatile sound wise, but not in live function when playing with various artists at a gig
  15. Baminated

    RP1000 Live Gig Vid - Frankenstein - Marcus Miller Version

    Will dig, thanks! Appreciate chya! THANKS much, ya the thing is is that it is def limited in amp options as far as what I like for high gain, but def a great value THANKS mucho. Ya I'm gonna move on to the helix and still use the RP as a backup. The beauty is that I have two of them for $500...
  16. Baminated

    Where can I find a 1x12 closed back EVM12L IR?

    The evm 12l closed backed thiele was my sound for over 20 years till I went to the rp1000. Once I have enough sabes up def getting a modeler that will host those custom irs
  17. Baminated

    Carvin DCM200L power amp update ... I suddenly have a REALLY cool rig (long)

    Congrats on the rig, but did you already run the gambit on regular powered PA wedges Like the qscs, dxrs etc?
  18. Baminated

    Blackface on a helix

    Vox AC all day!
  19. Baminated

    Load box with 3rd party IR loading , no wall wart?

    Now that is intriguing!
  20. Baminated

    Load box with 3rd party IR loading , no wall wart?

    i just hate it when I have multiple units needing wall warts, because i have to have at least 2-3 of them per unit due to gig wear/road rash. Almost then requires having a separate container for them in which the backups won't get damaged
  21. Baminated

    Load box with 3rd party IR loading , no wall wart?

    did they update the design to include a load box for impedance ?