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  1. Glowing Tubes

    Tone difference between steel and brass barrel saddles on a Tele

    Can anyone speak to this. I've had steel on mine for a very long time and love it but have had a set of brass ones here that I've been curious to try too. What kind of difference could I expect by changing them if any? Thanks!
  2. Glowing Tubes

    Neck shim or no neck shim that is the question

    I have a '84 Strat that I've owned since new, it's a bit buzzy, the action goes up towards the bridge and the neck is straight. Someone told me to shim the neck so I have a couple questions about doing that. 1. Will it affect the tone or sustain of the guitar 2. Is it difficult to do 3. What...
  3. Glowing Tubes

    How much does a typical (good quality)fret job on a rosewood fretboard neck cost

    My guitar needs love. Might get lucky and only need a fret level but feeling it's time for a re-fret. Would love stainless but I know that is typically a lot more. Just looking for an idea of how much to expect it to cost. Locally it's around $700 Thanks!
  4. Glowing Tubes

    Lets get superficial. What amps do you like the looks of.

    I know we all go for tone but hey, I like a good looking amp as much as anyone. Unable to post a pic right now but I like my Friedman JJ Jr quite a lot. What amps to you like the visuals of?
  5. Glowing Tubes

    Availability of the Timmy V3? Very long wait rant.

    I've had one on order with Prymax since September. I've never waited so long for a pedal. I know Paul is a one man shop but dang that's a long time. Anybody get theirs faster? Did I just order from the wrong place or is Paul just bogged down? Thanks
  6. Glowing Tubes

    Friedman users. What are you using for a lead boost?

    I have a Friedman JJ JR and it sounds great but any kind of boost pedal in front does nothing for volume increase on leads. Should I run the boost through the effects loop along with my delay and reverb? Thanks
  7. Glowing Tubes

    What's your favorite delay/echo pedal in the $150 range.

    The Boss DM-2W Waza looks pretty interesting to me for a warm sounding simple pedal. Look forward to what you guys have to say and what you use. I usually use two settings, one is slapjack for a country style and the other is longer delay for solos and ambient stuff. Would love to be able to...
  8. Glowing Tubes

    If im thinking of a Friedman JJ Jr what else should I be looking at?

    i like the size, sound and features of the Friedman JJ Jr. is there anything else you guys would say i should look at? Thanks!
  9. Glowing Tubes

    Looking for free video editing software for my mac.

    Anyone have any suggestions for something I could download for free? I'm not looking to do a lot right now. don't know if I could sync audio and stuff to video but would like to. Thanks
  10. Glowing Tubes

    Got a Christmas gig and need good music suggestions to play.

    I've got a fun Christmas gig in December and need music suggestions. Want to lean towards vintage stuff that translates to a guitar driven band. Open to most styles. Thanks in advance. :-)
  11. Glowing Tubes

    I'm a sideman....

    And I don't mind it. Found myself in the last few years being more of a side man doing guitar for several talented singer songwriter people and bands. It requires me to learn material very quickly and adapt to different styles of music. It's challenging for sure which is always good for a...
  12. Glowing Tubes

    Have a pickup/pickguard situation and need help if someone can

    20190624_154516 by Glowing Tubes posted Jun 24, 2019 at 7:53 PMI bought this guitar new in 1983, it's been through some things. Unfortunately I routed it for a hum bucker at one time, wish I hadn't but hindsight. So all the parts under the pickguard are still set up for a humbucker. I...
  13. Glowing Tubes

    I'm guilty of liking music solely for the guitar tone, even if the song isn't great

    I find myself attached to little nuggets of guitar in songs I wouldn't otherwise care about. A tasty little guitar riff or cool tone/sounds grab me. I've used this for motivation many times when learning music I didn't care for. A few eons back I had to learn some Lucinda Williams tunes and...
  14. Glowing Tubes

    String ringing from behind nut driving me crazy

    So I'm getting a specific ringing sound from my g string behind the nut when I'm playing. The note rings out even if I mute the string from either side (on the fret side or behind the nut) and does not matter where on the neck I'm playing or chording, that damn high note is ringing through the...
  15. Glowing Tubes

    Using boost for solos and a consistent level for live playing=challenging at times.

    I find myself knob tweaking during shows too much these days. I have a BJF red rooster boost and it's great but it reacts to pedals in front of it differently including how much boost I get. So I find myself tweaking with it at shows, one time it's too low, another it's blasting. (very...
  16. Glowing Tubes

    Anyone seeing any amazing Black Friday deals yet?

    im looking, found an epiphone les paul for $299 but didnt go for it.
  17. Glowing Tubes

    Please recommend some strings for a Taylor acoustic.

    The singer in my band plays a Taylor. Taylors to my ear have always had a certain sound, very chimey and bright. I want to restring the guitar for him and dont want something bright on top of an already bright sounding guitar. Im thinking coated would be good to for extended time between...
  18. Glowing Tubes

    Hey, whatcha guys using for patch cables these days?

    ive had the same lava cables for a looong time and noticed noise when i had my tuner on. Wondering about options and who people have had good experience with. Thanks
  19. Glowing Tubes

    Suggestions for powered speakers for my small studio on a small budget please.

    Prices are all over the place. Want something that sounds decent but would be around under $500 for a pair. Appreciate any suggestions, thanks.
  20. Glowing Tubes

    Finally going to get my small home studio going and need help from you smart fellas

    Hi Guys, Selling my house soon and will have enough money to buy a Mac. I prefer Mac because I'm used to it and run Logic ProX but my system is so old it can no longer record. I need suggestions as to a good solid Apple as my base and go from there. I have a DAW and may add some studio...
  21. Glowing Tubes

    Do we have anyone here who lives in Thailand?

    I'm headed to Thailand in November for five weeks and it would be a blast to be able to sit in with somebody's band or just play some music. Any people are in bands in Thailand that are on here? I'm also open to suggestions as to things to see and do. Thanks, RC
  22. Glowing Tubes

    I need a new guitar cable, suggestions?

    I had my full rig with Lava Cables, two of my guitar cables have since pretty much failed and I was sad to find Mark unresponsive to warranty. (Lifetime guarantee?) Was a dedicated customer until then. I liked the company and product. I know he went through some difficult times and I hope he...
  23. Glowing Tubes

    Does your "style" of playing get in the way?

    Ok, I'm old(ish). I've worked hard on my feel and style and am pretty happy with it but I feel it's dated (like me). I've played with some younger players and there is a cool simplicity to their style that I admire. I feel that my style of playing, after years of evolving is too specific if...
  24. Glowing Tubes

    Soloing over 1 chord

    I find this to be difficult. It's not easy for me to keep it interesting. We have a song that just sits on the A, it's bluesy in feel. I can do ok with it but feel redundant and lost before very long. Any suggestions on how to approach this to make it more interesting.