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  1. SFW

    Gibson 500T

    I was listening to some YouTube clips of the 500T that sounded so good, I decided to put the stock pickups back in my Les Paul Classic, and see how they played with the 5153. It think it works out pretty well. lol Channel three. Gain starts out at noon and then I bump it to about 12:30. I...
  2. SFW

    Legacy clip for those interested

    Yeah, the recording is not the best, but I thought I'd share...
  3. SFW

    Legacy clip for those interested

    Here is a clip recorded last night at my band rehearsal. The clip is VERY rough- as in we were jamming a new groove. I believe that this was recorded the second time that we actually played through the idea. So there is some ugliness here and there. However, I feel that this shows a good...