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  1. Baminated

    Looking for comparisons between Quilter, Peavey TransTube, and Tech 21

    Ben, which spkr did yA drop in the Pv?
  2. Baminated

    Looking for comparisons between Quilter, Peavey TransTube, and Tech 21

    Id be amazed if someone who has tried / compared , &/or owned both comparing it to quilter, and if so, very few to really deminstrate something generalized across the board. What you're looking at is a gamble 1. Go on the low risk & get the peavey that will depreciate & may be tough to resell...
  3. Baminated

    Poor Mans Friedman Brown Eye?

    Those El34 diamond amps are sleepers. On the used market, prob a steal
  4. Baminated

    Roland GA 112

    any reports ??? seems like someone is gonna have to be a sacrificial lamb with risk of TGP pump n dump consequence, then !
  5. Baminated

    Is the ZT Club Discontinued ?

    Shows up on their website as an active product, but all of the web stores show that it is not in stock or possibly discontinued/not listed
  6. Baminated

    ZT Amps – The CLUB 12

    Oh, looks like this one's been discontinued , with nothing to really replace it or prove upon it. Seems to be a rule, anything that's cool never sticks around
  7. Baminated

    Opinions on the Eminence Deltalite II 2512

    any updates ?
  8. Baminated

    The clean amp with pedals falacy

    Hmmm, seem that there's been no room left for the beauty of well made 3 channel amps with great master volumes ? Amp OD guy here. Use dirt pedals for color not as a base unless it's a damage control fly date through ****** backline
  9. Baminated

    Tell me about the VOX AC50 CPH

    Just heard a dude put one through the paces live. Head through 4-12. Very impressive! For me, it would have to have a clean channel, but this thing sounds great. Serious sleeper
  10. Baminated

    Which Twonotes to tame the beast?

    Torpedo live rack through a powered FRFR
  11. Baminated

    100W Three (3) Footswitchable Channels EL34 Beasts

    I found it very tough to dial high end out of both clean & crunch sounds, although dug the amp overall
  12. Baminated

    If you were gigging tonight...

    peavey bandit
  13. Baminated

    What solid state amp impressed you?

    Peavey Transtube bandit Power AMPS: Mosvalve 982 / 962 Hughes & Kettner CF 100 Still have them & not selling !
  14. Baminated

    Your Favorite Boogie?

    .50 cal quad pro w/295
  15. Baminated

    One amp to play blues, classic rock, 80's hard rock

    wow ! glaring omission on my part - the prob is that the OP wants to be able to go to a store and check one out - kinda puts a damper on getting anything good, because the stores are limited , and i put that nicely that said , the JVM would prob be it since he can "check one out at a store"
  16. Baminated

    Favorite tube rack preamp?

    love my amt ss-10 !
  17. Baminated

    One amp to play blues, classic rock, 80's hard rock

    OP, Your demands are similar to mine stylistically, you def need a 3 channel amp. I do respect that you want to try it out, but stores are not targeting their market demographic towards people like us. Look at this past NAMM insofar as the big companies who are carried by music retailers is...
  18. Baminated

    The Officious Marshall Super Bass (Bass Circuit) Thread ; aka 1992 / 1986 Circuits

    man after years of having to compromise my setup volume/stage space wise, i've been using SS powered rack rigs, modeling etc .. After firing up the superbass for some re-amping this week - i've been missing out so much :-(
  19. Baminated

    RedPlate - The Crimson Tide of Amplification

    Recorded on the EL34 ShredPlate ! https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?posts/17246118
  20. Baminated

    Jackson Brownes Dumble ODR sells for $235K

    man, i need to hire some bathroom attendants to intercept (insert star's name) toilet paper before they flush it. I figure shy of a quarter mil would be cool
  21. Baminated

    Tube Rack Pre Amp / SS Power Amp : Pre Amp Tube Suggestions to Tame Gain Channels

    cool, so what are some new production tubes which excel as 5751 AT7 AU7 AY7
  22. Baminated

    Sleeper amps!

    Krank Chadwick ALL DAY - particularly when modded to EL34 (just a couple components need be swapped) Anything by Diamond
  23. Baminated

    Do you raise your amp? What do you use?

    EVM 12L in a lopoline [/prob]
  24. Baminated

    Do you raise your amp? What do you use?

    raise you amp if you hate the bass coupling effect (not recommended). tilting while on ground better