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  1. 0xeneye

    FS Wall of Sound Amp 11 + AMZ Boost (2 in 1) pedal

    I great builder here on TGP built these great clones in top loaded enclosures. This one is a Lovepedal Amp 11 (like a Timmy) coupled with a AMZ FET clean boost. Knobs are (top) Level and Boost and bottom (Treble Boost, Bass). No room for battery with two true bypass switches. great for small...
  2. 0xeneye

    Sold Maestro Power Stage Phaser Clone - Sheep Shifter

    Maestro Power Stage Phaser - designed by Rupert Neve (the Speed and Balls pedal) Incredible sounding Phaser and Vibe, top loaded, comes in generic box, 9Vdc Actual Pedal for Sale: Similar to this one...
  3. 0xeneye

    Sold Chase Fuzz Fella

    Chase Fuzz Fella BC 108C Silicon Fuzz Face, top loaded, tone sculpting https://chasetone.com/fuzz-fella-blue-bc108c/ Lightly used, comes with original box and swag. https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?media/fuzzfella-121608-jpg.229854/full $SOLD shipped No Trades Shipping included...
  4. 0xeneye

    In Search of this guitar : SG Special Cherry P90s and more

    Hi I am looking for the Live at Leeds type guitar on a budget. Epiphone or Gibson or ????. Would pay a bit more for a better build. Generally searching Reverb gets very confusing, since Specials have many configurations. Budget ideally would be UNDER $900 used or new, so please don't...
  5. 0xeneye

    What mods/setup would you make to this mid 60's Precision bass?

    I have an all original '67 P Bass. It's pretty beat up and hasn't had anyone playing it for many years. I want to get new strings, new pickguard cover, a truss rod adjustment and possibly new passive pickups. Don't want to spend a fortune, and whatever I do must be reversible. Like many old...
  6. 0xeneye

    Difference between Digitech RV-7, Supernatural, and Polara ?

    Beyond the Polara's 'Halo' reverb and the Supernatural's 'Pherb' reverb, what is the difference between these pedals? Specifically trying the learn the difference between the sounds of the PLATE setting in the three units? Has anyone done comparisons sound-wise? Which would you prefer? Thanks!
  7. 0xeneye

    Voltage attenuation - lower cost method?

    Hi , what are people using to reduce the wall voltage to something more within spec? My home has a wall voltage of 128V (!) and would like to get it down to the original 115V. Is there a product (like Brown Box which is way to expensive for me at $350) that people can recommend? Even a...
  8. 0xeneye

    Owning it

  9. 0xeneye

    Les Paul Humbucker thread

    Hi, I just discovered a photo of a Gold Top Les Paul I use to play (not own) in college. I was hoping someone could identify the pickups in the guitar. And, if you know the history, WHEN Gibson started putting that pickup in Les Pauls. Thanks, here's the (very poor quality) photo Les Paul...
  10. 0xeneye

    Name the pedals in this picture.

    BossBoss by 0xeneye posted Jul 31, 2018 at 10:33 AM
  11. 0xeneye

    Pickup Recommendation for 2007 LP Standard

    I have a 2007 Les Paul Standard with humbuckers. It has the fully-chambered body and is lightweight at 8.5 pounds. The guitar came stock with Burstbucker Pro pickups which are A5 medium output pickups, not generally loved. I am now looking at replacement PAF pickups and I don't wish to spend...
  12. 0xeneye

    What is the LAST pedal on your board before amp, and, WHY?

    There are many placement possibilities for pedals, which is the last one on your board before going to the amp? Reverb, EQ, Noise suppression, buffer, etc. Why?
  13. 0xeneye

    What do you call this ABY setup?

    What do you call this ABY setup? I realize it is not Wet Dry Wet nor stereo, but should sound better with the delays not being affected by the original signal. Comments? Does anyone do this? Guitar --> mono dirt --> ABY --> amp1 ABY --> delay(100% wet) --> amp2
  14. 0xeneye

    Sold FoxRox OCTRON

    For Sale Shipped to USA Paypal SOLD Comes with Box and some velcro on the bottom, fantastic analog blendable Octave UP and DOWN No Trades FoxRox OCTRON by 0xeneye posted Feb 8, 2018 at 10:35 AM
  15. 0xeneye

    Sold Neunaber Slate version 2 + EXP Controller (like Expanse)

    Neunaber Slate Version 2 plus EXP Controller and Cable (I will not sell these separately.) - like the Expanse Series, but with cool writable/erasable 'slate' surface (see my signature pic) - free software from Neunabor allows for loading this with Phaser, Flanger, Delay, Tremelo and the great...
  16. 0xeneye

    Sold Ben Wah

    BBE Ben Wah with original box, no issues other than normal foot wear. just not using it. Paypal Shipped to USA $SOLD P1120545C by 0xeneye posted Oct 16, 2017 at 11:03 AM
  17. 0xeneye

    Sold EQD Park Fuzz

    EQD Park Fuzz Earthquaker Devices, top load, no velcro, issues, or mods, minty, original box Paypal shipped to USA, $SOLD P1120543C by 0xeneye posted Oct 16, 2017 at 10:56 AM
  18. 0xeneye

    Belle Epoch questions on analog dry through, Preamp and modulation

    is the Belle Epoch analog dry through? On the Belle Epoch, with the pedal ON and Echo Mix fully OFF, does one get get any modulation on the dry signal? With the Record Level UP and Echo Mix fully OFF, do you get any EP-3-type boost? Thanks.
  19. 0xeneye

    Why do people lament selling pedals when there are 20 versions on Reverb?

    I can't understand this: Really miss selling my SD-1, etc.
  20. 0xeneye

    Mobius : Has anyone heard a recording done with Quadrature or Destroyer machines?

    I hear very little of these weirdo Mobius machines in recent music, although I do not follow well. Does anyone have a song (not your bedroom) they might point me too? Thanks
  21. 0xeneye

    Strat tremolo bar - how to adjust for easier / softer use?

    I am used to Jazzmaster fulcrum tremolos - the usage is very light - meaning the trem is soft to the touch. Is there a way to get my strat tremolo to be softer, easier to use? (my bridge has the six screws with the middle four loosened.) I am thinking heavier springs, or, more springs, or...
  22. 0xeneye

    How can I adjust my Strat bridge to be flush with the body and offer no tremolo UP?

    I got a 60's style strat with a great bridge and setup. Foolishly, I changed strings and adjusted the 2 point fulcrum bridge so I could PULL UP on the tremolo. Now, the guitar is much worse. Anyway, I want to go back to what I had before, same strings, and no ability to pull UP on the trem...
  23. 0xeneye

    Sold Fuzz Factory Clone in Micro size enclosure. USA

    Fuzz Factory clone built by a builder here. (I will say who if you are interested.) $SOLD paypalled and shipped
  24. 0xeneye

    Sold Stephen Douglas Leona USA

    For sale : Stephen douglas Leona, an OD3 Skinpimp related pedal. Germanium Overdrive. Like new $SOLD shipped and paypalled, no trades