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  1. axpro

    Custom USA built electric guitars around $2K ... is there a market ?

    I think there is a "desire" for such a product, but unfortunately, there is no resale market for such a thing, and people put a LOT of thought into resellability of items. Everyone wants a custom guitar with all the cool options, but in order to keep the build quality in check, and the...
  2. axpro

    Thoughts on financing guitars?

    As someone who has worked in guitar sales over the years (and who only recently re-activated my TGP account lol) I will say Financing at zero percent with whom i think you are financing with, isn't a bad deal.... as long as you can afford it. The problem comes from someone who goes over their...
  3. axpro

    Should I pull the trigger or not?!?!? PRS singlecut

    Well, it has been taken out of my hands! A regular customer has asked it be transfered to another store, and I didn't have an "official" hold on it, so off it goes. Probably for the best, as I DO have enough singlecut guitars at the moment.... I think I am going to keep my eyes open for...
  4. axpro

    Should I pull the trigger or not?!?!? PRS singlecut

    Hey guys, as my signature states, I used to have lots of gear, then got divorced, and I have been "Rebuilding" for years now. I have a nice selection of PRS guitars, my weapon of choice as it were. I work in a shop, so I do see them occasionally, and pick them up when i can Currently have an...
  5. axpro

    Anybody Else Having Trouble Selling?

    Hmmm, sales and trades are in the toilet lately. Takes a lot more time than it used to, but It's not just the economy. Part of it has to do with "fancy gear" I am a huge PRS fan, and it was pretty "fancy" stuff in general. but over the last few years both here and in the local stores, I see...
  6. axpro

    Why is it so hard to make a good guitar.

    Yeah, GUitars are MUCH better than they used to bed OVERALL, but i used to see more "special" guitars in a batch... I also saw a few absolute DOGS in a batch. Now there are very few dogs, but very few really special guitars. This from someone who works in a shop, and handles guitars 40...
  7. axpro

    You won the lottery...5 guitars...

    Hmmm, 5 for my lotto winnings??? 1- Linda Manzer Archtop 2- PRS Private stock solid body 3- PRS Private stock Hollowbody 4- Sergei De Jonge Steel string acoustic 5- PRS 513.
  8. axpro

    Help pricing a PRS Hollowbody I

    No real idea on HB I pricing anymore, but as a PRS owner who hasn't been moving gear in a while... the market has gotten bad...
  9. axpro

    Am I Out of Line??? (Guitar Tech Question)

    On the subject of Hollowbody guitars, yeah... it's a B*TCH to rewire them, but still, I don't splice.... but yeah, feeding the electronics out the F-hole and fixing wiring is pricey..... but worth it in my opinion.
  10. axpro

    Am I Out of Line??? (Guitar Tech Question)

    As a tech who does a tonne of entry level work, (5 entry level squier beaters this morning alone!) I gotta say, I ALWAYS de-solder the parts... If it was being brought in because the pickup was dead, as a tech I would de-solder and check the pickup with my meter to be 100 percent sure. I...
  11. axpro

    Upgrades for Paul Reed Smith SE?

    I had a good collection of American PRS gutiars, and after a messy divorce got rid of a lot of them... I STILL have an SE singlecut trem, that was a good guitar out of the box, I outfitted it with a set of Winged Tuners, an old stock MIL-COM tremolo, and a set of dragon I's with a 5 way rotary...
  12. axpro

    Ever have one that you "threw back" come back???

    Hey Guys, figured i needed to put this question to some GAS-ers instead of my non guitar playing friends... I am not on the boards much anymore, got divorced and got rid of a LOT of gear, find that when I stay away from forums I end up with less stuff (not tempted to buy/trade as often) about...
  13. axpro

    Maturing as a guitarist

    Thats where i come from too... There was a time that whenever i played with distortion, i had the gain at 10, bass at 10, treble at 10 and mid at zero... the scooped death sound, with lots of deep effects... now i am realizing that with a little technique, I can get a good metal tone out of my...
  14. axpro

    Maturing as a guitarist

    I dunno if I have "musical maturity" or not, I just find that as i get older and play more with others, I am a "Less is more" player.. I may be maturing, but i wouldn't say my music is... maybe I am just lazy though, cause I am much happier with an amp and guitar and a little dirt, I don't see...
  15. axpro

    Maturing as a guitarist

    Lol, yeah, it sounds like me too, as i race towards 40, i end up playing with MUCH less gain! Overall, a much lighter touch, less agressive playing style, and.... I have given up "Tap-Dancing" I play a lp studio, for lead sounds I play the bridge pickup, for rhythm, I use the neck pickup with...
  16. axpro

    Les Paul Tribute series

    I have a 50's and a 60's tribute. I love em both. I have actually made them my main instruments. I switched out the tuners for locking tuners, gave them good setups, recut the nuts, switched to mini humbuckers in the bridge and split coil z-coil pickups on the necks. One has a bigsbby one...
  17. axpro

    If you could aquire, admire, play and keep dearly any famous guitar

    Another vote for Neil's "Old Black"
  18. axpro

    Has anyone completed their tone quest?

    Hmmmm, completed? no. My quest has gone through some leaps and hurdles over the years... During my marriage, when i had lots of money to throw around i had some very very nice(expensive) gear, and it was "required" for "my" tone. Rosewood necks, one piece trems, hand wired amps... hand wired...
  19. axpro

    Help with partscaster

    I've built a few for myself and friends from Warmoth Parts. Fender necks aren't usually considered a replacement part (they don't like selling parts much) so necks on Ebay are sometimes of dubius origins... for $650 you can get a very nice warmoth neck in my opinion...
  20. axpro


    As someone who works in a shop, our view is usually not that "upgrade/replacement parts reduce value" but more of "We don't add value for substitutions" if someone brings in a guitar for trade in or sale, like an entry level jackson, and they have EMG's and locking tuners, it's isn't...
  21. axpro

    Downsizing for better or for worse.

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone else has downsized lately. I have been away from TGP, since it really aggrivates my GAS! I got divorced (as one or 2 of you may know) 2 years back, and went from having a nice sized collection of gear, to a MUCH smaller/tighter collection. 3 years ago...
  22. axpro

    What do you get with a high end guitar?

    You get...(Hopefully) what you want. A few years ago i collected PRS guitars, I've had most of their models, and i was a MASSIVE fan, I still have my artist hollowbody 2, and it's a killer guitar. As previously stated, you're going to get a guitar that has all the loose ends tied up. A guitar...
  23. axpro

    Does ANYBODY want a robot explorer? (not a sale thread)

    Lol, not feeling the love SBLP!!!!! The guitar is gone. a collector snapped it up in a combo deal with another guitar i listed (i listed the second guitar cause the robot wasn't looking like it would sell lol) I got $750 for it essentially, which is less than i had into it trade wise, but I am...
  24. axpro

    Does ANYBODY want a robot explorer? (not a sale thread)

    I didn't "not take" the offer, The guy bailed!!!! I finally decided i would have been happy with the $650 and a ****** recorder or home-made 2x12... but the guy bailed on me!!!! Every guy who was into it bailed... every single one... and funny enough, someone else is trying to sell a first...
  25. axpro

    Does ANYBODY want a robot explorer? (not a sale thread)

    As a tech, i can appreciate the hassle of them, especially with problems, and as someone who has worked in a guitar dept, i know they were out of touch and not great sellers... but dang, it just HAPPENS to be an american made explorer that plays really well! not counting all the robot crap... I...