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    So is it against tgp rules...

    It's not illegal to take labels of mattresses. Seriously, read the labels more closely. Also, I have no problem with people stealing stuff. If there's a patent on it, sue them under patent law; if not, tough luck. It's just a matter of time until someone reverse engineers and...
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    ceriatone overtone special demo/overview

    +1 on the lowering tone for bridge pickups. Having a separate tone control for the bridge is almost enough to make me abandon tonestylers...not quite though. I'm seriously considering hard wiring a low pass filter on my strat's bridge pup to do this and be more transparent to the "user."...
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    Well, I played a rack setup today, and now I'm hooked. School me!

    I'm seriously considering collecting the stuff to build one. This is following the realization that no matter how much money I spend, I'll never be happy with just one amp. As a result, the AxeFx is a very serious consideration. Buddaman, is that digitech processor actually that good? I...
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    Two Rock Jet Sig. 2x10

    Lots and lots of clips....with strats if possible. If I had the money, I'd own one, future financial concerns be damned. Unfortunately, that much more on my credit card would make my credit score go down even if I could make the payments. Present to myself when I get my PhD (assuming I...
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    Anyone else dime their amp's EQ settings?

    I've done it with some amps/models. Dimming either just the mid or the treb/bass and turning the mids off on tweeds can sound cool. Why not dime them...if the sound sucks, it's not like an invasive mod.
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    Opinions on early 90's JCM800's

    I played one and wasn't impressed, but that was just one. It was also at a guitar shop that thinks it's worth $2400, so I'm fairly sure they did something dumb to it like putting in el84s without changing the tube sockets or rebiasing. (disclaimer: yes, I know that's impossible; that's the joke).
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    Best combo out there for the money....

    I don't think epiphone makes solid state amps anymore - guitar center's website leads me to believe they stopped everything but the valve series. Agreed. I have a VJ head, and it's going to last me until I buy a $1000+ amp, most likely. I finally figured out how to get a good clean tone...
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    New Amp Modeller? PRS?

    Impressive video. Kinda. I remember when I worked at GC seeing a demo of an earlier version of that software (GTR2, I believe; could check based on the date) and it was impressive then. And we sold it to a lot of studio people, but we never did sell many to guitarists. I think the only...
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    MXR Carbon Copy Delay Arrived!

    Right. I actually haven't opened it up to even check out the trimmers or put in a battery (1spot). I should probably do that, but I found a few settings I like, and I haven't really screwed with it. Which is weird, because that is NOT the way I normally work.
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    ceriatone overtone special demo/overview

    Not bad. I'd still like to see more clips with a strat, but I'm seriously considering one of these amps towards the end of this year. I just really wish I'd get a chance to play one first.
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    What tuner do you recommend?

    Planet Waves and Korg each make one that's cheap and true bypass if that's what you're looking for. Honestly, my favorite tuner so far is the Planet Waves hand-held pick-shaped LED Strobe tuner. It works amazingly well, though not as quickly as a normal pedal tuner. I'd trust it over a...
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    MXR Carbon Copy Delay Arrived!

    Maybe I'm the only one, but I certainly like it better with the mod on. Never turned it off save the first day I got it. If it were any deeper, I would be looking for a mod to make it like it is. I guess I'm just weir.d
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    Anyone here MUST run multiple amps together to achieve your tone?

    Agreed. On a budget, I run an Epi VJ next to a H&K practice amp w/ reverb, and it sounds a lot better together. I can get almost all the way there with a delay pedal instead of the second amp, but then I think about replacing the VJ with a nice marshall-y amp and the H&K with something...
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    Cables - Does big bucks for a cable make a difference?

    I think getting good cable is worth doing. But, you don't have to spend that much. George L, Bill Lawrence, Canare, and Mogami all make good cables for not much money. Buy 100' or so and a handful of connectors (Canare F-16s and several Switchcraft models work). I've been using handmade...
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    Best Instrument Cable (Guitar)

    I use Canare GS-6 with F-15 (or 16, can't remember) connectors before my first "almost always on" buffer. It sounds about like George Ls through my stuff to me but the cable behaves better and none of that solderless BS. If you have a lot of GL cable lying around, you can always just learn to...
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    Why is this a "new product" at MF?

    really? i'm just going by the titles on MF, Gc.com, guitar center tags, etc., but they never said hot rod before a couple weeks ago.
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    Why is this a "new product" at MF?

    because it's in the "hot rod" series. i think it's probably something to do with the fact that the NOS Tweed blues junior sounded so much better than the regular ones. so, why not bring something out that looks the same but probably sounds worse than the regular ones so people will get...
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    Ibanez AD9 vs MXR Carbon Copy?

    I've only used the AD9 in guitar center (am. std. strat, blues junior, no other pedals in line, but still a noisy environment), but I own the MXR. I'd buy the MXR again without hesitation.
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    Zen (or similar) into solid state amp?

    Awesome. How about feel? The Fuchs I played (an ods 100) had a really over the top touch response that "felt" incredible. Do you think the ethos is even close to that?
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    Zen (or similar) into solid state amp?

    does this sound actually compare to your fuchs?
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    Blackheart Halfstack or Fender Vibro Champ XD

    I have a 5W amp not too dissimilar from the blackheart and use an attenuator that cost 3 times as much as the amp to play it in my bedroom. Other than the ZVex Nano, there isn't a tube amp I'm aware of that you can play at bedroom levels with natural overdrive without an attenuator.
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    Nash vs Fender

    I've not extensively played masterbuilt strats, but i worked at a GC that had a few and I've played several custom shop strats. IMO, all but one of the dozen or so Nash strats I've played beat them hands-down. The one that doesn't beat them hands down would still win out when considering...
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    Why am I suddenly preferring stock pedals?

    My first pedal was an MXR graphic EQ. It got sold in the emporium. My second pedal was an RC Booster. Not exactly special around here, but not Guitar Center either. It got sold in the emporium. Since then, I've bought 2 more boutique pedals (Diaz and Keeley) and returned them and 2 more...
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    Marshall 18W w/reverb?

    I stand corrected by someone who obviously knows more than me. Is a spring reverb tank not simply in something similar to a buffered effects loop between the preamp and power amp?
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    mod a cheap amp vs saving for the real deal??

    True. I have one and I've done a couple things to it...mostly tube changes (JJ ECC31 and EL84) and having it rebuilt after it died of being made in china. I like the cleaner tones I'm getting now, but it doesn't have the chime of a good Fender. I'm considering getting a second as well as...