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  1. axpro

    fret buzz on a PLEK'ed guitar ?

    Ohhh yeah. It's kinda rough, polishing compound in the corners, finish flaws, fret issues, nut issues.... :(
  2. axpro

    fret buzz on a PLEK'ed guitar ?

    How low are you trying to get the action? I have had customers who go a little crazy trying to get super low action because it's been plek'd and are heartbroken to hear the process doesn't mean they'll be able to get super low, no buzz action.
  3. axpro

    339 studio anyone do any mods? Add aneck pickup?

    http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/ES/Gibson-Memphis/ES-339-Studio-en.aspx http://www.long-mcquade.com/products/20139/ They were released this summer, and from what i hear they are a bit of a flop. no F holes, single SUPER AGRESSIVE pickup, vol and tone. kind of like a cross...
  4. axpro

    First attempt at wiring a guitar... HELP!

    get another photo showing the lugs of the volume pot, we can't see anything to how they are wired, you seem to have all the pickup grounds going to the third lug of the pot. is it connected to ground?
  5. axpro

    First attempt at wiring a guitar... HELP!

    hard to tell with the pics, but if red is HOT, why is it grounded to the back of the volume pot in the third pic
  6. axpro

    339 studio anyone do any mods? Add aneck pickup?

    Guess nobody else is doing anything with these unloved models!!! I didn't like the low grade neck Mini HN i had installed (it was a junker from an Epiphone emperor) Took it out, dug out my routing template and routed the neck position for a full size HB. I am still considering repainting the...
  7. axpro

    New pickups for epiphone es-355

    SD alnico 2's, 59's are good too. I don't find gibson pickups are all that great for clean playing, even the vintage ones sound a bit wooly to me. Depending on the tone you are looking for, Dunarzio EJ's will give it a total Gretsch vibe, great for cleans, but i didn't like them for dirtier...
  8. axpro

    Reason for Dead Guitar

    lol, it doesn't look THAT bad! i agree that a simple shim and adjusting the saddles higher would probably take care of your issue. I get lots of older import strats and parts-o-casters at work, mostly from the 70's, and i have seen MUCH worse! the screws can be replaced with slightly shorter...
  9. axpro

    How soft is Sugar Pine?

    I think the OP is talking of doing frequent pickup swaps, thus a low us part is becoming a moderate use part :D I am a little unsure of CA, 1 because of the mess for first time users (more than once I have had staff members at the store i work at end up gluing themselves to... themselves lol)...
  10. axpro

    Loose Wraparound bridge bolts

    Really???? wow. I haven't seen them that bad yet... for me it always tends to be loose bushings, but up here in Canada, we get older stock. takes a few months to see the same problems guys in the US see.... guess i have an idea of what to look for come fall now!:huh
  11. axpro

    Complex Wiring Problem

    As mentioned earlier, the bard ground, which is for the body/cover should still be to ground on both pickups, regardless of how the coils are wound. As for it being reversed, yeah, their idea of course was to just have the split coil as the option, not series/split parallel, and they flipped...
  12. axpro

    339 studio anyone do any mods? Add aneck pickup?

    TIME WAITS FOR NO MAN!!!!!!!! Ended up getting one, routing a rough-ish cavity for a mini HB i had laying around with no mounting legs (lol had to drill holes through the bobbins to mount!) Hooked it up, it works ok for now, just gotta wire it up and test it. we'll see if it's good or not...
  13. axpro

    339 studio anyone do any mods? Add aneck pickup?

    Hey guys, been gone a long time (lesstime on forum= less guitar purchases and more time at my bench!) Been thinking about a small hollowbody lately, i have a PRS hbII artist, but i feel bad taking it anywhere. Was going to buy a 339 epi, but they are a little heavy for what they are, and the...
  14. axpro

    Anyone tried StewMAc Golden Age pups?

    Got a setof parsons in one ofmy lespauls.... They are ok, but the earth didn't move when i played them. That being said i am used to abit of a weird pickup set in my standard players...
  15. axpro

    Old yamaha wiring issue (sa30)

    Thanks EADGBE, That is definitely the fiddle i am thinking of. The one on the bench was forest green. I tried replacing the balance pot, but it didn't help. turned out to be the switch. a previous repair had been done incorrectly. finally got it working properly.
  16. axpro

    Old yamaha wiring issue (sa30)

    Hey guys, I got an sa-30 on the bench. anyone have a schematic for one of these? THe issue is withthe balance (pan) pot. it only works in the middle, when you turn it to either side, it cuts out. Looking at the wiring, i think the switch was replaced and not wired properly some time back a...
  17. axpro

    Using 250K pots on Humbuckers

    +111 on using 250's with HB's, makes em a little chunkier on the low down.
  18. axpro

    Wrap around OR tuneomatic (LP style)

    wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap, Don't know why,i just like em!
  19. axpro

    Helper in wiring a 335 style guitar

    +1 on using surgical tubing... but some people come in, notice the tubing, glue syringes, and alcohol lamp and start thinking i might be doing something... illegal :D
  20. axpro

    building a skateboard guitar. how do I attach the neck?

    Essentially, they've used the board as a "top" to the guitar, like a maple top on a les paul. made a hardwood board shape thick enought o route for the neck pocket, and glued to board to it.
  21. axpro

    a perennial question: ash or alder?

    Ash or alder? I'd push for mahogony, ( I LOVE mahogony with a maple neck!) but barring that, I think ALder, ash tends to sound a little bright to me.
  22. axpro

    building a skateboard guitar. how do I attach the neck?

    +1 on the drop top idea, I'd figure those were gutiars shaped like skateboards, rather than skateboards made into guitars.. if all else fails, laminate a maple 1 1/2" by 4" runner down the middle and use it as a base to mount hardware and neck to, you could route out the pocket... and that...
  23. axpro

    strap button problem

    Or you could do both :D I am kinda new here, but i think I've seen this question like 3 times! "Toothpicks, is there anything they can;t do?" Dave Mc
  24. axpro

    Customizing a 90's Peavey Predator

    Considering the guitar, If you wre going to change pickups, I'd definitely spend the extra $$ and do the pots and switch too. Dave Mc
  25. axpro

    Customizing a 90's Peavey Predator

    As to the belt sander route.... A had a buddy do that for me on a BC rich warlock I had as a kid, took the top layer of wood off, and it was a plywood body... so I had a lot of trouble getting it to look flat again (bumpy crappy laminate wood) if you can see woodgrain on your guitar...