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    Amp Recommendation (research direction)

    So, I'm buying myself a new amp when I graduate from Tech in December. I need some advice for where to aim myself in researching this. I don't have a problem spending some money, but I'd rather not have to make the purchase again if I don't have to....as much as that goes against...
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    So, it's about time for me to get a Cab. I want to do this once and not have to deal with it again. My amps right now leave some to be desired, but they won't forever, and I'd rather not have to upgrade both. I think a 2x12 is probably what I'm looking at. I'd like to be able to run them...
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    Reducing gain on a TS9

    Like the tone...don't like the gain range adjustment. Returning it for a lower gain version is an option. I tried an RC booster and it wasn't quite to my liking...odly, I'm thinking a buffered bypass will probably work better with my signal chain as even when set to no gain, unity volume...
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    Anyone ever change an EL84 socket to an Octal socket?

    And if so, what does it involve? What changes need to be made to the circuit? Or is it just wiring a socket with the right connections to the rest of the board? I'm thinking about doing this to a valve junior and preserving the single-ended class A operation to play with different...
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    Simplify w/ a Blackstone?

    I'm a Student. I have something of a budget, but can't shell out for a top-end amp for another few years (Bachelor's soon and then straight on to a PhD program). I've also not been playing too long. What I try to do is figure out where cost/benefit is greatest and spend what I have to...
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    George L's

    So, I found a place to get the cables for $1/foot (Brasswell music, N. of Atlanta) and I finally decided to give it a try. A/Bing b/t my new 10' GeorgeL and a black cable with a spring tension relief sleeve that I no longer remember the maker of or my normal Live Wire cables straight into the...
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    I'm really starting to hate either Digidesign or Apple

    I can get things working, but not everything at once. Things have been sketchy since I upgraded from 10.4.8. After finally taking a break from just guitar and school work, I got Pro Tools LE to install an start again (stability unknown) on 10.5.1. After I did that, Ableton Live and...
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    Bland Clean Tone

    What do you guys do with an amp that has an awesome crunch/rock tone and a clean tone that leaves a decent bit to be desired? Is there a pedal or preamp I can put in front of it that won't screw up my overdrive tone but that will give the cleans a bit more sparkly magic like a not-quite...
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    Tube Option

    Self-biased SE A amp, so don't yell at me about biasing. what exactly is involved in changing preamp/poweramp tube types (stock is 12ax7/el84) and what kind of variety is actually an option?
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    I'm a whackjob (weird overdrive pedal + amp recomendation)

    I know some people hate it, but I like the sound out of my Valve Junior. I think most of the people who don't like it haven't realized that it's really made just to get the marshall-esque crunch -> overdrive tone. I admit that its cleans are completely worthless and that it's glaringly...
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    Want to start a partsocaster...

    So, I've been taking apart my legacy nonstop. Everyone's afraid I'm going to break it (there was that one time the volume control didn't do anything and it was stuck wide open, but that was quickly rectified). So, naturally the solution is to build something from scratch. I certainly...
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    Lace Alumitone

    So, these things look interesting. Usually when something looks interesting, it sucks. But, they make single coils, humbuckers, and p-90-like things. Has anyone used any of them? I've read several reviews raving about them, but I can't find sound or video clips.
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    So, I know what they do and why you would want them in a pro audio or recording context. But I honestly can't think of a reason you'd want them b/t a guitar and an amplifier. Anyone want to enlighten me?
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    OD with Feel.

    So, I'm doing allright with a javle junior into an attenuator in a small apartment, but I might like to see if I can at least turn down the attenuator so it colors the sound less. I've never used pedals before and I've tried a couple (basic boss stuff, RC Booster, etc.) And I like british...
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    Pickup Advice

    Context: I'm looking into new pickups for my G&L Legacy. I have a friend with a Lollar hybrid set in a Nash relic that I really like, but I'm also curious about Fralins or Kinnmans. (I don't really care all that much about noiseless, but it might be cool if they can keep the same kind of tone...
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    anyone used a ToneStyler?

    www.stellartone.com They seem like an interesting idea, and the results in the guitar world video are certainly impressive...I've never heard an SG sound quite like that with the tone rolled off. Has anyone here ponied up the cash to try one out yet?
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    Modifying my Legacy (volume, tone, paint, etc.)

    first post. I have an '06 G&L Legacy in Fullerton Red that I love and have been playing with. I replaced the high-pass with a Rothstein orange passive midrange filter (band-pass one way, notch the other) and the low-pass with a TBX along with installing a trebble bleed cap on a 500kOhm...