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  1. syxxstring

    Sold George Ls, L6 G30

    email sent
  2. syxxstring

    In-ear Monitors?

    For IEM's themselves the MEE M6 Pro is hard to beat. Me and another guy at church have been using them and noticed a huge improvement over any other budged solution.
  3. syxxstring

    Mixer or Interface? Suggestions needed

    I have 2 of the Alesis Multimix units. One 16 channel usb 2.0 the other 12 Channel Firewire. They work really well for rehersal and live sound for my band as well as recording.
  4. syxxstring

    Connecting you recording computer to the internet?

    Mine is my Macbook. I use it for everything, but I don't have to worry about antivirus or anything kicking in mid recording.
  5. syxxstring

    Silicone...Is it really that bad?

    System One makes a good water based wax that I've used a bit. They aren't a bad polishing system either. Coast Airbrush sells it.
  6. syxxstring

    Silicone...Is it really that bad?

    Well there are different Wax And Grease removers for pre and post sanding as far as film goes, but solvents are also a good choice. I very rarely do anything that I don't prime. This is more my style:
  7. syxxstring

    Silicone...Is it really that bad?

    Thats not the way I was trained to use HOK's wax and grease remover, KC20 is a wipe on and wipe off with a clean rag product. I was assuming we were talking about it on a finished instrument. Not sure why you would silicone the bare wood.
  8. syxxstring

    Silicone...Is it really that bad?

    I thought this is why products like Wax And Grease Remover were sold at body shop supply stores.
  9. syxxstring

    Water based finishing - Who knows what?

    Just keep in mind that waterbased systems still need safety precautions. Still wear a mask etc... Just because its safer, doesn't make it safe or breathable. I use a lot of Autoair automotive base coats and like them for quite a few things.
  10. syxxstring

    Green Question

    You can tell the voltage but not how much is left as far as how long it will maintain the voltage.
  11. syxxstring

    Active and Passive Guitar

    GFS has a device you can add to passive pickups to make them active and switchable back and forth. Have some to try, just haven't yet.
  12. syxxstring

    Wireless system for bass?

    Look at the specs of whatever he's looking at, it will give a frequency range. As long as his instrument is in the specs it should be fine. I'm too tired and lazy to google the frequency range of a bass at this moment.
  13. syxxstring

    neck measurements

    Harbor Freight has a digital set of calipers usually for about $20. I wouldn't build a space shuttle with them, but the sets I have work great.
  14. syxxstring

    wireless headphones...whats good?

    Check out adapters made by i2igear.com. I like mine a lot so far.
  15. syxxstring

    How hard is soldering?

    Biggest help you can have is buying a good iron, I'd get a Weller or Hako that you can turn up and down. Racing rc cars we have to solder batteries all the time and they work way better for that, and its way tougher than soldering guitar pots.
  16. syxxstring

    pickup suddenly sounding anemic

    Try cleaning the pot. Also measure it with a multimeter.
  17. syxxstring

    Firewire Mixer

    I have an Alesis Multimix 16 and love it. It works smoothly for recording and is a good mixer. The Zed's look like most Usb/firewire mixers only giving you a two track recording not each channel.
  18. syxxstring

    New Macbooks

    I haven't had an issue with the plastic on mine, It was looking dingy so I had Applecare replace it. They did no questions asked.
  19. syxxstring

    New Macbooks

    Just save a few bucks and get one of the remaining previous generation of Macbooks or put the money into ram and disk space.
  20. syxxstring

    Connecting Guitar to Macbook

    It might be a better signal, you can try it. I don't see where that would cause damage, if you here lots and lots of clipping stop doing it.
  21. syxxstring

    Connecting Guitar to Macbook

    You won't damage anything but because of the impedance mismatch you won't get a very good sound usually. Target has a very cheap usb to guitar cable that works okay, a preamp in the line may help or d.i. box, desktop mixer if you have one. You can also look at a low dollar interface like the...
  22. syxxstring

    Suggestions for live recording?

    I upgraded my mixer to an Alesis Multimix 16. I have 18 tracks I can run into my laptop now and a really nice live mixer.
  23. syxxstring

    Protools VS Logic

    Can't files be exported to work between PT and Logic?
  24. syxxstring

    Help, My Tele Neck got Gouged ! OUCH!

    Whats the finish on the neck? Is the finish gone or just dented?
  25. syxxstring

    Finishing at home

    Start with a pretty clean area. A majority of the dust and lint comes from the painter, so a cheap shoot suit, gloves, mask etc. not only helps protect you from the paint but also protects the paint from you. A lot of pro painters will mist down the floor in their booth before spraying to trap...