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  1. theHoss

    Colorado Greetings

    Greetings. The last get together was a winner. I keep a list of all CO TGPers and notify them of event. Drop me a PM and I will put you on the list. Great to have you!
  2. theHoss

    Hello, I'm New!!

    Howdy. Great to have you. I would love to hear some 7 min songs. Keep me posted when you are done.
  3. theHoss

    Hi, I'm new

    Welcome, great to have you!
  4. theHoss

    Hello from Denver!

    Welcome from Lakewood!
  5. theHoss

    Hello from Louisville!

    I thought you were in CO for a second. Either way, welcome aboard!
  6. theHoss

    Erie, CO

    Welcome from Lakewood. There are a bunch of COers here. Great to have another!
  7. theHoss

    Another new guy from Boulder, CO

    Howdy, Small world, I have seen you guys before. Glad you to have a fellow CO on the board. There is a growing number of us. Take care!
  8. theHoss

    New Guy from Outside Boulder, CO

    Great to have you on board. I am a retired roadie, now lifestyle cyclist (road, cross, mtb) in the Lakewood area. Drop me a PM if you are interested. I am compiling a list of CO TGPers for any upcoming ToneFests.
  9. theHoss

    First post and forum introduction

    Howdy Dusty, Fellow CO TGPer here. Gald to have you on board. Looking forward to hearing more about your gear.
  10. theHoss

    Hey From Denver!

    Howdy, Welcome aboard. Sounds like we share some musical tastes. PM if you are ever interested in getting together to make some music. I am working on some new tunes this winter and would love to collaborate with others. I have an Apple, and I am "That Guy"....I love those machines! Great...
  11. theHoss

    Greetings from Fairfax, VA

    Totally acceptable. If you lived closer I would start a band with you. And a great band it would be. Welcome aboard!
  12. theHoss

    New member and Big Dippers

    That might have been one of the first "intro/contribution to the body of knowledge" I have seen. You should throw that information in one of the gear forums. Good stuff. Great to have you!
  13. theHoss

    Hello from Croatia

    Howdy, My grandfather was also of Croatian descent. Great to have you on-board!
  14. theHoss

    new member

  15. theHoss

    Old Guy, New Member/ Builder from California

    Howdy, hope to see more in your gallery soon. The guitars on the site look great!
  16. theHoss

    Another old guy from Colorado.

    Howdy, from Lakewood!
  17. theHoss

    Hello from CO

    Welcome. There a quite a few TGPers here in CO, I think we have the highest number per capita of any other state. Hopefully you can make it out to one of our ToneFests. I think we will be having another one in late August. Great to have you!
  18. theHoss

    Hello From Boulder!

    Hello from Lakewood! Great to have another COer here.
  19. theHoss

    Greetings from New Zealand

    Welcome! Post some pics of NZ if you have time. What a beautiful country. I would love to visit at some point in my life.
  20. theHoss

    New member in Lakewood, CO

    Too funny, Bob and I just realized we live a couple of blocks away. Hopefully you can make it to our annual Block party / BBQ Jam! Full pyrotechnics and all! Great to have you on board. We will meet up this weekend at the ToneFest.
  21. theHoss

    New guy from Colorado

    Will do.
  22. theHoss

    New guy from Colorado

    I have been trying to catch all the COers here. Anyways, we are having an open jam / tonefest this weekend. If you can make it, feel free to drop by. It would be great to meet up. Here is a link to the original thread. https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/381694 Welcome aboard!
  23. theHoss

    hola from denver!

    There will be others. We will have pics/clips so you can take a listen. Hopefully next time.
  24. theHoss

    hola from denver!

    Great to have you aboard! You joined just in time! We are having open jam/tonefest next weekend. I thought you might be interested since you are in Denver. Here is a link to the original thread: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/381694
  25. theHoss

    Hi - From the most isolated city in the world

    I love your images, the are amazing. You have a great eye. Welcome aboard.