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  1. TB72

    Looking at changing out my Fender Pro Junior, any suggestions?

    Mount a Swart Night Light Junior in the back of your Pro Junior... ...enjoy. http://swartamps.com/swart_night_light_jr_news.htm
  2. TB72

    JJ's Output Tubes

    I can't say our experiences are similar. I've not had any issues with JJs tubes.
  3. TB72

    Amps without reverb....

    Most of my amps don't have reverb. I have a Strymon Flint that fixes that issue quite well. If I'm running into an amp with an effects loop, I'll put the reverb in there. I have no issues with running into the front end though (some of my amps, I don't have a choice anyway). I tend to run my...
  4. TB72

    Let’s talk about Dr Zs!

    Yup, guilty as charged! :rotflmao I have to say, that's overall my fave amp of all time. I also have an Antidote head, which hasn't seen a whole lot of action lately. That will change pretty soon though, with festival season approaching (that amp seems to thrive outdoors on a large stage).
  5. TB72

    Dr Z Antidote/MV remedy vs Ac30 volume?

    I've found the Antidote is capable of overwhelming an AC30. It's a big-sounding amp. (I use an attenuator with mine...always.)
  6. TB72

    Do I want a 68 Custom Deluxe Reverb?

    True...but it might still be enough headroom for what he needs. Depends on the size of the room you're playing (if you aren't going to mic it). I've owned both...still have the 68. The two differently voiced channels (with the ability to have reverb and vibrato on both of them) sealed the deal...
  7. TB72

    Fender 68 Custom Deluxe Reverb - is there a catch?

    I changed out the stock speaker on mine. Not that it sounded bad at all...I just had a fave that I wanted to put in. Depending on the situation, I'll use either channel. When I run the amp in stereo with a British-style amp, I use the Vibrato channel. When I use the amp on its' own, I use the...
  8. TB72

    Clean tone.. Fender or Marshall?

    Can't decide. Not voting. I could tell you what I'm into today...but it's a moving target, subject to the gig, my mood, etc.
  9. TB72

    Ever gig with a 1x10 low watt amp?

    I often gig with a Fender Pro Junior. That little guy punches way above his weight class. I even have a Swart attenuator mounted inside of it...and it does get used from time to time. :eeks
  10. TB72

    Speaker search (68 Custom Deluxe Reverb)

    I'm looking for something close to the C Rex...something more traditionally American sounding. The Cream is nice, but not what I'm looking for out of this amp.
  11. TB72

    Speaker search (68 Custom Deluxe Reverb)

    It's about a year old, and has been gigged a fair bit...the stock speaker is good and broken in at this point.
  12. TB72

    Speaker search (68 Custom Deluxe Reverb)

    Greetings. I recently picked up a Fender 68 CDR. I like it well enough, but I'm not totally sold on the stock Celestion. I've been experimenting a little bit with different speakers, but surely some folks on here experiment A LOT... So I figured I'd seek some advice. The sound I'm looking for...
  13. TB72

    Celestion Gold Question

    The Gold should handle it just fine. I wouldn't worry about it in the least.
  14. TB72

    Plexi users -- solo boost question

    I've achieved satisfactory results with two different methods. (Both with my Dr Z Antidote, and with my father's old 50-watt Marshall MKII.) Method A: I use a Bad Cat Unleash attenuator. It allows you to set two different levels of attenuation (and that's foot-switchable). So my rhythm volume...
  15. TB72

    Where to try Dr. Z amps in Ontario, Canada?

    There are two (very soon to be three) L&M stores in Ottawa...the only Dr Zs I've ever seen in these stores have been used models that were traded in. Apparently they can get them...but they seem to not be a regularly-stocked product.
  16. TB72

    Where to try Dr. Z amps in Ontario, Canada?

    If you're planning a trip, you could call them and see exactly what they have in stock. Last time I was in, they were sold out of Cures (there were more on order), but they had a Z-Luxe. But yeah, anyway, phoning would probably be your best bet for up-to-the-minute inventory info.
  17. TB72

    Where to try Dr. Z amps in Ontario, Canada?

    I see you're in T.O., so this is a bit of a drive for you... But if you're ever around Ottawa, Lauzon Music usually has a good variety of Zs in stock.
  18. TB72

    Name an amp/company that you wished existed.

    The first version of the Orange Rockerverb 50 used a quartet of 6V6s. (And that was my fave version of said amp.)
  19. TB72

    KT66 based Amps! What your favorite?

    I really dig my Dr. Z Antidote. It's just a huge sounding amp. Great for playing in a power trio. (In larger ensembles, I'll tend to pick amps that don't have such a wide frequency range...the 'Dote can be overpowering in these situations.)
  20. TB72

    Need a very specific custom cab built, who can do it?

    Mojotone? Avatar?
  21. TB72

    What kind of player are you?

    Couldn't vote...I don't see "Face-Melting" listed. :p (Seriously, I could be anywhere from pristine clean to full-on RAWK, depending on the situation.)
  22. TB72

    backline amps: ditching pedal dirt, help!

  23. TB72

    You're playing for your life - What amp?

    Z Wreck.
  24. TB72

    Fryette Introduces the Power Station

    Fryette... ...you have my undivided attention.:munch
  25. TB72

    ZZ Top's old Rio Grande amp: tell me 'bout 'em

    The general consensus is that they were just rehoused Marshall Superleads. Hard to say for sure though, considering Billy's credo of, "Never let the truth get in the way of a good story."