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  1. theHoss

    GAS antidote: amp building

    I had a similar experience. I wanted to learn more about amps and their inner workings. I was lucky enough to have a builder here on TGP take me under his wing. I purchased a Mojo Tweed Deluxe and built it while hanging out with him. He gave me a quick soldering lesson and the rest was up to...
  2. theHoss

    Is a 25 watt amp loud enough for gigging?

    Are you micing it? If so, I would say heck yeah. I recently started rehearsing with my vibrochamp, and am completely satisfied with it. I can't wait to gig with it. If you aren't micing it, then as noted above you are at the mercy of your bandmates. They type of guitar will have an impact on...
  3. theHoss

    Tube-Amp Snobs: If You Had To Go SS...

    Ethos TLE into a Crate Power Block is pretty dran good.
  4. theHoss

    Building amps- How to get started?

    I am going to try my hand at building a tweed deluxe this weekend. I will let you know how it goes. Keep your fingers crossed! Justin
  5. theHoss

    Sonny Landreth and Bludotone?

    I just saw him here in Denver this weekend (Oct 4th, 2008) and he was switching between a BF Twin and a Category 5. He primarily played the twin, but on two songs he had his tech plug him into the Cat5 and miced it with an e609. Great show!
  6. theHoss

    It's time "Two-Rock"

    ???? They are around $2500 on C'sL? Even outfitted in suede.... http://lawton.craigslist.org/msg/746299123.html
  7. theHoss

    It's time "Two-Rock"

    Did they stop there? I read somewhere that because of a "parts discovery" they were able to build an additional 10. I believe there are 35 in circulation. I have never taken the time to ask Joe or Bill. I am curious if anyone else knows about the total number of Kimock Sigs that were...
  8. theHoss

    It's time "Two-Rock"

    I have a custom reverb artist running a non-sig 2x12 cab. I bought the amp here used at the beginning of the year. It is a very versatile amp as it takes pedals extremely well. Live I use it in 2 distinct ways. 1) No pedals (maybe a delay in the loop), and my Heritage 555. I use the...
  9. theHoss

    Custom Reverb Signature and OD pedals

    I have a custom reverb artist which is pretty comparable. I have found that in the EQ1 (less gain voicing) it takes all pedals very well. I run all my tone controls at noon which helps my strat sit nicely in the mix. On my gigging board I run a Barber Burn Unit EQ as my lead tone (one...
  10. theHoss

    SRV and John Mayer standing side-by-side!

    Markom, Thanks for the report. Looking forward to catching the team at the MileHigh Music Fest. Thanks again!
  11. theHoss

    SRV and John Mayer standing side-by-side!

    I spoke with Joe, and they aren't TR cabs.
  12. theHoss

    SRV and John Mayer standing side-by-side!

    Last year, as a thank you gift to all the folks that helped with my wedding, (photographer and his wife, officiant and his wife) I took them to see the JM show at Red Rocks. I got in line at noon that day,waiting for doors to open at 6 or 7? We ended up getting 4th row. I got a hear those...
  13. theHoss

    Which boutique amps have a unique voicing?

    I would suggest that the Heritage Victory Head/Cab has a variety of unique voicings.
  14. theHoss

    Which boutique amp today will be tomorrows sought after vintage?

    Who knows? But I agree, the Kimock because of component availability. Interesting thread though.
  15. theHoss

    Carol-Ann incoming.

    Good description. The TR cabs are reverse wired as you mentioned. If you are using a non-TR cab or one that is not reverse wired you can use a reverse wired speaker cable as you mentioned.
  16. theHoss

    BB King what amp does he use?

    I just saw him last week here in Colorado. He was just a LAB 2x12.
  17. theHoss

    TR Kimock Amp

    T2Tele, thanks for the time an effort your put into that post. That was very insightful.
  18. theHoss

    Wet/dry rigs

    LVC, Thanks for the pics that is a great looking rig. Did you finally decide on how you were going to architect it? Awesome man!
  19. theHoss

    What was your first "real" amp?

    Blackfaced 69 Twin Reverb. I paid $300. I still have it.
  20. theHoss

    John Mayer tone amp?

    As far as Two-Rocks go, his live rig consists of a John Mayer Sig and a Sterling Sig I believe. The third amp sitting between the TRs is a dumble. As for the model, I have seen him use various ones.
  21. theHoss

    John Mayer tone amp?

    One is a Dumbleator (sp??). You can get a good look at it here. http://blog.honeyee.com/john/archives/2007/12/for_the_gearhea.html The images are enlargeable.
  22. theHoss

    Wet/dry rigs

    LVC, Are you going to Mic the powered speaker to feed the mains, or are you going to send your wet signal to the mains via the aux out of the Rolls? That should sound really great man! I can't wait to see a pic of that rig.
  23. theHoss

    two rock jet amp demo

    Cool man, thanks! Nice choice of chops to get a good feel for the amp.
  24. theHoss

    I'm looking for a good clean amp to use as a canvas for pedals..

    I like all of Heritage's offerings. If you want a nice clean tone from them with a FX loop you might look at the Victory or the Patriot. They just started to offer the Patriot in a head/cab format with an FX loop. Basically, they take out the verb and add an FX loop that can be used as...
  25. theHoss

    Fender Champ through a P.A.

    +1 to that, I saw him here in CO last year and that was a great couple of numbers he played using the VC.