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  1. ljholland

    Why isn't Variax popular?

    I own a 69S and think it's a very nice Strat. Forgetting the digital part, as a Strat with conventional magnetic pickups, it's every bit as nice as a Fender. However, it's not a number 1 for me. I have other guitars that I enjoy playing more. I think a lot of the reason that they aren't that...
  2. ljholland

    Boss Waza Air Headphones

    There’s discussion on the FB group about the IOS crash. The developers are aware....but I guess we’ll see how long the update takes.
  3. ljholland

    AmazonBasics guitar pedals

    Yes - they’re NUX.
  4. ljholland

    The 10 Best Signature guitars!

    Pete Townsend SG
  5. ljholland

    Kemper OS 8.0 Beta - Kemper Drive and OCD

    I've been messing with the Kemper Drive since it was released. I am impressed and hope they finish out this beta with a bunch of new presets based on the KD. (it's a nice start) After using it, I'm starting to think the KD may change the way I use my powered Kemper. I've always loaded 3...
  6. ljholland

    Making listening to guitar through headphones a less soulless and joyless experience ?

    Boss Waza Headphones - you'll be lost for hours.....
  7. ljholland

    The HX Effects is legit

    Have you set the level at unity as I suggested above? I think you’re using way too much level and overdriving the loop inputs which is causing noise. Loops aren’t meant to work that way. Bring the level down until the noise goes away. Then set the gain to the amount of distortion you want.
  8. ljholland

    Kemper Acoustic Simulator

    I’ve had to try a few guitars to see which sounds best but yeah- it’s cool
  9. ljholland

    Singular Sound Aeros Loop Studio

    @SingularSound - A big hi! I'm still loving my Aeros with the BB. You folks have really taken the community feedback and improved the Aeros so much since the release. Thanks!
  10. ljholland

    Official Thead: RIP EVH Eddie Van Halen

    I can remember that day when I first heard him play and being in awe. RIP EVH
  11. ljholland

    Powered Kemper Through Guitar Cabs - Excellent!

    Yep on all points. My oversized 1x12 with a creamback and 2x12 with Fender style speakers give me all the tones. However, many profiles sound very similar. I know this seems crazy but I’ve played with the new Kemper speaker profiles at lower volume and you do get more of the characteristics of...
  12. ljholland

    The HX Effects is legit

    Seems like we're back to the original theory. You either have a bad unit or there's something else in your signal chain that's causing the noise.
  13. ljholland

    The HX Effects is legit

    Good news - I may have a theory @guitarman3001. I create a simple patch with a send/receive in loop 2 and a reverb - the rest of the HXFX/Amp1 wiring was the same. I tried a Jam Pedal Fuzz Phrase, Ramble Marvel Drive 3, and a Wampler Tumnus in loop 2. All sounded fine and behaved completely...
  14. ljholland

    The HX Effects is legit

    @guitarman3001 ....I think I've missed something in my tests above. I'm not using my HXFX this way. I only use the HXFX with the Amp1 in 4CM and nothing else. I don't put pedals in the second Send/Return loop. I have put an OD or fuzz pedal in front of the HXFX and then used the HXFX/Amp1 that...
  15. ljholland

    The HX Effects is legit

    I tried some experiments this morning to be certain I'm accurate. I tested using the HXFX with the Bluguitar Amp1 Mercury Edition. I turned off the noise gate on the Amp1 to make sure that didn't interfere with the testing. I used headphones plugged into the Amp1's record out to make sure I...
  16. ljholland

    The HX Effects is legit

    I have no noise at all in 4CM. You have a bad unit or there’s something else going on like a ground loop.
  17. ljholland

    The HX Effects is legit

    Yes - it's the ME. I had the original and was able to compare them side by side. I liked the ME better. i found the biggest improvements were the better balancing between the clean and drive channels and the nicer reverb. It's a stellar pairing - they compliment each other well. With regard to...
  18. ljholland

    What are your favorite Kemper clean to medium gain profiles?

    I have a number of TJ packs now. I find their quality better than the MBritt stuff. Each of these has great variations of clean and crunch....and all allow you to back down the guitar gain for a clean tone. - British 74x - String Singer - Two Wreck (Fat...for Strats) Side note - I usually...
  19. ljholland

    The HX Effects is legit

    I really like mine. I originally had one with the noise issue but L6 swapped it our pronto. I mostly rely on the drive sounds from the Amp1 but I will push them with one of the pedals using level/no-gain for a lead tone. This Amp1/HXFX mini board is simple and effective.
  20. ljholland

    Just ordered a Stage, where do I start?

    The tone junkies videos have lots of things to learn on all Kemper topics. Also, download their free pack - seriously- you may not need anything else.The free pack has incredible stuff.
  21. ljholland

    10-way switch for a Strat....I'm in love...

    That does look cool. Are the levels consistent between the single and humbucking positions?
  22. ljholland

    Please help assessing a broken headstock repair

    It looks to me like the person doing that repair wasn’t skilled enough to finish it properly. Hard pass.
  23. ljholland

    PSA; FW update required for Line 6 Relay G10 products

    Just a status on my G10S. The LED lights now seem to report battery level correctly. But, while I can't say I've timed it, the transmitter battery life doesn't seem as long as before. I'm wondering if it'll make it through our local 3 hour city jams when we get back to the new normal.