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Search results

  1. clmazza

    David Thomas Mcnaught Build

    Dave makes an amazing guitar.... Love what you guys have created!
  2. clmazza

    Don Grosh Guitars

    My DG-193... One of my favorite guitars.
  3. clmazza


    My 03 ... All korina body/neck. Stellar in every way. A few guys on the forum know about this one ;)
  4. clmazza

    Explorer love

    I love it, my friend! Killer quilt.... And my favorite body style ;)
  5. clmazza

    I need assistance of a high end builder or boutique/wood expert

    You're local.... Check out my site. Let me know if a particular guitar interests you and I'll share my thoughts.
  6. clmazza

    NGD!! - Danocaster Inca Silver Double Cut

    Sweet! Congrats....
  7. clmazza

    Addicted to small builders..(thorn and Kauer content)

    I'll take any one of the Thorns, please :). Killer!
  8. clmazza

    New Dano Day... Pic Heavy!

    Indeed.... two different relics, for sure! :)
  9. clmazza

    New Dano Day... Pic Heavy!

    I couldn't resist ;)
  10. clmazza

    New Dano Day... Pic Heavy!

    I'm a Tele-holic and happen to prefer the Fender CS stuff and some of the Bill Nash offerings (he takes a bashing for his relics but I dig his guitars). After having spent a few days with the Danocaster, I've really taken a liking to the neck, in particular. The fretwork is superb and the...
  11. clmazza

    Not seeing small luthiers making SGs

    Isaac Berumen makes one... A Taurus. Mine has only one pup, though ;). It's a stellar instrument! It's been hard to put it down since I got it!
  12. clmazza

    NGD: Danocaster - teal green

    Incredible! Love the color.... What are the specs? Dane's guitars appear to be popular this time of year.... I just received mine this week as well ;)
  13. clmazza

    New Dano Day... Pic Heavy!

    I can't believe it's taken me this long to own one of Dan's guitars. This happens to be a Freakin' era Danocaster Esquire adorned in meticulously applied shell pink. Unreal neck and the tone from the Rumplestiltskin broadcaster is stellar. A few pics on a dreary Turkey Day morning here in the...
  14. clmazza

    My first Suhr

    Killer acquisition... congrats!
  15. clmazza

    NGD: Grosh 59 Spec

    Congrats! Grosh makes a fabulous set neck guitar... I absolutely love mine ;)
  16. clmazza

    Looks like Don Grosh and crew are building set necks again

    Don's set necks are INCREDIBLE guitars! That blue quilt is stunning.
  17. clmazza

    My New McNaught Star Guitar Build

    Outstanding! Dave makes a killer guitar.... :)
  18. clmazza

    Check out my Twin Suhrs

    Sweet! Congrats....
  19. clmazza

    NGD! A TON of pics! 56k-Not in here!

    That's one serious guitar! Congrats....
  20. clmazza

    NGD -Kauer Daylighter Jr...

    That's it! Thank you, sir ;) Thanks for all of the comments guys.... It's a GREAT guitar!
  21. clmazza

    NGD -Kauer Daylighter Jr...

    It's definitely different.... it's on the gold side of the family with a darker champagne overtone. Totally diggin' it!
  22. clmazza

    NGD -Kauer Daylighter Jr...

    Killer piece! Received her this week... The TONE is to die for :) A few quick pics.... then back to playin' her for a bit. Doug knows how to make a stellar instrument! I think I need one of his carbon fiber pickguards ;)
  23. clmazza

    Kauer Big Boy....a little different

    Love it! I have a Daylighter coming this week :)