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  1. Zounds Perspex

    What’s your favourite 1x12 tube combo?

    I'm not much of a combo guy, but I do unequivocally enjoy my Tungsten Buckwheat.
  2. Zounds Perspex

    Show us your Big Amps!

    100 watts or better, here we go! 180 watt Electric Power Unit - mainly used for bass these days, but is AWESOME for guitar as well. I know I have a photo of it on top of an Orange 4x12" somewhere. and the real big boy- I've used it for guitar exactly once, ha! It's....a lot.
  3. Zounds Perspex

    Show off your medium sized amps!

    all here but the Metropoulos fit the bill - Tungsten Buckwheat, Germino Master Model 50, and the world's filthiest '62 Concert.
  4. Zounds Perspex

    Question for those with experience plugging directly into amps (i.e. no pedals)... do guitar with high output pickups sound better?

    "Better" is wholly subjective, of course, but for me - no. I always think of this thing I read on the Curtis Novak website that really nails it - "I believe a pickup should not be thought of in terms of output, but rather of input. The function of a pickup is to sense the string and send as...
  5. Zounds Perspex

    Marshall JTM 45 G.A.S

    Germino Classic 45 is quite boss. As to a Ceriatone 45/100, I don’t know, but a 45/100 feels quite different than a 45.
  6. Zounds Perspex

    Discuss: Your favourite Marshall is actually...

    I have a few that are great, but the Metropoulos Superplex is tops for me.
  7. Zounds Perspex

    Speaker for Dirty Shirley 40 (not Creamback 65)

    I'd want to use an alnico Cream with that guy, but yeah...for what you're describing, try the Creamback H.
  8. Zounds Perspex

    Recommendations for JCM800-like amp?

    I got a Germino Master Lead 55 this year, well under $2000 used. Unbelievably killer amp - 2204 of dreams. I guess they don't pop up used that often, though.
  9. Zounds Perspex

    Amps – Let’s see your WALL of AMPS!

    I have a couple of other cabs in the practice space, and a little 5w Swart elsewhere, but this is the main quiver.
  10. Zounds Perspex

    1 Guitar. 1 Amp. 1 Pedal. What do you do?

    Mine has changed. :facepalm EGC 1000s, Germino Master Lead 55, Belle Epoch Deluxe.
  11. Zounds Perspex

    Favorite Plexi Clones under 50w?

    I'd love to try one of these. Looks great.
  12. Zounds Perspex

    Lets get superficial. What amps do you like the looks of.

    not counting things I own, I'll say a well-preserved fawn AC30 is pretty damn foxy. (I stole this photo from someone here on the gearpage via Google.)
  13. Zounds Perspex

    Favorite Plexi Clones under 50w?

    50 watt Marshalls *are* pretty different than 100s, though - not in volume, but in feel, especially if the 50 watt or less is tube rectified. 50 watters tend to sag and just generally feel looser than a 100 watter - neither is bad, it's just up to your preference. if that doesn't sound like...
  14. Zounds Perspex

    single channel amps - dirt and lead question

    and a loop! God I love my Superplex. But it's a lot of amp for most people. i'm not sure why you would want a dirt pedal for a 2204 - that's what it does, awesome crunchy sounds at reasonable volumes. you should definitely be able to go from clean to dirty just working your volume knob a...
  15. Zounds Perspex

    Best 2x12 cab for Marshall head?

    just to echo what others have said, I have both a Stone Age 4x12" with Greenbacks and a Metropoulos 2x12" with Alnico Creams. both sound awesome with my Metropoulos and Germino heads, both built exceedingly well. I wouldn't hesitate to buy a cab from either again. I would imagine both have...
  16. Zounds Perspex

    Which Fender Amp for a Classic Rock Guy?

    Brownface Concert will get you there, and are cheap compared to the smaller brownface amps - although lots of them have had transformers harvested for tweed Bassmans. if you want Fender*ish* but not Fender, have a look at the Tungsten Crema Wheat or Buckwheat, depending on your power/volume...
  17. Zounds Perspex

    So how many of y’all just have one amp and that’s “your sound”?

    I have a flavor I'm partial to - JTM45/100 or bass spec Plexi - but it's nice to have options around for recording or just learning. When I go from those amps to my little Swart, or a brownface amp, I play differently and get sparked with more ideas.
  18. Zounds Perspex

    Out of all the amps you've owned and played though, what was the BEST overall amp

    I'm a broken record, but Metropoulos Superplex for me. It's not going ANYWHERE without me.
  19. Zounds Perspex

    Marshall 2204

    This thread is making somehow even MORE stoked on the Germino Master Lead 55 I have showing up tomorrow! :dude
  20. Zounds Perspex

    Need an amp recommendation

    you could buy basically any model of silverface Fender for $1000 or so. Take your pick - basically you can go as big as you're willing to schlep. big, but I think the Super Reverb RIs sound great and will certainly be loud enough for basically any modern gig.
  21. Zounds Perspex

    Dream Rig 2020?!?!.....1 pedal...1 amp....1 guitar....Go!

    '60 ES-335 Metropoulos Metroplex a Mick Ronson in a box type pedal (cocked wah and MKI Bender) ha, 2/3s of the way there!
  22. Zounds Perspex

    Metropoulos Super-Plex Quick Review

    yep, listed as available on the Metropoulos website as well, and George announced he was making a run of 10 a while back on the Metro FB page. Love this amp!
  23. Zounds Perspex

    Bass Head Suggestion

    a preamp pedal is a great idea is budget is super limited. Ampeg SCR-DI has 1/4" and XLR out and a headphone out as well. Darkglass makes a couple of preamps pedals with those options as well, and are considerably more tweakable.
  24. Zounds Perspex

    Bass Head Suggestion

    what's yer budget?
  25. Zounds Perspex

    KT66 Tubes What You Like

    if I could *find* a quad of them for my Superplex, I'd consider it!