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  1. Brion

    I’m temporarily quitting guitar until I can learn some new tricks

    Someone probably already said something like this, but if you can play-you can play. It doesn’t matter if you know theory, can sight read etc. it does make it easier to communicate with other musicians who know that stuff, but if you’ve been doing it this long you must get along fine. Having...
  2. Brion

    FS Memory Lane Jr, EHX 720 Stereo Looper

    Sent a PM about the MLJr.
  3. Brion

    Poll - Which two would you keep between a Tele, Strat, LP and 335?

    Voted Strat and 335. Strat because of the Trem. 335 because of its versatility.
  4. Brion

    My never ending quest for decent MIAB pedals is still on. (your thoughts on these contenders?)

    you posted the same thing twice? Could be a forum glitch considering the move to a new server. Yeah, MIAB is a bit redundant if you already have a Marshall, and I agree that different results will be had through different circuits and speakers. Same holds true for anything in any system...
  5. Brion

    FS Lovepedal Kanji Eternity HW, MXR '74 script Phase 90, Swart Night Lite jr.

    Flanger trades will be considered needs to be able to get that Jet sweep thing like an MXR.
  6. Brion

    My never ending quest for decent MIAB pedals is still on. (your thoughts on these contenders?)

    yeah. I like using a boost such as A Diamond Boost EQ or a treble boost or even a fuzz with my Marshall amps, but the DLS was pretty cool with a Fender, but I found the Bogner Blue to be more realistic through the Fenders. I still have the DLS V 1.2 as selling it has proven to be an uphill...
  7. Brion

    My never ending quest for decent MIAB pedals is still on. (your thoughts on these contenders?)

    I just traded into a Bogner Blue. The original one with the Boost. I have to say that it is a pretty convincing MIAB. I have not tried the LaGrange so I cannot compare.
  8. Brion

    Good Budget LP?

    You’re right. I re-read the OP. The lad has been playing for a couple of years already and knows what he would like. Tough spot for the dad for sure as the Epi guitars have 90% of the look, but seem to fail his expectation. The Gibsons are out of the price range and in my experience the...
  9. Brion

    Good Budget LP?

    I agree that there is a Gibson Les Paul sound that other makes can rarely copy, but as a 12 year old I got an Electra dual Humbucker, bolt on neck guitar that served me well for at least six years before I got hip to tonal differences at the atomic level. I think a PRS SE is a good choice...
  10. Brion

    What's the cheapest guitar you own?

    Cheapest for me is a PRS SE Soapbar II. I paid around $300 for it
  11. Brion

    Vendor DCW Pedals - TGP Thanksgiving Pedal Giveaway 2020! WINNER ANNOUNCED!

    Wow, very cool of you to do this. Mrs Marsha sounds cool. I am thankful that during this tough year that me and the Mrs. Have remained employed and have not fallen ill.
  12. Brion

    Help me make my Tweaker 15 sound like a jangle Vox, or get something else.

    yeah I can deal with most effects I use in front of the amp, but I do like my delay after the preamp, reverb as well but I don’t usually use verb with gain. It would be the perfect amp for me if it had a loop.
  13. Brion

    Help me make my Tweaker 15 sound like a jangle Vox, or get something else.

    Herschel, hope all is well. The Mesa TA15 does a good Vox jangle tone in the green channel and has a 5 watt mode. It does not have an effects loop, if it did it would be perfect. It is probably going to cost $550 or so. It’s discontinued so used is the only option. the TA 30 did have an...
  14. Brion

    Creamback Vs Greenback

    i use the exact same combo of speakers in my 2x12 cab. Sounds great with my Marshall SC20H and my Mesa TA15 as well as with my 5e3 home brew head. I would like to get another Scumback M75 65 Watt to run a matched pair in the cab, but this mix has served me well for a couple of years. I had...
  15. Brion

    Show me your Les Paul

    ne ver
  16. Brion

    Show me your Les Paul

    ok it’s in there somewhere. The Lemonburst R8 is the only LP I have left. It does have a really big neck. I have been playing an EBMM Silouette a lot lately and switched to my R8 today and was quite a stark difference between the two.
  17. Brion

    Show me your Les Paul

    I have one, but the neck is so big it hogs the whole picture...